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Arthur (2011/I)
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Dudley Moore & Steve Gordon are rolling in their own graves., 21 December 2013

In the original Arthur it was about an alcoholic millionaire with a youthful spirit and knows how to make others laugh. He ends up with a hard decision to either agree to marry a woman in a prearranged marriage and keep his fortune, or don't marry the woman and have his money cut off. The entire movie was filled with clever humor, great characters, and a well written script that made it a classic from the 80's. 30 years later, they decided to remake it only to borrow the plot and throw out every thing out the window.

When it comes to remakes, they either do as well as the original, or it falls flat and is viewed as being inferior to the older version. The first minute watching it was a real intolerance and that's never a good thing if I don't enjoy the film right away. I am going to examine the changes they made to the characters, because I never felt this ashamed towards a remake in my whole life! First let's talk about Arthur in this remake, in the original he was short stature, likes to make jokes that do make you at least chuckle and is a real pleasure to have at any party if he existed in real life. The remake's Arthur is nothing compared to the one portrayed by Dudley Moore. Russell Brand does no justice to the role, he is way too tall, was never funny, and was way too obnoxious to be likable in anyone's standards. Could they not of casted a shorter actor for the part? Martin Freeman would of been a better choice, he had the right height and would of done the part of Arthur justice. Russell on the other hand made Arthur look like someone who requires medication to settle down. I know Arthur was meant to be drunk, but at least the original Arthur was at a steady level when intoxicated. This Arthur does stunts that look like they belong in a slapstick comedy. There was no advise on how Russell could of done differently for the part, he was just the wrong choice to start with. The moment he was casted, the film was already ruined.

Now to talk about Hobson, who was the most drastically changed character for this remake. In the original Hobson was a male butler, in this film Hobson is a female nanny. The sex change on the character isn't the issue, its the idea of Arthur having a nanny to take care of him. He's like about 30, so having a nanny still take care of you at that age makes Arthur look more pathetic. Hobson in the original was perfect the way he was, if the character isn't broken don't fix it! There was a great chemistry between Hobson & Arthur in the original because despite him not being keen on Arthur's behavior, he does care for him and provided good support. In this film you do see moments between Arthur and his now female nanny, but it doesn't feel right to me. It doesn't feel realistic, imagine if Bruce Wayne had a nanny instead of Alfred for a butler? Would you say that would be normal or that Bruce has personal issues? I'm sure we can all agree that having a butler is more cool than having a nanny. Even Lara Croft had a butler for crying out loud!

Now for the discussion on one more character that is wrong for this remake? Remember how Arthur fell in love with the spunky Linda Marolla in the original? Well she's no where to be found in this remake. They had the nerve to replace her with a woman who is no where as likable as Linda: Naomi Quinn. She is a typical cliché love interest found in every average chick flick. She doesn't even try to be Linda's replacement, because of how much of an opposite she is. The romance between her and Arthur was so unreal that I would have a hard time believing any woman in real life would find the remake's Arthur to be "attractive". Arthur & Linda's relationship was better in the original because that Arthur would be able to attract women compared to the remake's example.

In conclusion, this remake is disgusting and has no right to be titled Arthur at all. Cause Russell Brand made Arthur an unlovable dolt who you wish you're able to beat up in a back alley until he is bruised all over and has to eat throw a straw for one month. The director turn it into a mediocre chick flick which it isn't. If you don't understand the concept of the original then you have a box office bomb waiting to blow up. The actors weren't doing their best at all and not a single one of them looked like they were enjoying their performances. I was glad that the film receive two Razzie nominations for worst actor and remake though it would of been awesome if the film won either category. The fact the film only made 30 million at the box office is proof that the public knew it was a lost cause to begin with. I just pray that will mean there will be no remake to Arthur 2 cause I'd hate to see how they'd mess up Fairchild in a remake. If you haven't seen the original, check it out, because it worth your time as oppose to this abomination that will rot into obscurity for the greater good of mankind.

