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Ultimate Spider-Man (2005 Video Game)
Spidey has never been better.... In a Video game!!
5 May 2008
First off, I am a die-hard Spidey fanatic! The greatest Super Hero in comic book history (Sorry Superman.) Spidey has always been successful when it comes to videogames. Even dating back to the Spidey title for the Super Nintendo. That was a great game! The films are flawless as are the games bouncing off the films. But, I am sad to announce that Tobey Maguire is not present in Ultimate Spider-Man providing his voice for his greatest role in his career. But, do not fear! The acting is great in the game! Peter is more of a 15 year old in this version. Graphically, it goes back to the comics. (Ultimate Graphic Novels.) The gameplay is phenomenal! It's more simple than Spider-Man 2 but, it's a lot of fun! Swinging around the city has never been so much fun! OK, OK, I love Swinging in Spider-Man 2 as well. (Sorry, Tobey.) The combat system is awesome! Very fast and fluid. The story is straight from the Ultimate comics. (Remember, this is not the original comicbook storyline material, this is two years before the first Spider-Man movie.) The boss battles are actually quite humorous! This game is worth a rent for gamers, for die hard Spidey fans, this game is WORTH a purchase!!
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Daredevil (2003)
Fair Warning: This is NOTHING like Spider-Man!
19 February 2008
They are doing a great job with Comic Book Adaptation's. I never read Daredevil growing up. Read a little Superman, Batman. I'm a die hard Spider-Man Fanatic!! Daredevil is kinda cool in the Spidey comics as much as I've seen of him. The film is good, not great like the Spider-Man franchise. The acting is superb. The story is easy to follow. The film felt too dark for me, and for my taste in Super Hero films. One thing's for sure, unlike Spidey, Daredevil has NO sense of humor. Same with Batman. No humor. This is an OK movie for Comic fans. But, otherwise, I'd recommend skipping this one altogether, along with Bryan Singer's trashy movie, Superman Returns. Daredevil felt a lot darker too me than Spider-Man 3. I loved Spider-Man 3, absolutely loved it!! Daredevil is, decent. Christopher Reeve's Superman films, I'v always loved those. Bright, funny, exciting. Spidey, same as Superman. Batman, dark, but doesn't feel quite as dark as Daredevil. Hulk, lamest film for comics. X-Men, rocking. Daredevil is an OK flick for comic fans. There is no humor in this like the Spidey films.
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Transformers (2007)
#2 next to Spider-Man 3!
30 January 2008
This last year has been kind of blah for movies. Shrek 3 was pathetic for starters. Spider-Man 3 is FLAWLESS in every way!!! Transformers is AWESOME!!! I've never been a fan of Transformers growing up, but, this movie ROCKED!!! Second to Spider-Man 3, of course. No film for 2007 beats Spider-Man 3!! The action in Transformers is NON STOP!!! I'm not joking, it's constant. The Transformer's look SO real, I can't even tell that they are CGI, (Same with Spider-Man.) The storyline is easy to follow. The acting is good (all except for Shia Labeouf.) I mean, he is NOT a good actor!! Ignore him, and this movie is great!!! I mean, the Transformer's (good and bad) are sooo entertaining that, I didn't even pay attention to any of the live actor's. (which, the acting wasn't very good. Shia Labeouf made a complete fool of himself.) But, with that aside, this film is PHENOMENAL!!! See this movie (after you see Spider-Man 3!!)
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Sky High (2005)
A stupid Super Hero flick!!
19 January 2008
Christopher Reeve's Superman Movies, Michael Keaton's Batman, Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst in the Spider-Man franchise, X-Men, X2, and X-Men 3: The Last Stand. These are all brilliant super hero's brought to life!!! Sky High is a DISGRACE!! This movie makes fun of all of these popular movies!! I can't stand this movie!! If you love Superman, (I hated Superman Returns!) If you love Spider-Man (Spider-Man 3 is flawless along with the other two!!) If you like the Fantastic Four, then you won't like Sky High. The acting is HORRIBLE!!! The references in this movie are ripped off from the TRUE super hero films!! The only GOOD thing about this movie is, Bruce Campbell who plays the strict coach at Sky High. In the first Spider-Man film he played the ring announcer. In Spider-Man 2, he was the snooty usher in the theater at which Mary Jane starts her acting career. And, he played a French Matr'd in Spider-Man 3! He's the only GOOD thing about this movie, like I just said. Otherwise, watch the movie's I listed, except for Superman Returns, Don't see Superman Returns, you will regret it if you do! Just, don't see this movie!!
