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Acting & direction may be terrific but the the film as a whole is not!, 24 February 2015

A load of guff IMO, need I say more! It seems I do.

If I do not fill ten lines. . .

Guess What? No review submission.

I have already said what I wish to say in the first line.

My spiel contains no spoilers as I do not believe there is a plot to spoil.

I'm sure those in the industry will find something worthwhile in the film but I would have thought the majority of us poor mortals that hand over hard earned cash will find is pointless and uninteresting!

Of course the above is just my opinion and it's possible although unlikely that Mr Average will agree with my comments.

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It could not be bettered!, 5 November 2012

Let me first say I am not Australian, The island I originate from is on a slightly smaller scale, the Isle of Man!

I have read all the Peter Temple books excepting 'White Dog', which I have been unable to get anywhere and was delighted to see that a couple of Jack Irish novels have been transferred to the screen and although I started viewing with trepidation it was soon dispersed as the storyline was spot-on and the acting by all was superb.

The characters are portrayed exactly as I imagined as are the various locations are not far off either, especially the pub!

Let us hope that more of the novels are transposed to the screen with the same exemplary skill of all concerned.

Now I am off to feast on 'Black Tide'.