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My personal favorite Internet show., 16 October 2013

There's a ton of internet shows in this day in age cause anyone can make their own show if they have a web cam and have a good idea that will draw in an audience. This show was one of the earlier made for internet shows dating as far back as when Youtube was first established. I never heard of it until five years after it was released to the public. My earliest exposure was from watching another show called Nostalgia Critic and after his rants of this show also being about an angry reviewer I decided to give it a shot. And man I tell ya, after watching episode 1 I can't get enough of it.

The show is about an obsess gamer who owns almost every single game known to man including every single game system from the popular ones to the more obscure ones. He's only known as "The Nerd" cause he wears glasses, has a pocket protector, and a white button shirt all the needed material to make him resemble a typical nerd. The earlier episodes he was known as the Angry Nintendo Nerd, but later on the title was changed to Video Game so that way he won't receive any possible lawsuit and to not limit himself to just Nintendo.

The plot in each episode involves the Nerd reviewing games that are either hard, unusual, or just plain bad. To make playing the games more tolerable he would either make fun of the games or blurt out harsh profanity. This is one of the reasons I find this show amusing cause I can relate to the Nerd's situation cause even I have had my fair share of playing frustrating games. The earlier episodes are simple but also funny, the series picks up by the time he does his first Halloween related episodes which is when the series starts to resemble the way it does into the later episodes.

The best episodes in my opinion are the ones where the Nerd reviews the very obscure game systems, the unlicensed games, and games you wouldn't think exist. There's also occasions when he has a certain guest star involved with his reviews. Sometimes its a friend of his other times it be other celebrities whether their famous from the internet or something else. After being exposed to this series I find myself quoting the Nerd almost every time I talk about video games.

So in short, if you're a video game fan this series is a must see. Cause if you don't care much for video games, then I can't say you'll enjoy it cause 90% of the series talks about video games. You may of read some harsh comments about the show or the actor of play the Nerd. But all I can say is ignore them like I do cause this is an awesome show. Plus James Rolfe who plays the Nerd is really cool, after watching the other shows, shorts, & videos he's done on his official website. If I had to choose a personal favorite series on the internet, this is it.

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Worst video game review series ever., 19 April 2012

After hearing negative comments on how bad Irate Gamer is, I decided to watch his first episode. After that I now understand why everyone hates this show so much. It's so bad, that I have no interest in watching his other reviews if he couldn't live up to his title.

It's been noted by other people, but I like to say it in my own words. Chris Bores is basically someone who has watched Angry Video Game Nerd and tries to do his own version of the show which falls flat on the floor. If he was going to do his own internet show on reviewing games, he'd have to find his own image and theme, not steal the identity of another successful series.

He's way too boring, Chris Bores spends no time in coming up with jokes that work excellent. He makes James Rolfe look like Robin Williams, who is a natural in throwing out a good joke and punch line. Chris is one of those guys who would use a joke that seems funny to him but to others it causes groaning and annoyance. If he was a stand up comedian, he'd already get bombard by trash on the stage. I can say a lot of things that I would rather watch than watch Chris Bores, but that would make this review too long.

The way he reviews his games are bland and the skits he comes up with are something a kid would come up with. Take his review on the NES Back to the Future game, his bee joke was lame and the part where he goes back to the year 1987 had no effort shown what so ever. I got too distracted by the flat screen computer monitor and modern wireless home-phone, when it was meant to be 1987 not the mid 2000s. Angry Video Game Nerd however, reviewed the same game not once but twice, and delivered the jokes perfectly. Plus Nerd spends a lot of time coming up with his skits for his own series. For Irate Gamer, I can't imagine him doing that well in school if he fails to do well with his projects.