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On my list of great 2007 Movies!!
6 January 2008
Many comedian's use dirty language to be funny. Well, that is not the case with Rowan Atkinson. For many years I have watched him as Mr. Bean. A man who is completely clueless about the environments around him. Rowan's facial's and body language inside the character of Mr. Bean make him one of the funniest comedian's EVER!! Mr. Bean's Holiday is no exception! The film has a great story, very little dialogue. (I'm talking about Rowan when I say 'very little dialogue.') The acting is great from the entire cast. This movie was a major treat for me, because, one of my big time fave actor's, Willem Dafoe (Clear and Present Danger, Spider-Man, Finding Nemo, 007: Everything Or Nothing, Spider-Man 2, Spider-Man 3.) Play's an impatient movie director. Dafoe is OUTSTANDING!!! Even though he might not have a big role in this movie, (like he does with the Spider-Man franchise.) Willem does a phenomenal job! This is a great movie!! Rowan Atkinson's facial are hysterical!! His facial expression's beat Jim Carrey's dirty humor!! LOL!! See this hilarious movie!!
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Finding Nemo (2003)
Grab Shell DUDE!!
25 December 2007
If I could rate this movie higher than 10, I most definitely would!! Pixar has done a phenomenal job over the last several years! Antz was horrible. Finding Nemo is a personal favorite of mine! The humor is innocent, yet, I have line's memorized, and I can't stop laughing!! One of my favorite actor's, Sir Willem Dafoe, who provides the voice of Gil, play's Norman Osborn/Green Goblin in the Spider-Man franchise, did a phenomenal job!! The acting is great by all the voice talents. Ellen Degeneres is hysterical as the short term memory struggling blue fish! The story line is great. This is a great movie for everyone! I enjoyed this a lot more than Shrek The Third!! This is a MUST for Disney fans!!
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Good movie. But, for third's, doesn't beat Spidey 3!
25 December 2007
Pixar has been doing really well over the past several years. A Bugs Life: Good. Ant's: Horrible. Toy Story and Toy Story 2: Classics. The Incredibles: Flawless. Finding Nemo: One of my personal Pixar faves! Shrek the Third was hysterical!! The acting, um, Antonio Banderas never ceases to amaze me. Eddie Murphy never ceases to amaze me as well. Mike Myer's and Cameron Diaz were the same (nothing unique about there roles in this third one.) Julie Andrews, was awesome. John Cleese, although his part was short in this one, was amazing. Justin Timberlake, oh boy, um, he needs to stop acting and keep singing. He's NOT a good actor. He over did it. Storyline was executed really well. It was A LOT better than Ratatouille. But, um, concerning sequels this year: Shrek The Third, Pirates: At World's End, and Spider-Man 3. No sequel this year can top Spider-Man 3!! NO Sequel can top Spider-Man 3 this year!! ThAT is a flawless movie!!! Anyway, if you enjoyed the first two Shrek's, see this one, but, skip Ratatouille.
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A must see for those who love talking Chipmunks!
24 December 2007
I grew up watching and loving the Alvin and The Chipmunks animated series. Love their high squeaky voices, the mischief they always get into, and, of course who doesn't love to hear a chipmunk sing? Finally, after so many years, they hit the big screen! The film is awesome! The acting (voice acting that is) concerning the chipmunks, is pheonomenal! They sound just like they did back in the animated seris. I mean, they look SO real, that, I couldn't even tell if they were CGI!! Same thing with the flawlessly PERFECT Spider-Man franchise!! (Third time's a charm for Spidey.) But, anyway, the acting by whoever played David Seville, (the chipmunks adoptive human father) is great as well. The music is awesome in the movie! The soundtrack brings back childhood memories. Overall this is a great film. Go see it and go NUTS! (No, literally, go nuts!)
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The Outer Limits: Music of the Spheres (1997)
Season 3, Episode 14
One of my favorite show's!
