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(aka Chris Sang Phil Lee) The OC Populated from J'L Jesus' Light co-star of James in Original from 2006-2009 that Jeffrey Baek's close friend that he is American-Related inflential as Asian-American something everyone can be a fan of this guy and he is in Jesus' Light Puppet Series and 2011 Relaunched Jesus' Light-Here Comes The Sun: A Puppet Tales Movie as Himself/James the Puppet throughout the year as his other movie appeared between MJJB Michael Jackson vs. Jeffrey Baek and MJJB Michael Jackson and Jeffrey Baek's For All time as Himself that something that everyone in the worldwide can support his legacy even though his career was done in 2009 but always remembering to return his tribute to his legacy forever. Born in: February 11, 1991
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Starring: Jeffrey Sunny Baek, Yuri Jo and Chris Sang Phil Lee
Its coming to YouTube Full Movie next Early Winter 2014. It was out DVD privately sold debut dvd album case has been labeled from August 1 and September 2013 in two discs on each DVDs and this movie influenced by Big Idea's VeggieTales, Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie and The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything: A VeggieTales Movie the best of this movie also inspire gift to "Universal Studios Pictures Logo" to aspire. This movie is logo from Hug N Jump Jesus' Light Pictures. It was out on Full Movie on VIMEO to get your chance to download FREE since October 7, 2012, sunday ago. Inspire to: Everyone has awaited this last completed EPIC adventure of Summer Camping Motion Picture of the last trilogy saga in Legacy in tribute to “Jeffrey Baek” last comeback enough for his last role Puppet Show with his last joined Summer Camp with filming his new movie to the last movie Extended Accomplished of this Christian for Jeffrey’s last movie of Puppet Show that has brought to this a whole worldwide as this amazing story about Jesus’ Light that takes a story based on “Holy Bible” which talking about Jesus Christ the son of God and this movie will be unforgettable film of this best independent film and released the website created at: which was released by Jesus’ Light and this video was certainly brand new which it shows it was filmed at far away in city of Highland, California, United States during Summer from 3 days started July 8th through July 10th 2011 which it was filmed in cinema sound effects editing by Jeffrey Sunny Baek created this video with Jeffrey’s main leading role of Puppet as Daniel and even Jeffrey the Puppet starring Jeffrey Baek with Veronica Kim and JJ Jae-Jun Han and featuring Peter Song and Kevin Han and other Jesus’ Light staff and all and it was rumor that was failed for Jesus’ Light old TA Teacher’s Assistant volunteer was name Chris Lee as Sang Phil Lee which did not show up anymore in Summer 2011 but however Jeffrey was already filmed his very best friend, Chris Phil Lee early from Summer 2008 through Fall 2009 before Chris Lee’s last day stay enough for church at Grace Ministries International, Fullerton, California which was fit enough for Chris Lee’s final comeback to new Jesus’ Light 2011 Cinema which everyone in Jesus’ Light will always remember Chris Lee that will show enough and even last part of scenes where Chris Lee’s evangelizes shortly by director, Jeffrey Baek who have convinced him to his last face to be in the film before his last goodbye as credit and the song: “Boy Soprano-Define Gravity” Glee Cover Wicked The Musical from inspirational from and was released DVD July 24, 2011 and released on YouTube on Thanksgiving Day November 24-25, 2011. For the entire worldwide will be enough to see this best independent indie. Film and this movie is also influences with Jim Henson’s Muppet Show classical and which recreating with the New THE MUPPETS at same date releasing for Theatres as on YouTube Puppet Tales movie 3rd movie was going to be released and would be revealed with also mixed influenced based on Big Idea’s VeggieTales classic and Sesame Street in 70’s old decades and this movie also related to the original Jesus’ Light Classic as “Puppet Tales” as TV-Series on YouTube uploaded in 2008-2011 and Jeffrey already been used to be membered of Jesus’ Light from 2007 through 2011 before Jeffrey’s last day leaves the Jesus’ Light after 2 years later when his old Chris Lee has already been left in 3 years ago in 2009 and the moments the final heart and joyful capture and Chris Lee after since moved to Fullerton, California from Irvine after graduated same year and same High School with his closest friend, Jeffrey Baek was to be this revealed this Movie just one last time. Plot Outline The New 2013 Evagelized Friends 2009 filmed restored 2013 and new music video "Surrender" by Andrew Kim and Hayoung Yoo is now available on, Facebook and Vimeo and HugnJump linked as well. So Check it out everyone. Thanks for your support.
