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Power Rangers (2017)
Had me on an emotional roller coaster.
24 March 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I grew up a die-hard Power Ranger fan. I thought at first it was cheezy with the story behind the Power Rangers, Zordon once the Red Ranger and the fictional language that was being spoken. Liked the idea of detention, but I feel they could've done better introducing the Rangers before hand. Wasn't high on the casting choices either; my favourite was RJ Cyler as Billy because I think he portrayed it so well, liked the version of Trini, but still think casting could've been better. Didn't like the version of Rita Repulsa because in the show Rita is a witch with a team of villains, but all she has from them in this movie is-- literally--GOLDar... which is probably what else made me mad. Alpha, I could live with, kinda liked that version. But still wish they had the actual Command Center as a headquarters. Like Bryan Cranston as Zordon was awesome. But later towards the end is where I started to tear up. I liked their morphing sequence--that was my favourite part of the entire show. Then after seeing the zords was just unbelievably awesome while playing the Power Rangers theme song. If you watch the show, you'll understand these 100%. I liked how they had all the Power Ranger cameos, such as Jason's dad saying, 'Mariner Bay and Reefside.' Old ficitonal cities from the TV show in other seasons: my jaw dropped. The fight scenes with the zords and Goldar were so well done, just would've rather seen a megazord transformation and although was impressed with the morphing sequence, I wish they did it better. I cried towards the end when I saw (Jason David Frank and Amy Jo Johnson) Tommy and Kimberly's cameo, then seeing after the credits hearing the name 'Tommy Oliver,' my mind officially went super positive. Overall I loved it, even though there were some things that bother me. But this is a valuable review because I am a die-hard Power Rangers fan. Take my word for it.
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Breaking Bad (2008–2013)
Can't stop watching.
1 February 2014
I watched the whole series, and I still watch it; can't stop no matter how hard I try to stop thinking about it. But easily its hands-down the best show I've ever seen. But I more than recommend it, you have to watch this show before you die. Its so good, that you can't spoil it--you have to see it to believe it. The acting is so good, that its super believable--everyone puts 100% love and effort into making each second of it. But its not just the acting and effort. It is even artistic in every way, and haven't seen as much art in any movie or TV show in my life, since the art in this is beautiful and unbelievable; touched up with the perfect songs for each scene.
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Jack and Jill (I) (2011)
Sandler should be banned from Hollywood!
21 January 2014
This review I'm writing here doesn't just stand for this Razzie winning movie, but it represents all his crappy movies. He just makes the same ones. In fact, I don't need to spoil the movie for all of you to get he makes the same ones. All he does is act like an idiot the whole movie, and wraps it up the same way as he does in his other movies. He makes movies like him and his friends making home movies.

'Hey guys, wanna make a movie!' He goes and makes... this, along with his very recent films. He writes, produces, stars himself, and hires some of the same directors in each of the films he produces.

He has all the money in the world. Can't believe people still support this guy. Not a single penny from my pocket ever goes to this joke to Hollywood. I even watched the movie to see how crappy it was!


You way thank me later.
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Cashback (2006)
Very Artistic and Beautiful.
21 January 2014
This artistic movie has a good story to it, and is very beautiful. Thing that makes the story odd: is the fact its about a man living through insomnia and what he goes through every day, which people seem to think it has tons of pointless scenes. The other thing about this movie people don't seem to like the amount of Sex and Nudity in it. I didn't really care for that part--if you just avoid it, its a masterpiece. They use sex due to the fact a lot of artists use the human body as a piece of art, and Ben is a male using a female as an example; opposed to a female, who'd use a males body. But it is a well done movie. The Camera shots were terrific, as well as the acting. It also really describes the mind of an artist very well, and how they see life.
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