23 December 2007
The Outer Limits is an awesome show for those who like science fiction, and mysteries! I love this show because, each story is not only different, but, so is the cast on each episode! I have seen Margot Kidder (Superman: The Movie, etc.) on the show and she was awesome! But, she is not in this wonderful episode. My favorite actress in the whole world, #1 above all the rest, Kirsten Dunst!! A younger Kirsten Dunst! (Before she started spinning her gorgeous webbing in Spider-Man in the flawless, perfect, Spider-Man franchise along with the ever so phenomenal man behind the mask, Tobey Maguire.) She was phenomenal in this episode! It is a little freaky at times, but, she kept me smiling throughout. The show overall is great! Along with House M.D. starring Golden Globe Nominee, Hugh Laurie, and Smallville, starring Christopher Reeve's TRUE successor (not Brandon Routh) but, the amazing, Tom Welling! The Outer Limits is great! A must for all!
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X-Men (2000)
One of Stan Lee's greatest creation's brought to life!
15 December 2007
Two years before Stan Lee's greatest creation, Spider-Man, hits the silver screen, the X-Men are brought to life! This is a great film. The acting (especially Hugh Jackman who plays Logan/Wolverine, and Patrick Stuart who plays Charles Xavier.) is great. The special effects are good, but not breathtaking like Spider-Man (2002.) The storyline is good, easy to follow, (I did not read X-Men, I am a die hard Spider-Man fanatic! Comics, the whole nine yards!) This film is sure to please movie goers. The second and third films are just as good. But, even though Bryan Singer did a great job on X-Men, he did a HORRIBLE job on Suoperman Returns!! I nothing good to say about Superman Returns! There is NOTHING good about Superman Returns! Anyway, X-Men is great, stands proudly next to Marvel comics leader, Spider-Man (Spider-Man is the first character ever created for Marvel. And, the best!)
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Batman Begins (2005 Video Game)
The best Batman game EVER!!
29 November 2007
Well, for starters, I'm not a big fan of Batman. My hero is Spider-Man! I also like Superman, thanks to Christopher Reeve and Tom Welling (Smallville). Every Batman game I have played has been a major disappointment. Bad graphics, bad gameplay. Not until this AWESOME game! WOW!! I've never had so much fun playing the Dark Knight. Great graphics, great gameplay, (takes getting used too.) The voice talents are of the movie's cast: Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne/Batman, Micheal Caine as Alfred Pennyworth, Cilian Murphy as Dr. Crane, Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox, and so on and so forth. The levels aren't too hard to work you're way through, it just takes some patience. This game is pure stealth. Unlike other Super hero games: Spider-Man, Superman, etc. Where you fight you're way through areas, this game is stealth, but, yes, you can fight, DUH! He's a crimefighter for crying out loud. Good storyline. Kinda hard to follow along with comparing it to the movie, which was AWESOME!! Great game for gamers everywhere! Although, no tight donning man can EVER beat Spider-Man!
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Spider-Man 3 (2007)
Pummeled Superman Returns!
8 October 2007
First off, I am a die hard Spider-Man fanatic! Read the comics, grew up with the cartoon (90's), wore Spidey jammies growing up, poster's and merchandise EVERYWHERE! I know Spider-Man! The first two films were perfect, as is this one! The story is flawless! Sam Raimi doesn't miss a beat concerning the storyline based from the comics. Acting by Tobey and Kirsten is perfect, absolutely perfect! Thomas Haden Church as Flint Marko aka William Baker aka The Sandman, James Franco as Harry Osborn/Goblin 2, and Topher Grace as Eddie Brock/Venom, are all portrayed PERFECTLY! The film is FAR more successful than Superman Returns (which was an utter failure.) Spider-Man 3, if you have seen the first two, is worth seeing. Oh, Bryce Dallas Howard as Gwen Stacy is flawless too! Kirsten Dunst sang in this movie. It's her voice, nothing was lipsynched or fake. This (along with the first two, and Batman Begins.) Is flawless!! There is nothing wrong with this film concnering: acting, storyline, visuals, action, etc. THIS is the movie of 2007!!! Spider-Man 3 IS the movie of 2007!!!
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Superman (1996–2000)
Superman rocks thanks to this cartoon!
8 October 2007
I was never a big Superman fan growing up. I watched Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, love Christopher Reeve's Superman, and I watched this animated series. The animated series is a personal favorite of mine along with my favorite super hero, Spider-Man. I loved both these series in the 90's. I don't like Batman though. The animated series is back on JETIX. As is Spider-Man. I highly recommend this show. Along with Smallville. Forget Superman Returns! It was an absolute failure! The Spider-Man films are perfect along with Christopher Reeve's Superman movies! But, skip Superman Returns! The voice acting is awesome.