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Celebrating the last EP full length fanmade tribute Southern California Lip sync concert movie special best famous Impersonator of lead Michael Jackson by singing which is really lip syncing Michael Jackson's music of his singing voice of his recording by: Jeffrey Baek as wanna do the last concert tribute tour for Michael Jackson's legacy to support him and to MJ's fans and Jeffrey Baek's in the worldwide to release on VIMEO for everyone worldwide waits to see it online as a special premiere preview begins on YouTube til September 1, 2013 after this new movie uploading by late August 2013. As this story of untold with tribute page past to reveal Michael's career of his life and reflect to relive hologram to visualize Michael Jackson by real himself screening vision to appeared to involve next to Jeffrey Baek to make unbelievable making best biggest fanmade blockbuster movie set list of this Movie Magic and fantasy and some documentary with Jeffrey Baek's interview and some interviews with his friends. This will be the most world's biggest immersive expensive special effects film ever than his last fanmade created as MJJB Michael Jackson vs. Jeffrey Baek of the Immortal soundtrack version movie filmed in 2012 but this is sequel to that movie as this is a much more brand new and majestic and mysterical designing just as announced when the cirque du soleil was opened in Mandalay Bay hotel in Las Vegas after previewed in May 23, then til Grand Opened in June 29, 2013 but this movie may not complete same music in every soundtracks as featuring with the new songs including: "Monster", "Hollywood Tonight" and new fanmade music video black and white vision face to face with the song "Beat It" as ever since Jeffrey Baek's last final announced for his last MJJB concert release party show at the UCSB, Santa Barbara, California during filmed late June 2013 after all Milal Mission Camp for application-tickets were all sold out show til June 1st 2013 and now about to finish creating til between late July to early August 2013 to release the final launch til late August 2013 on Vimeo as well. Jeffrey Sunny Baek has been traveled many places of 3 counties in California including: OC Orange County, L. A. Los Angeles County and til last Santa Barbara County that ever been filmed for lately music video lip syncing and for live concert tour music video with editing matched audio content by Jeffrey's own home studio. Featuring 2 Irvine Unified School District High schools in Irvine, California including: WHS Woodbridge High School, Irvine, CA (for making music video: "Beat It" with black and white vision screenshot) and the return to visit to NHS Northwood High School, Irvine, CA, USA United States and as this will be available on Vimeo til announced early September 2013 on Facebook page as well. And DVD will be privately sold by Jeffrey Baek for himself and for giving away his new movies for a copy for his friends only. The biggest night box office over billions dollars spending by influential special effects for everyone in the worldwide on Vimeo to see it for FREE and forever movie will replay the movie tour in the worldwide near you will show in public on online. "We Can Dance Forever". "We are one". SUBSCRIBE NOW everyone!!
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Michael Jackson
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This is annoucement this new movie another Michael Joseph Jackson King of Pop tribute of Lip Sync Concert by Jeffrey Sunny Baek has final announced doing his last comeback show CINEMA hollywood best independant film Part 1 on DVD by JB on September 17, 2012 Part 2 on DVD by JB on January 20, 2013 Full Length Movie Released Til “January 20, 2013” and Bonus part on DVD the last legacy unleashed on next year Summer 2013 to completed Michael's music to completed the movie full length. but i do not own it to release on any online like Vimeo or Facebook so available on DVDs in JB's private in his own sold. Visit at to look for more info But Jeffrey only shares himself and his own friends together in privately and some giveaway his friends in case. Starring: Jeffrey Baek Michael Jackson Chris Sang Phil Lee