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antisocial behaviour, 14 November 2007

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Great first feature film for these guys. Really like the character Debbie played by Posy Brewer. Want to see her in other stuff. Great actress and a lot of potential. Good thought out piece. looking forward to the next one.

Having been failed by society and plagued by a gruesome childhood memory, he is forced to live alone in the unholy hell of God's making .

A gang of vicious youths terrorising the neighbourhood have singled him out for "special treatment". After weeks of relentless torment, an incident involving the death of one of the teenagers finally pushes him over the edge!

Jakob begins to see himself as a solution to the problem of Antisocial Behaviour!

He plots his revenge but discovers that taking "an eye for an eye" is never child's play...

One by one they're "taught a lesson". One by one they meet their deaths...

Where will the carnage end?