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Movies are meant to entertain us, here is a list of my personal favorite movies which not only entertained but enhanced quality of life for me ! Happy watching !
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Rom-Com is Love coupled with comedy. The movies i have listed here are post 80s except for the first one - Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, which is the best Rom-Com ever, if Marlyn Monroe won't top the list then who else will. I have tried to arrange them in an order of entertainment delivered, my perception may or may not match your reality but all the movies are very watchable, i.e if you like this ROM-COM category. Happy Watching !
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Serial killers, psychos, chills & thrills, some of the movies listed here you will love to hate !
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'The firm' and John Grisham novels whetted my appetite for legal movies, searching for the right legal movie became a cumber sum task, Now as i have seen quite a lot of them, here is the list for like minded people, go devour the of best legal titles !