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This a list of my favourite movies of 2013. Yes, most of this will be art-house type films, genuine oscar contenders and such. However, there were also so stand out action films in there as well that I just had to include and if you don't like that I apologise in advance
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Obviously I have not seen every film that came out this year. If you don't see a film that you loved on this list, either I didn't see it or I didn't think that it was that good. Either way, feel free to leave a comment and let me know what movies you loved this year!
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I will add more titles to this list as the year progresses.

Have you seen a stand out movie this year? Tell me about it in the comment section below!
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A shortlist of the absolute best television show dramas, animated shows, comedies, sitcoms... that I have ever seen!

There will be no reality shows, game shows... etc on this list
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With some honourable mentions...

I also added some of I favourite quotes from each character if they had any.
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This is a list of actors, actresses, directors and such who haven't have a decent break in recent years, and need a good comeback ASAP!!
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These are a shortlist of directors, actors and actresses that I think are overrated and I just find it hard to like them.
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This is my personal opinion of my personal funniest people. And sorry but women just don't seem to make me laugh that much! Leave your opinion below and I will possibly edit to fit your wants...
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Here is a list of some upcoming movies that I am intrested in and I reckon are going to be the bomb!!
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List is a personal opinion, I list if what I believe to be the top 10 HBO television show dramas including mini series.
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These are exceptional movies that are either critically acclaimed, winning prestigious film awards or have a large audience fan following.
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This is a list of actors who could play Batman in the upcoming 2015 Man of Steel sequel which will follow the storyline of the World's Finest arch. If your preferred actor isn't listed please make suggestions.
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This is my list of whom I believe are the most talented directors of our day!

This list is not in order. I am open to suggestions so please leave your comments below... Enjoy!