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We are all aware of the original horror dream team of Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee, Vincent Price, etc. But a new trend has emerged, shining light on charismatic character actors who earn their names in the horror genre.
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In my estimation, the best of the best in certain franchises. I'm hoping to avoid cliched and stereotypical answers...
a list of 35 titles my opinion.
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Stephen King is notoriously difficult to translate to cinema. This is my personal pick of which titles worked and which titles did not. Apologies if I missed one or two.
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A mixture of obvious and obscure choices. I know I neglected (almost) anything pre-seventies, sorry.
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My favorite action/comedy films, in almost no order, and no accounting for taste. Not for the squeamish nor for fans of high art. No brain required, just testosterone and a sense of humor.