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Unbelievably and with a miscasted leading actress, 1 April 2013

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Diane Kruger is a beautiful woman, but she has not the tiniest sense for comedy. Her timing is bad and in this production she is not able to create believable emotions. I am sure, that she is a wonderful actress, but for this role she just does not fit. I know, that this is a romantic comedy and that I can not expect a great story, but this one COULD be a good story but failed to deliver. They could have taken more time to get rid of the plot holes and make the story more believable. The acting was OK, Dany Boon is as likable as always. Alice Pol should have played the leading role, because of her comedy talent. Her screen moments were the best minutes of the film. The transformation from the focused dentist to the fun loving and vodka drinking adventurer was just not believable. And that was my main problem with this movie. I can accept flying elephants, speaking unicorns and extra terrestrials that want to phone home when the script and the acting work together. At least I had a night out with my wife.

Looper (2012)
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Good idea with plot holes, 16 January 2013

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I like the basic idea of the movie. OK, you have to "accept" the basic principles of this movie, without thinking to much about it. But the basic idea works at least for the first 30 minutes. Than it becomes messy and you have to try harder not to think about the problems of time travel. As if the director just want you to accept his version of time travel, without explaining it enough. When the kid entered the scene, it became even more messy. On one hand I liked the idea, that we are the result of the things happening to us PLUS the result of our decisions. On the other hand it did not work in this movie. The acting is OK, do not expect to much. Overall it is not a bad movie, when you are drunk and sitting on the couch with friends, who are drunk too.

I do not think that this is the "worst" or the"best" movie ever. But to give only one star, because you do not like the story is ridiculous. The entire rating system becomes useless if people only give 10 or 1 star.

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I don't get it, 24 December 2012

It is a nice movie, but what is the special thing about it? What is the "magic"? The story develops slowly... veeeeery slowly. It might have been appropriate 65 years ago, but today? Storytelling in cinemas changed and that is not always a bad thing. The setup took to long and the struggle of the hero was not believable for me. The acting was good (more or less). The moral of the story was lame. "Your life makes a difference!" It is a calendar motto, the message of a cheap self-improvement book. Maybe I am not romantic enough to enjoy this movie. To me it was OK, but it was not a "revelation". Not a movie, that I want to watch "over and over".

Micmacs (2009)
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I would love to love this movie..., 11 December 2012

I would love to love this movie, but I can't. While the colors and the characters of the movie are great, the storytelling sucks. Yes it has a story to tell, but the way it does is to obvious. I felt the wagging finger of the director for 2/3 of the movie and I hate it when that happens. On IMDb people tend to rate either with 1 or with 10 stars but as this movie shows, there are a lot of gray areas. It is possible that I did not understand the reason for the weird behavior of the characters, that I am not able to get the "real core" of the story, that ... Fact is, that I was exited about the trailer and was disappointed about the movie itself. Just watch it yourself and make your own conclusions.

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Great movie, enjoyable night at the movies, 13 October 2012

I've read the book and liked it. Certainly it is not great literature, but it is fun to read. When I've heard that they would make a movie, I was afraid that it would become a cheap flick. I was so wrong. The acting is fine, the characters worked more or less (although their motivations were sometimes lame) and the music was perfect, because I did not notice it. The special effects were fun and did not disturb the movie. The vampires were not cute, the amount of gore was perfect and the atmosphere of the historical Washington was just amazing. And there were good action scenes. Definitely one of the better movies of 2012. I like this movie and will watch it again.

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Fun to watch, 17 August 2012

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When I pushed the play button, I expected nothing special. I just like zombie movies. This movie surprised me with its freshness and the special humor. I have never seen anyone of the actors, but they have done a great job. There was a great scenery, perfect music and enough gore to make it a good zombie movie. Beside the ending of the movie, I really liked it. Why does every zombie movie has to end sad? Is there anything wrong with a happy end for zombie movies? The characters were lovable, the script was a bit messy, but this movie was about having a good time with a movie, not with a piece of art.

This movie has some political messages about democracy, socialism and Cuba and I am sure you could even dig deeper and find more "behind" the story.

Le Chef (2012)
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Get the DVD, 18 July 2012

I like Jean Reno and I also like french movies, but this one was a bad evening at the cinema. The acting was lame, the story was predictable, the dialogs terrible. Certainly I did not expect a masterpiece, just funny 90 minutes, but this was one of those movies where you look at your watch to often. You might enjoy this film at home on DVD, but do not spend money on the cinema version. Yes, it is just a comedy, but it is not a very good one. Yes the story is a modern fairy tale, but it is not fun to watch.

I am sure that there will be an American remake of this movie in a few month.