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I love it, but it's not as good as everyone says., 24 October 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Okay, For starters, I LOVE THIS FILM. I REALLY DO. But, hear me out, it's not as great as everyone says it to be. For one, I've never seen a Batman film, with rarely any Batman. Instead, we get Bruce Wayne!.......Yay? It's like Venom from Spiderman 3, he's there, boop! Defeated. I still like Spiderman 3. But any other problems? If there's rarely any Batman, then you can't develop his character well! I mean, sure, Bruce gets developed, but even then, you are watching more of Bane then Wayne! (Lol that rhymed). Speaking of Bane, I like the voice, but not the effect, I can't wait until this comes out on DVD, because I can't understand him sometimes. I know he's wearing a mask, but still. One more thing, I hate Talia Al Ghul. Yes, this is what made The Dark Knight pointless to the trilogy. You know why? What's the point of the Joker, and Two-face, when Scarecrow and Bane are the ones part of the League of Assassins? And plus, she comes out of nowhere and says, "I'm the Villain." There are many more flaws but, lets take a look at the good. Bane was good, he's the master of comebacks. Catwoman, all though completely pointless, was good. And, when there is Batman, It's awesome! I have a less detailed review right here.

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Favorite. Show. Ever., 19 July 2012

My top 3 favorite shows are: 3:Phineas and Ferb 2:My little pony: Friendship is Magic 1:This one. Well, take a bad movie; give it some movie references; funny ones to be exact, yeah this show is the best out there. For me? NO FLAW WHATSOEVER. With jokes that make sense, characters that are LOVABLE, (not as much as Friendship is Magic) and a whole bunch of other things. If you want an excuse to see a bad movie? Watch this, it definitely will satisfy. And I have nothing else to say. So......*whistles Friendship is Magic theme* Um, hey! Do you like to waste your time reading the rest of this review? Well good for you! Because, I have a life! A life of watching Ponies, and people who make fun of movies, And, oh I ran out of space......kay.

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In my top 3 favorite shows EVER!, 18 July 2012

Well, HOW MANY TIMES HAS IT BEEN SAID!?!? It's one of the best animated TV shows ever! Now I don't like to try to be a critic and use my characters for the first two episodes, so don't expect that from this review. Well, what hasn't been said, the characters are likable, take that back, LOVABLE, the animation is pretty good for FLASH, and its one of the few educational shows that ACTUALLY entertains! Some problems are minor, like some cases where the mane, I mean, MAIN character, Twilight Sparkle can use magic, in ANY case, and there's major ones like the villain, Nightmare Moon,(I'm not telling why she is bad, watch the dang show already!) But still, from a 13 YEAR OLD BOY'S PERSPECTIVE, this is a great show! Definitely, check it out on you-tube, or if you have hub, give the show a watch. P.S. My parents don't know that I'm a brony.

"Doug" (1991)
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The start of the nerdy protagonist.............Started out mediocre., 17 July 2012

Eh.... I say this was the bad start of the nerd protagonist, I mean, all this is , is a kid in high school. Nothing much. It would be YEARS before they got the nerd protagonist right, I mean, take a look at Friendship is Magic, and Diary of a Wimpy kid! They get it right! Here, they just made an average life. Friendship is Magic and Diary of wimpy kid made the nerds funny and likable, Doug is just life! I don't want to watch life, I want to LIVE it! Nothing much to say, it's just bland, uninteresting and, as Rainbow Dash, said, NOT COOL! I know some of you are fans of this show, And I don't hate for doing so. But, we have our opinions, and I say, it's bland. P.S. WHY DOES THE TOP TV SHOWS SAYS THAT THIS IS BETTER THAN FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC?!?!?!?

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Why 5.7?, 15 July 2012

This show is BETTER then your average Christ show. Only others I like is The adventures in Odyssey. Anyways, my review. All the characters are likable, the effects (while rare) started out bad but it got better. I LOVE the parodies they make of movies. And, it's a good interpretation of Christ! It's like a Christian Friendship is Magic.(Even though that show IS better.) Yep, I'm a Christian Brony. Even when the jokes can be too obvious, it's still funny. And, the voice acting is pretty good, though it started okay. But one thing that gave this an 8 was that they rarely have any silly songs with Larry! That's a minor flaw, but it still isn't expectational.