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I count each two-parter as one episode, so I only list Part 1 of each of them.
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Two-parters are counted as one episode (so I only list the first part). Sorry, "The Inner Light" doesn't make my Top Twenty.
Honorable Mentions:
Power Play (115)
The Chase (146)
Second Chances (150)
Phantasms (158)
All Good Things (177/178)
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Honorable Mentions:
The Jem'Hadar
The Adversary
Little Green Men
Our Man Bashir
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Sorry, "The Trouble with Tribbles" doesn't make my Top Ten; I find it decidedly overrated. "I, Mudd" is a much better example of an effectively humorous, light-hearted episode.
Honorable mentions:
The Corbomite Maneuver (10)
I, Mudd (37)
The Ultimate Computer (53)
The Cloud Minders (76)
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