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Airspeed (1999)
A disaster movie which was a disaster in itself, 4 August 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Out of all the disaster movies I have watched this must be in my top five as the worst disaster movie I have ever seen, although it did have the potential to be so much more.

I will say the cast acted their parts quite passably but despite their efforts the movies was completely spoilt by the terrible script and direction.

If the makers of the movie actually asked for technical help from an airline pilot it must have been Dick Dastardly. Equally I would suggest no help was requested from an Aircraft Engineer or Air Traffic Controller (ATC).


Basically this movies is about a private jet carrying a pilot, co-pilot and three passengers, one of which is a 13 year old brat of a girl.

The aircraft is struck by lightening which ends up with the pilots and the two adult passengers becoming unconscious and a large hole blown in the fuselage.

The rest of the movie is taken up with an attempt to transfer the pilots and passengers onto another plane, which obviously comes unstuck after three of the five passengers are transferred, and the landing of the plane.

Before this occurred the girl Nicole, managed to contact Jeff at ATC via the planes radio but virtually straight away contact was lost.

Of course Nicole has a cell phone and somehow knows the land line number of the Control Tower and gets back into contact with Jeff.

Jeff seems to be an expert pilot who knows exactly how to fly a plane but even he and the rest of the tower are doing virtually nothing. They did not even bother to get a qualified pilot in to help Nicole.

Of course Nicole is left with the task of landing the plane and of course does so flawlessly despite the fact that the flaps were not used neither was the speed brakes and it took so long to apply them on landing that the plane would have ended up in a different state.


If you are an out and out masochist then I am sure you will think this is the best movie since the invention of the Internet, but myself I would pay someone NOT to give this DVD as a gift.

I Am Sam (2001)
why No Oscar?, 24 January 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I am sorry to say that as a man I do not like Sean Penn after all the terrible things he has done in his private life.

However as an actor I cannot fault his tremendous acting ability and the movie 'I am Sam' in my opinion is his best.


I am Sam is about an Autistic man who makes love to a woman who ends up pregnant and having a baby girl. The woman disappears and it is for Sam to try to raise the child on his own. Thankfully he gets a wealth of help from one of his neighbours and without that I don't think he would have succeeded.

On his daughter Lucy's seventh birthday the social services take her away from Sam with a view to putting her into care and eventually adoption.

Sam eventually enlists the help of Rita on a Pro Bono basis. Rita is coerced into taking the case free of charge by her colleagues.

She initially considers that Sam has no chance of winning his case but as she gets to know him and Lucy she realises that they are perfect together and the love each has for the other has no bounds.

Rita has been having problems with her own son but with the help of Sam she learns to appreciate her son and learns how to be a good mother.


Sean Penn played Sam Dawson the Autistic father of Lucy Diamond. A young Dakota Fanning acted this role.

Michelle Pfeiffer played Rita Harrison Williams, Sam and Lucy's lawyer.

Penn was nominated for an Oscar for his acting in 'I am Sam' but it was won by Russel Crowe for Gladiaor.

As good as Crowe's acting was in Gladiator I feel that Sean Penn was robbed of the Oscar as I feel he was much more deserving. If he had won he would have had a hat trick of Best Actor Oscars.

Dakota Fanning was her usual immaculate self as a child star and played her part to perfection.

So to did Michelle Pfeiffer who showed how great an actor she is.

All in all this movie is well deserving of a 10 rating and in my opinion deserved the Oscar for Best Movie also.

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Delightful, 6 January 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The thing about reviews are that they are merely one persons opinion, the opinion of the person giving the review. This is why so many 'professional' reviewers find that once they give their opinion and if it is a bad review suddenly the movie reviewer finds it is braking box office records, like Frozen, I wonder what they feel.

In the case of esio trot I have noted that it appears to be either loved or hated reviewers which reminds me of the old adage.'Beauty is in the eye of the beholder' and in my case esio trot was beautiful.

Now on to my review.

What an absolutely delightful little tale, even more greatly enhanced by the superb actors, Judi Dench and Dustin Hoffman.

Roald Dahl truly surpassed himself with his story Esio trot.


This is a love story about two ageing people Mrs Silver (Judi Dench) and Mr Hoppy (Dustin Hoffman) Mr Hoppy fell in love with Mrs Silver from the first moment he set eyes on her but he was so shy and did not know how he could win her heart.

They live in an apartment building where Mr Hoppy can see and speak to Mrs Silver from the balcony above hers.

Mrs Silver buys a tortoise (esiotrot) for company who she called Alfie but becomes depressed because Alfie is not growing.