While I do know that the first Angry Video Game Nerd episodes were simple, except Jame Rolf got better as he progressed further with his series. Chris Bores however never has improved, and I could care less if he ever does. If you want to watch a good internet show about an angry gamer playing bad or challenging games, Angry Video Game Nerd is the right show for you. Irate Gamer is not only a disgrace, it's also managed to be in the same level as one of those low budget Turkish films that try to copy an American film. So if you're curious to watch Irate Gamer, do so with caution cause don't blame me if you keep falling asleep.

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Disturbing and lacks a good moral., 20 October 2011

I only came across this short cause it was shown on Rifftrax. Mike, Kevin, & Bill were able to make it a little funny, but the short itself isn't a walk in the park. It has to do with a boy who feels wonderful every time he hold a doll in his arms. This proves to be a problem towards his single father, especially when the boy's grandfather understands his grandson's desires and buys him a doll that's no where near suitable for a boy to own.

I don't find this short to be watchable, cause I feel this short film lacks a good moral towards kids with unusual desires. If this short was meant to not have a moral then it's a really weak story. I'm only left to imagine how a kid owning a doll will turn out when he gets older. I can't imagine anyone's grandfather resorting to buying their own grandkid something that's no for boys. Anyways it's a public domain short so it's easy to find. If you do watch it don't say I don't warn you about it.

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Aura Power!, 9 September 2011

Maskman is about a group of five young people who have martial arts skills were chosen by a scientist/sage who teaches them how to use their aura power which can only be accomplish by certain people. The five young people master their aura power and became the Maskman team. Their objective is to defeat the Tube Empire, an underground kingdom that plans to block the sun and turn Earth into a cold dark place for their desire to live above ground.

This Super Sentai was the first series for each ranger to have a vehicle of their own to use to combine into a big robot. The story is fun to watch with some great characters to know. I also adore the Yellow Ranger more than the Pink Ranger. But that's just my opinion. Almost an average Super Sentai, but still worth watching.

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Spider-Man of Turkey?, 14 July 2011

I've heard a lot about this movie, and it's one of those you'd have to watch it to believe, cause what I'm about to describe sounds baffling for a movie like this to exist.

Spider Man who was known as a hero in America is portrayed as a villain in this movie. In a poorly designed costume with no eye pieces to cover his actual eyes. The one thing that makes this Spider-Man look unusual is his large eye lashes. I don't think Spider Man has ever been depicted that way in any comic from my knowledge. Anyways Spider Man is causing crime in Turkey so Captain America and Santos(yes as in the wrestler) came to Turkey to defeat him.

Not a lot to say about it other than it's unusual and low budget. Every the opening of the movie was low budget. The one thing I'd love to know is does Spider-Man have a good reputation in Turkey or is this how people see Spider Man in Turkey. I don't know that answer for sure. Cause I wonder if the Director or writer of this movie have anything against Spider-Man. No one knows for sure, so all I could do is speculate that the director and writer hated him so much they decided to make a movie to show every one in Turkey how horrible he is. But why's Captain America portray as good and not Spider Man. They're from the same comic company. While Santos was thrown in cause he's a big celebrity in the country of Turkey.

For die hard Spider-Man fans this is a laugh riot and to non fans of Spider-Man this is still funny to watch.

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One of the better Turkish films., 14 July 2011

I've seen a couple of these movies made from Turkey, and I think this was one of the better ones to watch from the country. A lot of the other ones are either copies of already existing properties or really low budget production. This one I think is low budget, but they knew what they were making cause the story is about this office dullard who assumes he has 6 months to live so he changes his employee status at work and risks his life by carrying around a time bomb and play Russian Roulette.

I only watch this in Turkish with no subtitles so I had no idea what all the characters were saying. I only understood most of what is happening. The weirdest parts would have to be the main character urinating in that one guy's potted plant. And the grand opening of a public restroom where over 30 men were eager to use the new urinals and all got in line to use them.

I apologize for this sounding weird, but if I knew a little Turkish, I'd be less confused by this film. If you're looking for a good film from Turkey, then this one is one of the best ones from the country.