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For those that love Christopher Reeve
14 July 2007
Somewhere In Time is probably one of the most beautiful movies you will ever see. Christopher Reeve's (Superman The Movie.) Performance is flawless. He's warm, bright, funny, energetic. This movie, along with Superman 2 which also came out in 1980, are both wonderful films. The story is straightforward. The acting is wonderful. The music is breathtaking. (The soundtrack can be found on ITunes.) All in All, for those who just flat out love Christopher Reeve, or for those who love a good love story, this is a must see. After I saw it for the first time, I went right out and bought it on DVD. For those who saw Chris guest star on Smallville as Dr. Virgil Swann and who loved him as Clark Kent/Superman in his Superman movies, are sure to cry. I know I got choked up. Although, I couldn't stop smiling. He was truly one of the worlds greatest actors, and, thanks to his books "Anything is Possible" and "Still Me." He is one of my biggest inspirations. But, he will always be remembered by his role as the one and only......... SUPERMAN! (If you loved Christophers Superman movies, skip Superman Returns and watch Smallville instead.)
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Funniest comedian ever!!!!
13 June 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Brian Reagan is awesome!!!! His humor is clean, yet he is (next to Robin Williams of course), one of the funniest comedians in the world! He also has a great CD recording of his comedy. I'm not sure where to find it, but it's flawless!!!! The great thing about him is that, with his comedy, he uses body language as well! His facial expressions are hysterical! If you want a good laugh, no, if you want a GREAT laugh, check out Bryan Reagan! He will split you're sides! I know I was laughing hard. After watching it, I guarantee you will be in the car with a friend a quoting his lines. I know I do! LOL!!!! Take Luck! Yeah! You too!! (One of Brian's routine's.)
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An awesome film for fans of Ford and Dafoe!
11 June 2007
Clear and Present danger is an awesome film! It's exciting! Great story! Great cast, and when I mean great cast, I mean Harrison Ford, James Earl Jones (Darth Vader) and Willem Dofoe (Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2, Spider-Man 3, Finding Nemo, James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing.) It's a long movie. It kept me entertained throughout, I mean, I couldn't stop smiling because Harrison Ford and Willem Dafoe are such treasures! There is quite a bit of cussing, which bothered me. The story is very easy to understand. Again, Willem and Harrison are flawless!!! A must see for those who just love action films!!! Other recommendations for Harrison Ford fans: Star Wars Trilogy, Indiana Jones, 40 days and 40 nights.
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Spider-Man 2 (2004 Video Game)
Best of all three Spider-Man Movie games!
6 June 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I am an all out Spidey fanatic! I love all the games (except for Spider-Man 3, sadly.) Spider-Man 2 was a HUGE step up from the first game. Greater graphics, greater gameplay, the city is MUCH bigger! Tobey came back for voicing Peter and Spidey, Alfred Molina left me gaping at his performance as Dock Ock, and Kirsten, wow, Kirsten! She left me speechless providing the voice for Mary Jane. Sadly, she didn't come back for the third game. That's OK. The second game is overall, ten time's better! Tobey is hysterical in the second game! Pedestrian: "You destroyed my car!" Spidey: "Sorry. My sympathy meter is totally out!" LOL!!!! I loved it! Kirsten was flawless! They all had the same energy as they did in the film! It's a very addicting game!!!! A VERY ADDICTING GAME! Five Million thumbs up for the ceators of such an awesome game! My advice: Buy this one for whatever console you have, skip the third one. Sadly, the third game isn't all that great. Kirsten didn't come back due to a hectic schedule, and, what really ticked me off, was that Gwen Stacy, who is in the third film, isn't in the game! So, Bryce Dallas Howard who played Gwen in the film, didn't have a chance to provide her voice. On the plus side, James Franco who plays Harry Osborn in the films FINALLY provided his voice for Harry. Overall, the second game IS THE BEST!!!! Skip the third one!
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Adventures of Superman (1952–1958)
Superman, Superman, Superman!!
