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There are lots of fantasy films that are AMAZING and I love them, but they do not picture world as it is, and sometimes they are just delectation for us, or escape from reality. Then there are amounts of horror movies - that has one meaning, to scare, or disgust us - which sometimes I enjoy, too. There are also comedies, which are made for us to laugh and relax. And then the action movies, which main role is to thrill us and to release tension. But sometimes all this cannot really cover the experiences, emotions and ideas of our real lives, human's lives. Then there are the movies, that reveal the truths about us all, asks about humanity, meaning of life, science, progress, degradation, love, hope and faith. These films maybe don't belong into my top 10, but they really let me thinking, overwhelmed me by its depth and told me something that really matters, something I could relate to, or something what is important to think. There they are, in no proper order.
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I'm a real movie fan, and this are mine most favorite movies ever. I have chosen those, which really impressed me by it's originality, or beauty.