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The Bridge (2006/I)
A necessary evil, 10 February 2008

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I think all killing - all murder - comes out of sickness. Self-murder is usually, somehow, more sympathetic than killing another. This film does help illuminate the suffering of those who killed themselves, but I think more importantly demonstrates what they leave behind: numb, confused, broken-hearted and weary people. (I'll bet the ones who wouldn't talk -be interviewed - would be brutal to see and hear.) The documentary is in fine form: the director/producer doesn't insert a POV, particularly; those interviewed come across, seems to me, as they are. You ache for some, you want to smack others; you can extrapolate about the dead from what they've left. As for the big argument, I don't think the film glorifies suicide. Hardly! The Bridge (itself) is beautiful, and amazingly photographed, but all romance of jumping off it - to me - is nullified by the pitiful little leaps most people leave with. It makes you think ' weren't really sure about that, were you...?' And, of course, in one case we find out, "no - probably not." There's a reason it's such a struggle to die. Watching these people fall to their deaths doesn't glamorize suicide. The deaths aren't graphic or even interesting (as "action" goes). The whole sight - the pacing, the staring, and later, the doubt and wringing of hands - doesn't feel like voyeurism. It just makes you shake your head. You find yourself saying quietly to the screen, 'don't do it...'. I'm sympathetic to those who jump, but more sympathetic - now painfully so - with those left. If it's a sort of evil to watch someone die, it strikes me in this case as a necessary evil.

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lesbian friend comes to visit the girls, 27 November 2006

...One of the funniest episodes of -any- comedy ever! I hate to be clichéd, but I laughed till I cried. "Sophia" has some of the best lines ever. Lois Nettleton guests as Rose's lesbian friend. She plays the part perfectly with humor and a gentle vulnerability. I can't imagine why this episode would be rated under an 8 or 9. The writers deal with a potential 'senior' bias against homosexuality with a deft mix of humor and personalizing the issue by making the gay person a dear friend. It's neither preachy nor didactic. In fact, I haven't even seen the episode since it first aired(!) but I still remember some of the jokes. If you don't like Golden Girls, that's one thing. But if you're a fan, this episode is everything the show is supposed to be: hilarious and finally touching.

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another great episode, 19 May 2006

beautiful photography and brilliant acting. the show just moves along and is funny and touching. what can i tell ya - i laughed, i cried! :) i swear i did. it's a absolute crime this show was cancelled. i just got the DVD of the 2nd season and am enjoying the whole show all over again. showtime will never meet or beat "the behemoth" that is HBO as long as they don't have the cajones to stick with a great show like this. And this was a particularly good episode. All the story lines wove together nicely, the transitions from scene to scene were seamless, and I gotta say - Roxy (Jasmine Guy) is a way under-appreciated character - and actress. She is fabulous. I can't recommend the SHOW to you anymore - like, "Tune in!" - but I highly recommend the DVDs. Great, dark, funny stuff.

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Weird, funny, upsetting great film, 1 March 2006

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I rented the film for its elements (John Patrick Shanley, Tony Bill, obviously all of the cast members...) and I wasn't disappointed. It's not your basic thriller or even your basic offbeat ...uh...I don't know that there's a noun for this type of film. Cohen-y, quirky, but darker, less ironic...I think it falls into the 'you love it or hate it' category, like "A Box of Moonlight". Hmm. I don't think I could be less articulate about this work. How 'bout this: It's violent and funny. The performances are spot on. John Turturro is especially disturbing (as usual) as the psycho. And his mother (Rose Gregorio) is so strange and, like, aggressively out-of-it it's heartbreaking. The whole thing works so well that the ending - which does, at least for me, come as a surprise (or, rather, in that wonderful way, as a perfectly expected surprise) - is a true culmination of everything that came before. I think it's a great movie. The only reason I gave it "8" and not 10 is that I felt it was unnecessarily slow at points. But there you go. I liked Box of Moonlight.

"Bones" (2005)
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This is a GREAT show!, 19 February 2006

The dialogue is sharp, the acting is spot on; the characters are fun and well defined and each episode is worth watching. I mean nobody cheats! Emily Deshawhatever doesn't make her character more "appealing" (more "cute")- thus, making her more appealing!; her being so out of touch with the modern world is so well acted it's believable; and her best friend is hot because she's a perfect foil being so IN the modern world. I'm conflating all of these ideas because i want to cram in every reason why this is one of the 5 best shows on T.V. It is funny and smart and charming and if it is cancelled for some dumb ass executive reason I swear to God I will boycott...uh...whatever network it's on. Fox? Crap. Cause it's got one of the other 5: The Shield. But I will. This is a great show.

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I hadn't even heard of this movie, but it's great!! Don't miss it!, 31 May 2004

Man, I had my doubts. I love Kathy Bates, but I thought, how good can this be, I had never even heard of this thing...! You know, it was one of those things, we gave it "20 minutes and we'll turn it off if it sucks" and we were locked in from the get-go. This is a very winsome, fun movie. It's quirky, you know? I mean, you've got a lounge singer, a murderer (and a believable one), you have farce, then Kathy Bates in all her acting splendor, Rupert Everett finally acting to his real potential, Dan Ackroyd, and a dwarf that will make you laugh out loud. I tell ya, you'll laugh/you'll cry.

Maybe I had a weird week, but I think this film is on the level of Fried Green Tomatoes. If you don't like that movie, maybe you won't like this, but I think it was a great movie. I went out and bought the DVD.