26 May 2007
I grew up loving Christopher Reeve, I love Smallville, I hated Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, and I hated Superman Returns! But, nothing can compare to George Reeve's Superman! (Ok, so Christopher Reeve is the one and ONLY Superman!!!!) After seeing only two episodes of the first season on DVD, I was blown away! The special effects aren't flashy, it's in black and white (duh!) The acting is far better than the acting was in Superman Returns (2006) sadly! He looked great as Clark and Superman! To be completely honest, he looked 100% better as Superman and Clark then Brandon Routh did! George stands right next to my favorite Superman...... CHRISTOPHER REEVE!!!! George Reeve's, even though he's dead, he blew me away! His scene's as Superman are short, but they are satisfying! Honestly, George Reeve's pummeled Brandon Routh! I didn't like Superman Returns!!! Bryan Singer ruined the legend that was Christopher Reeve, by casting some loser who bares no resemblance too him!!! George Reeve's was flawless!!! It might be an old show, it might be black and white, George might be dead, but one thing is for sure, George Reeve's and Christopher Reeve are...... SUPERMAN!! Tom Welling (Smallville) is definitely Christopher Reeve's heir too his movie's! First time I saw Tom, I thought I was looking at a young Christopher Reeve, I kid you not! He is Superman Returning!!! GEORGE REEVE'S, CHRISTOPHER REEVE, AND TOM WELLING....... ARE MY SUPERMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Spider-Man 3 (2007 Video Game)
A major letdown.
18 May 2007
The first two Spider-Man games based off the films were flat out awesome! I'm big on voice talents, graphics, and gameplay. Those things matter to me most of all. Spider-Man 3, great graphics, the gameplay for PC is a little shaky. Tobey, like always, blows me away as Spider-Man and Peter. He's hysterical in-game! Bruce Campbell is a real treasure as the tour guide. The game is good. Kirsten didn't come back to do the voice for MJ in the third game. What really shocks me is that Bryce Dallas Howard, who played Gwen Stacy in the film, didn't provide the voice for her character. I mean, Gwen isn't even in the game! What are you guy's thinking?!!! AaaaarrrrrgggghhH! For those who loved the film, for those who love the soundtrack, for those who love the book based off of the film, I recommend that you skip this game entirely. Toby is the only real highlight of the game. Unlike the second game, where the pedestrians talk with Spidey and comment him while you're swinging around the city, the third game is completely dead in this area. And also, you could hear the wind blow past you as you swing faster in the second game. There's no wind here. He swings in the same way every time for this game too. It get's boring quickly, unlike the first and second games. I loved the film, but, this is the first game in the Spidey franchise that has left me disappointed! I LOVE Spider-Man 2 for Gamecube and the first Spider-Man Movie game!! But, Spidey 3, yuck! Good graphics, but the rest is just plain bad. And, it got too hard WAY TO FAST! The difficulty didn't gradually progress as you went along!!
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Smallville: Rosetta (2003)
Season 2, Episode 17
Christopher Reeve Shine's Forever!!!
10 April 2007
Smallville is my #1 favorite show! Tom Welling as Clark Kent leaves me speechless! I grew up loving Christopher Reeve, watched his movie's, read his book Nothing is Impossible. He is an inspiration to my life. Seeing Christopher on Smallville was unforgettable. Superman Returns sucked!!! I hated that movie!! Brandon Routh bares no resemblance to Christopher Reeve physically or in any other way! Is Brian Singer blind?!!!! Tom Welling on the other hand, I mean, the first episode of Smallville I ever saw, I thought that I was looking at a young Christopher Reeve again! Tom is unmistakably Christohper heir to the cape of the Man of Steel! He is a far better actor than Brandon Routh!!! Routh is Dean Cain's evil twin! I hate Dean Cain too!!! Christopher Reeve's interpretation of Superman was beautiful, and I love the interpretation of Superman in Smallville. It's the story that I never knew about Clark Kent!!! I LOVE IT! I LOVE TOM! I LOVE THE ENTIRE CAST! I LOVE THE THEME SONG!!! I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT, I LOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVEEEEE IT!!! Christopher Reeve and Tom Welling are inseparable! Screw Brandon Routh! Drop Dead Routh! Christopher Reeve will be forever in my heart! All I have to say to Tom is, SUPERMAN RETURNS!!!! You are Christopher's heir to his best role!!! I LOVE YOU BROTHER, AND GOD BLESSS!!
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Great movie, though not my favorite comicbook hero's.
