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I started a batman reboot some months ago and I thought it could be better so I'm rewriting it in a saga

Plot of the saga: Bruce Wayne is 45 years old and he is about to return to be Batman after the last time Batman was seen 5 years ago and thought to be dead but he will narrate his story too, so we will be seeing two Batmen in two different times.

Titles: Batman: Gotham Heights
Batman: Eternal Knight
Batman: Head of the Demon
Batman: Hunt
Batman: Gotham Uprising
Batman: Last Laugh


The story will be divided in two Older Batman's story (TDK Returns) and Bataman's story
It will be very dark and Batman will be more of a detective
The first three films will concentrate mostly in Wes Bentley's Batman and the other three in Kevin Porter's Batman
Joker is the main villain in the saga
Dick Grayson will appear as Robin in ep 1 later as Nightwing
We won't go through the origin story or Batman's first years, just little clips of his origin and as his first year as Batman
Most of the rogues gallery will already be introduced
Carrie Kelley will have a more updated suit
Older Dick Grayson will have a much more armored suit
Oliver Queen will only appear few times
Superman will fight Batman in last laugh (TDK Returns part)
Joker will die in last laugh (The Dark Knight Returns part)
We will see a flashback of the Killing Joke in Last Laugh (Batman story)
Ra's al ghul will be the main villain in head of the demon
Damian Wayne easter egg will appear in Head of the Demon
In Batman Hunt Commissioner Gordon will be assassinated by The Joker and he'll blame Batman
In Batman Hunt in the TDKR story Batman will be hunted by the police after the murder of Comissioner Gordon
Old Nightwing will sacrifice for Batman when he is surrounded by the police and he gets caught
Bob the Goon from Batman 1989 will return again as Joker's goon/sidekick but more as a guy who gets him information and fights.

Changes from the original stories and comics:

TDK Returns story will happen when Batman is 46
Carrie Kelley will be a computer genius
Carrie Kelley's father was in jail and his mother died, she was living at her own, later she moved with Bruce.
Carrie Kelley's inspiration to become Robin will be totally different than in TDK Returns and will be explained more.
Alfred will be a little younger and will be a retired MI6 agent. His father had been working for the Wayne family and he was hired as a bodyguard/butler/grounds keeper for the family upon his father's retirement.
Bruce will meet Ra's before he was Batman (like in Batman Begins), he would also meet Talia when Ra's puts him to fight with his best warrior, Talia, though when they fought her face was covered, after the fight Bruce wins and she shows her face to him.
Commissioner Loeb never existed.
Dick Grayson wasn't adopted by Batman, after his parents were murdered Bruce wanted to give him a father or a father figure like Bruce had Alfred but Dick was too old to be adopted so he was hired as his personal assistant, later Dick discovered Bruce was Batman and Bruce took him as Robin.
Damian was never born

Batman: Gotham Heights- Plot and Story

The movie will begin with Older Bruce Wayne in the bat cave opening a box with the bat suit, while he opens it he starts narrating who was batman, and we get to a flashback where Bruce (Wes) suits up and gets into the bat mobile, with Older Bruce narrating who was batman, what did he do.
Then there will be a scene like the intro of Batman TAS where Batman (Wes) will fight the bank robbers.

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This will be part of my MCU which includes the film ''Invincible Iron Man'' and with this I think I end my superhero reboots.

This will be different as it will be present and past, like my Batman Reboot where it's narrated by an older Bruce and we see parts of future and past. Though in past here we'll concentrate on the origin and in future in rogues gallery and Spider-Man in general

It would be a trilogy.


Young Peter's costume would be made out of spandex, like in TASM, and his mask's eyes would be made with glasses. It would be a mix of Spider-Man Eclipse Costume (Fan Film), The Amazing Spider-Man 1, The Comics, Ben Riley's Spider-Man and some original design with the idea to be something made by a young teenager with no budget who could buy a cheap spandex suit online, kinda like Kick-Ass.
Older Spiderman's suit would be a mix of the one of The Amazing Spiderman 1, Ben Riley's Spiderman Costume (comics), Ben Riley's Scarlet Spider costume, Spiderman 2099 Costume and Spiderman Noir. And his mask would look like this:
Peter would buy a red and black cheap Spandex Suit online which he would use to make the Spider-Man suit.
He would use Web Shooters, the webs aren't gonna be natural.
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I have been doing many superhero reboots so I decided to do 2 more, Iron Man and Spiderman. This one is hard because the cast of Iron man is perfect, so I'll try my best.

