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The dudes by far have been more successful in smoothly transitioning back and forth from acting to stunts. They are series and film LEADS! Some ladies are fighting through but its seems a harder sell - SO To the smart producers of the world- THANK YOU FOR HIRING STUNT PERFORMERS TO TALK!!! Why wouldn't you want low maintenance, professional, experienced performers with hard bodies and physical abilities FAR superior to the average actor??? Hmmmm

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In addition to the sexiest action actress- I felt I had to make this list to celebrate the incredibly talented and SEXY real action woman behind the baddass stunts that we give the Actress's all the credit for!

Some are new to the biz and others have kicked a lot of ass over the years- And there are many that didn't have photos on IMDB so I left them out- Sorry Ladies you still ROCK!

The names appear in random order-They are all of equal hottness!

Feel free to comment some names that i should add to the list