Mr Hoppy comes up with a cunning plan which he hopes will win the heart of Mrs Silver. He buys 100 tortoises of varying sizes which he manages to swap over periodically over time with the original Alfie. Each time he swaps one he swaps it with one slightly bigger.

Mrs Silver is delighted with the speedy growth of 'her' Alfie and of course does not realise that the tortoises are being changed by Mr Hoppy.

Eventually Mr Hoppy asks Mrs Silver to Marry him which does not go as he hoped.

I will leave it there and urge you to watch this superb and gentle story to discover how it ends.


Judi and Dustin were absolutely superb, as were the supporting actors. The script was also second to none as was the direction.

I have no hesitation in giving Esio Trot a 10 rating.

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Yuk!!, 19 June 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Even though Robin Givens and Dean Cain made valiant efforts to save this movie with their acting abilities they were doomed from the start.

The script was pathetic and my five year old Great Niece would have made a better Director.

This was an attempt to make a disaster movie but the only disaster was the movie itself.


The movie is about a commercial plane ending up in the centre of not one but at least six erupting volcanoes which have been extinct for over a million years.

Inevitably the two pilots end up dead or disabled and it is left to Dean Cain (Rick Pierce), a pilot who only flies small planes, to save the day.

Lisa Whitmore (Robin Givens) is a specialist in volcanoes and ends up trying to assist the military in saving not only the passengers on the plane but those on the ground affected by the eruptions.

Needless to say she encounters Colonel Ryker (Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs) who is not intelligent enough even to command even a platoon of empty milk bottles.

It remains to be seen whether he actually becomes a good guy or not.

Of course there was also the inevitable loony toon on the plane too, but how he manages to escape the plane beggars belief.

I won't spoil your misery while watching the move by telling you about the climax of the movie but I will say I was moved to tears (in disbelief of how stupid it was)


This movie did have the potential to be slightly more than average, and therefore watchable but because of the miserable script and direction in my opinion this is the worst movie so far this year.

The special effects were no more than just passable.

I did enjoy the song at the credits stage though.

Top Notch, 14 April 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Thank goodness that very few people have to experience the terrible disease of leukaemia, either the person suffering from it or those who love those who suffer from it.


This movie is about a young Eglish lady, Tessa Scott (Dakota Fanning) who is dying of leukaemia and has only a short time to live. Although she does not make a bucket list there are things she wants to do before the fateful day, above all she wishes to find love.

She thinks she has found it with Adam (Jeremy Irvine). Adam is a very shy young man whose main priority is caring for his sickly mother after his father died.


When we consider the cost of making movies often runs into 100s of millions of dollars it once again proves that excellent movies can be made on a shoestring budget. Now is Good only cost $500.000 to make.

This movie was made in England with Dakota Fanning, a Georgia lass, playing the very English Tessa.

I have to give her top marks for the way she handled the British accent and had I not known she was an American I would never have known she was not English Now is Good has not won any awards yet and I consider it unlikely that it will but I do feel it is worthy of some.

The screenplay by Ol Parker from the novel by Jenny Downham was extremely sensitively written with its fair share of lighter moments which made a very good balance with the inevitable sadness of the movie.

Dakota Fanning and Jeremy Irvine played their parts admirably and with true sensitivity.

All the other players were more than passable in their performances and the casting was extremely well done.

Ol Parker's direction was also extremely thoughtful, sensitive and professional.

When a child or young person is facing death from disease, whatever it is, it is obviously terrible for them but it is equally terrible for all those around them, both before they pass on and having to live with the emptiness when their loved one is gone.

Hunky Dory (2011)
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What the heck is up with many screenwriters?, 31 March 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Is it not possible for many screenwriters to put together a script without having to resort to totally unnecessary expletives and are they capable of stringing a sentence together when speaking without using it? Time and time again I have to endure a movie with foul language being used in virtually every other word. The vast majority of these movies end up with a 15 certificate because of it but if the script was written without this it could be released as a PG or even a 'U' and therefore available to a much wider audience.

The movie could be seen by a much wider audience and the lack of expletives would enhance the movie no end.

Hunky Dory is one such movie the foul language used was totally unnecessary and completely spoilt a potentially truly enjoyable experience.


Vivienne Mae (Minnie Driver) is a drama teacher who wants her students to perform a musical version of Shakespeare's The Tempest but the students are totally apathetic and she has her work cut out to get them enthusiastic.


This had the makings of a very entertaining movie spoilt only by the constant use of expletives. Even Vivienne, the teacher used it in front of her students, but the students were no better.

I know one thing, if my teachers used this language in front of their students they would soon be out of a job.