This is a different type of reboot. It's not based in the comics, it's a totally new story and it takes place on a different time.

Plot: The story takes place some years after Iron Man's retirement as a hero. He retired because of 2 reasons. The first one was because of the events of Civil War and the death of Hawkeye.
The second one was because the government forced him to quit as Iron Man because the army replaced soldiers for machines, using Tony Stark to build them. But Stark Industries' droids given to the government failed, becoming the weapon betraying them, so the government cancelled the operation taking away Tony Stark's permission to be Iron Man and stopping to support him as both Tony Stark and Iron Man. At this time many other heroes have gave up their roles as heroes too, such as Hulk, Ant-Man, Thor (who is now in Asgard), Black Widow and many others. But some kept their place such as Captain America who is now working for the president as a hero (like Superman in TDK Returns) after being released of jail and had been given an opportunity to work for ''the greater good of humanity'' working under the governments orders and conditions and Spiderman, who is now known to be Peter Parker because of the events of civil war, refused to quit as he saw that there was still corruption.

Tony would later in the film decide to take back his place as Iron Man.


The story would be like Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns.
In this story Tony would be married with Natasha Romanoff as years before Pepper left him, as a girlfriend because of Tony's behavior and as secretary because of the ''Droid Army Incident'', though Tony would have a hard time getting over it.
Spider-Man would play a big part of the story.
Iron Man's suit would be a mix of the one of the films (Mark III), The Silver Centurion (of the comics) and the Modular Armor (from the comics and the Iron Man TV Series from 1996)
Spiderman's suit would be a mix of the one of The Amazing Spiderman 1, Ben Riley's Spiderman Costume (comics), Ben Riley's Scarlet Spider costume, Spiderman 2099 Costume and Spiderman Noir. And his mask would look like this:
Daredevil will make a brief appearance.
Part of the big finale will be Iron Man fighting Captain America.
Nick Fury would play an important role helping Tony Stark after becoming Iron Man for the second time.
Nick Fury would die heroically at the end (obviously because it's Sean Bean)
We will have flashbacks to the young Iron Man years, when he was just starting and dating Pepper.
Iron Man and Spider-Man would be friends again after Civil War.
Iron Man would call Spider-Man boy
Bruce Banner will be mentioned many times, he won't appear, but Hulk will appear at the end.
Hawkeye's death was thought an accident, but it was Iron Man who killed him.
The Mandarin will appear in a scene after the credits.
The Punisher would play a big role. His portrayal would be like in the comics and ''Dirty Laundry''
We'll se flashbacks of Goliath's death
Reed Richards would make a brief appearance

Changes from the comics:

Happy Hogan does not exist
Iron Man kills Hawkeye
After Civil War, Captain America is revealed from jail and he starts working for the government.
Iron Man and Spider-Man would be friends again shortly after Civil War

Most of the cast will be changing

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I do a lot of Superhero movies and reboots, so I thought I should be more open to different types of movies (Don't worry, I will continue with superhero movies) and I just saw Mad Max Fury Road and I loved the idea, so I'll try to do it with this film series.

This time I will do something different, I will write a different, original story and my casting will not be made by look alikes but by age and height and physical description (For Example: Height 6.2, Age Mid 30's, Caucasian).

The film would take place between Lethal Weapon 2 and 3 as 3 and 4 aren't as good as 1 and 2 and making a sequel out of them would be hard and not as interesting because they would be old and retired, but making a film between 2 and 3 would be interesting as they are younger and Riggs is still "mad" and we would concentrate on him, his anger and the people he had let die.

Rated: R (Gotta be loyal to the original rating)
Genre: Action & Adventure (Not too much comedy)

Plot Summary: It's short after the events of Lethal Weapon 2 and Rika's death, which make Sgt. Martin Riggs feel guilty. Riggs is reconstructing his house and his partner Roger Murtaugh is working on his retirement in which Riggs isn't very happy. The film will focus on Martin Riggs investigating this Australian Ambassador Shaun Brown who's been doing some illegal work but his major problem would be with his daughter Jessica who is working as the Information Security Analist in the Australian embassy which won't permit Riggs do much investigation. The film would focus on Riggs fighting his inner demons and trying to stop his addiction to tobacco.


The film will focused on Sgt. Martin Riggs.
It will be more tragedy and action than comedy.


