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Popi (1969)
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one of my favorites, 18 October 2005

I found this movie completely by accident when I was about 15 years old watching TV late at night and this movie was on. I had always loved those gritty NY stories so this was a perfect setting for my sensibilities.

Anyway I caught the movie just after it started and I loved every minute of it. I thought that Alan Arkin played his role so beautifully! The comic irony of his very tough situation trying to make ends meet and caring for his two young sons was not lost on this 15 year old kid.

I remember crying at the very end of the movie just because after all the father went through to try to ensure his sons have a chance at making it out of their poverty stricken circumstances, it didn't matter because all the boys ever wanted was their father, whom they clearly adored! Anyway I just enjoyed this movie thoroughly and have always suggested it to people if you enjoy a warm, funny and sweet story about what matters most in human relationships!