24 March 2007
I've never been a big X-Men fan. The movie's lived up to my expectations, and like alway's, the third film is the darkest. Same with Superman 3 and Spider-Man 3 which will be out on May 4, 2007. Great special effects, great actor's, I don't like the humor. I don't like hero's with a dark sense of humor. Even though Superman and Spider-Man are rival comicbook hero's. That's not true! Christopher Reeve's Clark Kent/Superman was very bright, funny, energetic. I LOVE CHRISTOPHER REEVE! Tobey Maguire as Spider-Man was, as my favorite actress Kirsten Dunst who plays Mary Jane in the movie's puts...... AMAZING! The X-Men are pretty cool. My favorite being Wolverine just because he's practically invincible like The Man of Steel himself. An easter egg (this is not a spoiler.) The X-Men Mansion is the same set used on Smallville which is the story of a young Clark Kent before he becomes DC Comics greatest icon....... SUPERMAN!!!! Also the actor that play's Iceman is the twin brother of Aaron Ashmore who play's Jimy Olsen on Smallville. Great movie, lot's of fun.
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The best Superman movie ever!!!!
18 March 2007
I love Christopher Reeve!!!! I loved the first three Superman movies. Superman 4 was the best because of one reason: Christopher Reeve wrote the story himself!!!!! It was great to see Gene Hackman reprise his role as Lex Luthor too. The villain Nuclear Man was kinda lame though. LOL!!!! They should have either casted Smallville's Tom Welling as Clark Kent/Superman in Superman Returns instead of Brandon Routh, who bares no resemblance to Reeve WHAT SO EVER!!!!! Chris will alway's be remembered, especially after seeing not only him on two episodes of Smallville, but Annette O'Toole who play's Martha Kent on the show, played Lana Lang in Superman 3!!!! YEEEEEEHAAAA!!! Even though he is dead, he will always be Superman!!!!!! See this movie, but skip Superman Returns!!! Watch Smallville!!
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Batman Begins (2005)
The Greatest Batman Film, EVER!!
4 March 2007
I've never been a big Batman fan. Didn't really read the comics, liked the animated series. Never really cared of Batman, like I do with Superman, and I'm a die hard Spider-Man fan. This film was AWESOME!! After I saw it for a fourth time, I went out and bought the game. Great acting. Christian Bale makes a great Bruce Wayne/Batman. No. He's the BEST Batman I've ever seen!! George Clooney, and those other losers who have played the Dark Knight were all just really lame and bad actors. The rest of the cast for this film was great. Great special effects. The Batmobile is totally sick!! It has never looked SO COOL!! The story line was easy to follow. Scarecrow kind of gave me chills, although Cillian Murphy did an excellent job as Dr. Crane/Scarecrow. He stands proudly next to Christopher Reeve's Superman villain, Lex Luthor (played by Gene Hackman.) And, Spider-Man villain, Green Goblin, played by Willem Dafoe. Great movie overall. I've got no complaints. Although, I've never thought that Superman and Batman made a good team. I actually think it's quite stupid having them as "World's Finest." Now, Superman and Spider-Man? That's truly "The World's Finest!" See this movie, but, I strongly suggest, I STRONGLY Suggest, that you skip Superman Returns! That movie was an absolute failure in every way! Spider-Man 3 on the other hand, FLAWLESS!! Absolutely flawless! I recommend seeing Spidey 3 directly after seeing Batman Begins!
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A must see, if you like Steve Martin!
3 March 2007
First off, I love Peter Seller's original Pink Panther. Steve Martin brings the franchise in a bold new direction. He's hysterical! Great accent, facial's, an all around outstanding performance! He is flawless! Some other great titles of his: The Three Amigo's also starring Chevy Chase and Martin Short, Train's, Planes, and Automobile's starring John Candy, Father of the Bride Part's 1 and 2, Cheaper By The Dozen, and Cheaper by the Dozen 2 also starring Smallville's Tom Welling! (P.S. Tom is a far better actor than Superman Returns' Brandon Routh........ WHO IS A COMPLETE LOSER!!!!! Anyway, Pink Panther is a blast!
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Cute movie, very funny.
23 February 2007
Josie and the Pussycats was a cute musical comedy chick flick. I like those. The singing was awesome! The drummer (who happens to be a blonde female, LOL!! Did a great job! She dumb though.) I saw the film and then bought the soundtrack off of And I love it. I would like to see the movie again. I recommend seeing That Thing You Do, directed by Tom Hanks. I also bought the soundtrack for that too. Again, the drummer in That Thing You Do blew me away, considering that I'm a drummer, and looking towards it being my profession. Great movie! See the movie, buy the soundtrack. The soundtrack is very punk rock, which I like. Their female vocal's obviously, I mean, Josie and The Pussycats are a female band. There's only one problem with the band though, THEY DON'T HAVE A BASS PLAYER!
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