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Amusing comedy made by village., 13 July 2012

Loved this film: sweet, innocent AND charming. Plus it made me laugh out loud at least three times. The audience in the cinema chuckled throughout. Now I know that it was made entirely by a village in Oxfordshire, I think it's even better than I did at the time. The lead characters are both very engaging. Tom, the gardener is very handsome and sweet, although you don't ever quite get to know why he's so shy around Anyer. Some scenes are very eccentric in a typically English way, with men running around in drag or horse costumes. It made me want to visit the village and be part of the proper community spirit. Lots of jokes knocking bankers and the upper classes, which mostly hit the nail on the head. Overall - My husband and I agreed we both left the cinema happier than when we went in.