I have given this movie a '3' rating simply because of the totally uncalled for and constant foul language but if that was absent I can see me awarding it a '7' or '8'.

I must admit that there are possibly 100s of movies which have been given 15 certificates because of the bad language but could and would have been wonderful all round entertainment, even for young children had the script not contained expletives.

Frozen (2013/I)
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Enchantingly Wonderful, 22 March 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I have to say I consider this Disney Studio movie cartoon to be their very best ever which was even more enhanced by the impeccable soundtrack. This I believe is destined to be the studios classic of classics and thats saying something when we think of the classics the Disney studios have produced. Frozen has broken all cartoon box office records and it will be a long time before this record is broken


The story is very loosely based on the Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale The Snow Queen and centres around two sisters who just happened to be Princesses.

Both have powers, the eldest, Elsa, voiced by Idina Menzel has the power to create snow, ice and winter and Anna, voiced by Kristen Bell, has a power but that power is never revealed because while playing in the castle ballroom in the snow which Elsa created Elsa accidentally injures Anna's head and she has to be taken to the Trolls to be cured. In order to do this the power Anna has must be taken from her.

Elsa cannot control her power so in order to protect her, Anna and their country the king and queen lock up the castle and lock Elsa away.

The years roll away and Anna cannot see her sister and misses her greatly.

The king and queen have to go on a trip which involve a sea journey but the ship sinks and both are killed. As Elsa is the eldest she becomes queen. On the day of her coronation the castle is opened and Anna meets Hans (Santino Fantano) a prince from another country and immediately falls in love with him. He proposes to her immediately and she accepts.

Elsa the newly crowned queen refuses to allow Anna to marry and they have an argument which ends up with Elsa losing control and because she still cannot control her power she creates a terrible winter all across the land.

Realising what she has accidentally done she leaves the town to live in the mountains on her own.

Anna leaves the castle to find her sister and bring her back and on her travels meets Kristoff (Jonathan Groff) an ice-maker who is obviously down on his luck because since Elsa has created a perpetual winter he cannot sell his ice. She also meets Olaf (Uncredited) who is Kristoff's reindeer and companion and Olaf (Josh Gad), a living snowman created by Queen Elsa.

When Anna finds Elsa, Elsa once again unintentionally wounds Anna with her power, but this time in her heart.

Kristoff has to take Anna quickly back to the love of her life Prince Hans because the only thing that can save her is an act of true love so Kristoff assumes that Hans will be able to help Anna, even though Kristoff has inevitably fallen in love with Anna.

When the dying Anna arrives home she discovers that Hans does not love her and only wants to kill Elsa, marry Anna and then kill her which will enable him to become king.

After this we assume that the act of true love required to save Anna must be done by Kristoff in the form of 'a true loves kiss' but in a refreshingly unusual twist this is not the case.

I will not give the final outcome of this movie away.


The storyline was exquisite and the acting (voiceovers) were immaculate. Olaf the snowman and Sven the reindeer were absolutely marvellous.

The soundtrack was the best I have heard from any Disney cartoon, or any other and husband and wife team Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez, the composers can be more than proud of their compositions.

Of the many awards for Frozen this husband and wife duo have won is the Oscar for 'Best Achievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures, Original Song'. The song is 'Let It Be'.

On the soundtrack CD the music and songs that they composed but were left out of the movie were equally as good as those left in.

An Oscar has also been deservedly won by Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee and Peter Del Vecho for 'Best Animated Feature Film of the Year'.

All in all I have no hesitation in saying this movie is more than well worth watching, whether you are 3 or 93.

Onata Aprile - Remember Her Name, 5 March 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Onata Aprile is an eight year old young lady who is destined for stardom if she continues with her acting career.

She totally owned 'What Maisie Knew' from start to finish and her acting was absolutely flawless. Her presence lit up the screen and her acting ability was electrifying.


Maisie, played by Onata Aprile is a little girl whose mother and father, Susanna (Julienne Moore) and Beale (Steve Coogan) have split up and have had a bitter custody battle for Maisie which the father wins.

Maisie goes to live with her father and Margo (Joanna Vanderham). Margo had been taking care of Maisie while her mother was on the road with her band and her father was away on business.

When Maisie went to live with her father she discovered her father and Margo had been having a relationship and has moved in with Beale. Shortly after Margo and Maisie's father get married and at about the same time Maisie's mother meets and quickly marries Lincoln (Alexander Skarsgård). Both Margo and Lincoln are nearly half the age of their new spouses.

Both parents were only interested in their own selves and Maisie was a poor second.

She was pushed around from pillar to post and it was usual for either Margo or Lincoln to pick up the pieces because Maisie's parents were rarely around.