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Can't sit through it twice., 8 June 2011

For there to be a sequel to a Titanic movie that's even worse than Titanic the Animated Movie is really low even for a European cartoon. This makes "The Legend of Titanic" more bearable to watch and that's bad if the writer made something that's even worse.

How to start, well if you don't know this is a sequel to "The Legend of Titanic" which is the one with the giant Octopus. Which makes the other one with the Rapping Dog look like a better movie. And of course they brought back the main characters from the first one. For some reason they wanted to revisit the Titanic which is at the bottom of the Atlanic. While the Prisoner Sharks who actually plotted the sinking of the Titanic in the last one tried to kill off these characters by cutting the life support line of their submarine. After that we see Tentacles the giant octopus the same one who caused the Titanic to sink and ended up saving everyone to redeem himself. He goes to help our friends along with some help. This is when the sequel starts to become unbearable. A group of Atlanteans who take our main characters to Atlantis! And the rest of the movie is just painful to watch.

For Italian animators to mock the Titanic disaster even more is really low and shameful. This not only has the same boring characters it also introduces new characters where you'd have to be on drugs to come up with off beat characters like those. The animation is OK, but the CG effects looked unfinished and unprofessional. The colors and backgrounds feel like something out of a coloring book. And there's plenty of plot holes and errors to notice throughout the movie.

I don't know why the Italians kept mocking the Titanic, but to make three movies about it is just an abomination. I've yet to find an Italian cartoon movie that is great. But so far these Titanic movies are the only ones and they are so far the worse Italian animated films I've ever watched.

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Sentai Rangers with Sibling Power, 23 May 2011

A group of siblings were separated from their parents while fleeing from an imperial alien army that has a goal to destroy 1000 planets to make their deity ruler immortal. The siblings were taken to earth with the family robot who ends up taking care of them. Over the course of at least a decade, the siblings became teachers for an elementary school as a way to go through civilian life. While in reality they were secretly trained by their guardian robot to become Earth's defense against the same imperial army that forced them to separate from their own parents. In order for them to be reunited with their parents, they must defeat the alien army before it succeeds in making Earth the 1000th destroyed planet.

For being the first Super Sentai series of the 90s, it has a good story. Not masterful, but fairly watchable. What separates this from the other super Sentai shows is that it's the first series were all of the rangers are related to one another. So the bound between them is different from the other Sentai Ranger bounds.

For those who like watching the other Super Sentai shows, will likely to enjoy this series as the story is good, and the female characters are wonderful to know. Especially Five Yellow who is my favorite ranger of this series.

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Most morbid Ishimori related TV series., 5 May 2011

Based off of a one shot manga created by Shotaro Ishimori, the Skullman is about an urban Japanese city being struck with fear as a mysterious man wearing a skull mask is committing murders of various people who have a connection with one another. A reporter from out of town came to the city to investigate this mystery and learn the identity of the Skullman himself.

I never read the original one shot manga or the sequel that was written by someone else. But this series is based off of the sequel rather than the original. The character designs for this series are close to the same design as Ishimori's art style. While there are elements that'll remind you of Cyborg 009 and Kamen Rider. Like the Skullman rides a motorcycle and his mask is similar to Kamen Rider's and there are at least 4 characters from, Cyborg 009 making cameos in this series too.

Regardless of it being an Ishimori anime, I didn't had the heart to cool it a classic. The appearances of the Black Ghost & Van Boogot were one of the reasons I watched it in the first place cause it's an unofficial prequel to Cyborg 009, except much more morbid. I usually don't mind dark series, but this one was too morbid for my tastes.

If it wasn't Ishimori related then I'd care less about it. But it's still worth checking out, if you know what you're expecting to see. Just don't expect the ending to be a happy one. It's really easy to find and watch on Hulu and Anime News Netowrk. Watch it there before considering buying it.

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