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"Martin" (1992)
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Better than 'Friends' and 'Seinfeld'!, 29 May 2004

My oh my, where do I begin? It's just a real shame that this show never won any kind of Golden Globe or for that matter any kind of acknowledgment from mainstream Hollywood for the work that Martin did on this show. In case you've never seen Martin its about a rude, comical radio disk jokey (Martin Payne) who lives in a modest apartment in Detroit. He has his boys of course: the misogynist dingbat (Cole Brown) and the sensible (Tommy Strawn). Then there's the light of his life (Gina Waters) whose a boogie business woman who somehow finds Martin as irresistible as he does her. And then there's her partner in crime (Pamela James) whose a tough as nails sort of man-hater (especially when it comes to Martin). But the best thing about 'Martin' I would have to say is the all the multiple characters that he played, which I don't think has ever been done consistently by anybody on TV except Flip Wilson. Everybody gave great comedic performances though on here, and yes even apple head, I mean Tisha Campbell was good too. And the writing for each episode was also on point. '92-'95 I'd have to say were probably the golden years of 'Martin', but then between the forth and the final fifth season the show was clearly in trouble. Martin's personal life was attracting more attention than the show, and then came the rumors that he was sexually harassing Campbell. She left the show towards the last season and as a viewer you could see that there was definitely something lacking. I know I lost interest but tuned in for the final episode which was ridiculous because Gina and Martin were never in any scenes together. Like every series finale the Paynes moved to California and left 42 (that's the apt. #). But still 'Martin' has remained on the tube thanks to reruns and we can understand once again why this show had it all. **** all the way. I love you Martin!

A Classic Hood Movie, 29 May 2004

I love this movie so much that its hard for me to even pick a favorite character. Everybody can pretty much identify with Caine because he's the narrator and the star and all, but for me maybe because I've seen this movie so many times, I can really feel where everyone is coming from. A part of me really wishes that a sequel was made or a prequel going into O-dog's life, cause he was a wiiilllld boy!!! I know I would be first in line to see that if ever they decided to put that out. But on a serious note this movie was very powerful and gritty. Its hard to believe that a person can just become used to seeing people dying all the time. Another really sad part in this movie was the cops in this film. I mean if police are even close to being that brutal as they showed it in 'Menace', I can really understand why Ice-T was saying 'f**k the police!' But everyone gave an amazing performance, its just too bad that with the exception of Larenz Tate, Charles S. Dutton, and Jada Pinkett I haven't seen too much of these actors. So if you're looking for a movie that comes with everything: action, comedy, romance, action again, and an amazing tale that depicts street life in L.A. this is the one for you. 4 stars all the way!

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Martin In His Prime, 29 May 2004

I have to say that without a doubt Martin Lawrence was, is, and always will be my favorite comedian of all time. And with all the drama that he's been through in his life with the drugs and his coma, and all the other films he's done in between 'you so crazy' and now, he's definitely mellowed out. But if you're like me and always want to enjoy the Martin from the early 90's...when he was fresh off of 'Def Comedy Jam' and 'Martin' was still running, then you've gotta see this. I think however only true Martin fans can really appreciate this. True there's a lot of cursing and sex talk, but 'You So Crazy' can go up against Eddie Murphy's 'Raw' and Richard Pryor's 'Live On Sunset Strip' anyday. *** 1/2

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Still Good W/O Chris Tucker, 29 May 2004

The best thing about this sequel is definitely Mike Epps (Day-Day). He really breathed life into this thing, cause it seemed like it would be doomed from the start. I didn't really see the significance in brining back Deebo though. I mean Craig knocked him the f**k out, end of story. And it really seems unrealisitic that two guys running around in bright orange jumpsuits wouldn't get caught by the cops sometime throughout the movie. And of course Pops (John Witherspoon) was funny as hell too with his hot sauce and burritos and air spray. I also enjoyed Pinky, Day Day's boss. Its hard to imagine that a guy in a stereotypical greasy jherri curl riding back seat in a cadillac would actually be legitimately amusing. Anyway, true there's no sight of Chris Tucker anywhere in this movie, its still definitely worth watching over and over again. There's hilarious new characters and even more funny and memorable lines. ** 1/2