Not very long after the two marriages both Lincoln and Margo split from Susanna and Beale, but continued to look after Maisie.

Eventually the obvious happened and Margo and Lincoln fell in love.

Maisie's mother goes off on her tours and her father goes back to the UK to work and Lincoln and Margo end up caring for Maisie.

For the first time in Maisie's life she knew how it felt to be truly loved and Margo and Lincoln loved Maisie more than life itself.

When the mother returns to take Maisie with her on her tours Maisie does not want to go and eventually her mother accepts this and allows Maisie to stay with Margo and Lincoln.


This was both a disturbing and sad movie. Thank God 99.9% of parents are not like Maisie's mother and father.

The script was extremely well written as was the direction and all the actors played their parts superbly, but I still must say that Onata Aprile outshone even Julianne Moore.

A mention must I feel be made about Joanna Vanderham who played Margo.

Joanna is new to the big screen and her career to date has mainly been in TV acting in several TV series, notably 'The Paradise on BBC.

She also has a sparkling career ahead of her and I am looking forward to seeing her in her next movie.

Gravity (2013)
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Worth The Effort To Watch It, 9 February 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

It seems that the reviewers of this movie either hate it or love it. In my case I neither hated or loved it, merely liked it.

Sandra Bullock is one of my favourite actresses but this in my opinion is not the best movie she has ever made.


The movie takes place entirely in orbit around the Earth and begins outside the space shuttle which has been sent to repair the Hubble telescope.

After a missile strikes a satellite belonging to the Russians the debris makes a beeline for the shuttle, taking out other satellites en route.

It is never explained how this satellite was somehow hit by a missile.

Mission control orders the shuttle crew to abort their mission immediately and return to Earth. Unfortunately the crew does not have time to do this before the debris strikes and all but destroys the shuttle.


There are basically only two in the cast of this movie. Sandra Bullock, who plays Ryan Stone, an electronics expert whose task is to repair Hubble and George Clooney who plays Matt Kowalski and is the Shuttle Commander.


There are other crew members but although you see the figures floating around in space you never really see their faces or who they are. When the satellite debris hits the Shuttle these other crew members are killed.

George Clooney (Kowalski) does not survive either as his tether breaks and he ends up floating away from the shuttle and his body presumably spends eternity travelling in the vast expanse of the universe. He does return to the shuttle for a couple of minutes either as a ghost or in Stone's mind.

The rest of the movie is taken up with Stone somehow managing to get firstly to the Russian Space Station and when that too gets destroyed she manages to get to the Chinese station.

Although there are a few 'edge of the seat' moments the movie I am afraid was a little too far fetched as I consider it virtually impossible for Stone to be able to get from one Space Station and then to another, especially being able to get to the second station by using only a fire extinguisher as a propellant


I watched this movie twice over a couple of days and I admit that the second time around I did enjoy it more, possibly because at the second viewing I watched it in 3D.

Ed Harris played the Mission Controller but he was never seen on screen, only his voice could be heard.

A great redeeming feature of this movie was the camera work, editing, the special effects and CGIs although I do not anticipate the script, acting or costumes will win any awards I do feel that the excellent camera work, special effects experts and editors are deserving.

Sandra Bullock's acting was up to her usual excellent standards and I feel that it was a very difficult and tiring movie to make for her. George Clooney's acting was also excellent even though he only appeared for a short time.

I have rated this movie seven mainly for the acting of Bullock and for the special effects. It is much better in 3D and I would be happy to recommend this movie, provided it is viewed 'tongue in cheek'.

Last Vegas (2013)
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Great!!, 12 January 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***


This is the story of Billy (Michal Douglas) who proposes to his girlfriend who is less than half his age and after she accepts it he arranges for them to be married in Las Vegas.

He invites three of his ageing friends, Paddy (Robert De Niro), Archie (Morgan Freeman) and Sam (Kevin Kline) to come along and spend a couple of days there prior to his wedding and have a Bachelor Party.


When they arrive the fun really begins but you will have to watch the movie to see how funny it is.

All the main actors played their parts superbly and it was a very worthwhile experience to see that even though people can be aged they can still have fun and still enjoy their lives.

We must not forget darling Mary Steenburgen (Diana) who provided the love interest in the movie.

Although Last Vegas was pretty predictable I feel that it was thoroughly enjoyable and watchable by everyone.

Mary Steeburgen and Morgan Freeman have always been two of my favourite actors but I enjoy the performances of Douglas, De Niro and Kline also.

Go and watch it or get it on DVD and I am sure you will agree this movie is well worth a watch.

I would like to see it get nominated and win some awards because it does deserve them.

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