We see the street, we see a police car going really fast. Inside we see Murtaugh and Riggs, from the radio comes a transmission saying: Attention all units we have a 1033 in the U.S Bank Tower. Repeat 1033 in the U.S Bank Tower. Riggs answers the radio: We got it.
They go, they see a bank heist. Riggs gets out of the car running into the bank while Murtaugh just gets out of the car and says: ''I'm too old for this *beep*

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I have been writing a Batman reboot and a Superman reboot so I thought that I should make a Justice League film, so there you go
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If Ben Affleck would have never been casted and dc needed a reboot here is my idea
Titles: 1-Batman Dark Times
2-The caped crusader
3-Batman Dark Return
Story: The main villians of ep 1 will be joker and anarky
Joe Chill will kill Bruce's Parents
Selina Kyle/Catwoman will be Bruce's interest
Joker will be at the beginning red hood and he will be thrown to the chemicals by batman
Batman's voice will be like Conroy's
Joker's voice will be like Hamill's Gordon will be the first person to trust batman
Catwoman will not be a villian but an anti-hero
Harvey dent will make appearances and people will see how he suffered
the batsignal will appear until the end of ep 1 but not in action until episode 2
Anarky will be an assasin hired by the joker to kill batman Anarky will be young and at the end of the first film he will be adopted by batman
Joker will be battled by batman and anarky and he will be sent to arkham

The main villians of episode 2 will be Joker, Black Mask and two face

The movie will start at a bank robbery with Roman Sionis Harvey dent will be in the bank protecting a kid and his mother sacrificing himself.Batman will shoot bombs to the bank to explode it and accidentaly he burnt all roman's face turning it black and accidentaly will burn have dent's face Batman will go and find Dent but not Sionis and will take dent to the hospital Batman will return to the Batcave recieved by Anarky/Lonnie Machin which will not be robin yet Next day Bruce will go to the hospital to see his old friend Harvey but Bruce had to leave and Harvey got sad and angry which made him escape covering his head so nobody will see him Bruce back in his house watches the tv in the news and alfred gives him a glass of water and as he watches black mask in the news he drops the glass which broke on the floor and he put the suit on to investigate secretly followed by Lonnie dressed as Anarky, Batman gets to Gordon to ask him and they talk but in a moment they get surrounded by Black Mask's henchmen but they get saved by Anarky Bruce gets angry and tells anarky he couldn't be here but anarky said that he needed someone at his side, that he needs help but he gets interrupted by gordon because gordon tells them thatthere is no time to loose that there are a bunch of helicopters going to arkham asylum
In arkham asylum we see the Joker and that his cell's roof gets broken and some stairs from the helicopter go down for joker to escape to help Sionis have revenge and defeat batman, but later in the film Joker would betray and steal the money and henchmen leaving Joker and Black Mask as mortal enemies

(I haven't finished the story yet but i will be updating. Thanks for waiting)
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the cast of the amazing spiderman 2 with green goblin
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After underworld 4 they found Michael,but there is a wild Lycan apocalypse and the vampires need help so they go to a vampire tribe to get help but there is a guy spying them and they need to stop the lycans from killing everyone
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Years after everything a sith returned to take vader's place so Luke,Han,Leia,Chewie and Lando have to stop him.
But they are not alone Obi Wan,Anakin,Yoda and Han solo's clone will help
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a list of 2 characters
Heath vs Jack
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my cast for a live action Despicable Me
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cast for live action movie
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the t x returns and t 101 will protect john connor and kyle reese but the t x dies and a new more advanced t x comes to kill them and with another villian t 800 but with marcus it will be a difficult battle but then they know that they need to kill the creator of the terminator a t-100 (an original person mutated)
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the cast for a live action movie
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they can
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with misterio and doc ock
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with shocker,black cat and scarlet spider
and mary jane
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cast for a remake
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Indy is back in 1939 in world war II he joins the american team and he fights for peace,justice,freedom and democracy with his friends Steve Rogers and Chris Tederwood
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movie cast
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my cast for a remake
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My cast for a remake
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my cast for a remake
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my cast i need younger but here is an older verison
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christopher nolan 5 from the video game
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my cast because there is gonna be a movie and i thought it was funny to make a cast
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007 family
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Mark ruffalo hulk 3
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The new 2012 movie cast not real movie
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The cast of the movie
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christopher nolan's 4 of batman 1:batman begins 2:dark knight 3:dark knight rises
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Reality simpsons movie
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next bond film after skyfall
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