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More boring than watching a tree grow, 3 July 2013

It is a pity that you can't rate a movie with a zero. I am not one of those that only like action packed and visually overwhelming pictures. I like the artistic and profound ones also. But this one is not like that. It seems to me that it is like those paintings that look like nothing, with no harmony, color or meaning but painted by a famous artist. A lot of people say its good and I can only wonder if they do it to sound interesting. Lost in translation is the slowest, most boring movie I have ever seen, not only that, it is disrespectful and a bit unreal. Why would anyone knowingly pay to see Murray sit, and be bored himself for two hours? Please, stay away and do not rate the movie just because it got an award. Take into consideration that people might see it after they look at a 7+ rating that is just not justified.

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Really funny at parts, 8 February 2006

You need to realize that this is not a smart comedy. It is silly and some impossible things happen. When you are going to see this film prepare yourself for that and you will enjoy it. It is impossible for anyone to change into a credible fat lady in less than an hour, much less in a few minutes. But you need to let that kind of stuff go so the comedy in it gets to you. The father of the kids just looks amazed at the things the nanny can do but does not try to help her. Again, don't try to make sense of it. There is a scene where I was about to wet my pants because I could not stop laughing, that is when Big Momma dresses up as Bo Derek in that famous scene in 10. I liked it and so can you.