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Very good, 3 March 2006

Well Being a young fan I hope to get the young persons view over! I bought the film after a old flame for David Hasselhoff relighted and boy am I glad it did. This film has a great plot, where Mitchs friends are suspicious of a new flame and cant let him go through with the wedding that they have planned. And well Mitch is in so you cant really complain! Its great to see a lot of the cast back together and see everyone that bit older. The acting is good although Pamela Anderson can get a bit over the top! The other cast members manage to keep the film down to earth and its good how everything ties in together. Having the I'll be ready themes tune at the start brings back all of the memories from years of watching Baywatch. Overall a great film and its great that the cast came back together to make this film and fingers crossed that they will make another! or even a few on off episodes with some of the original cast members!