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Dawn Anna (2005) (TV)
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Dawn Anna is a very inspirational movie and a tearjerker, 10 February 2005

I loved this movie. It showed how you get through life's ups and downs and they couldn't have chose a better actress, Debra Winger. All of the cast acted as if they were a real family, I couldn't have asked for a better cast!! The only thing is that you have to watch the beginning of the movie to understand it, because if you don't watch the beginning you'll get lost.Dawn Anna lets you know that family is very important and spending time with your family is very important. Dawn Anna went through a lot and with the help of her kids and her very caring boyfriend she wouldn't have made it through. I rate this movie a 10 out of 10 stars. It has excellent actors/actresses, and excellent directory and filmography. I LUV THIS MOVIE SOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!

Miracle Run (2004) (TV)
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Wonderful, Inspiring and Truthful, 9 August 2004

I love mostly all of Lifetime movies. But this one I'd have to say was my favorite. If there are other's out there going through the same situation I'd suggest you watch this movie and get inspired. Single mother Corrine Morgan finds out that her twin sons Phillip and Steven are autistic. Instead of her giving up on them and sending them to an institution, she chose to stick by their side and insist that they be taught in regular school. She was a very good and courageous mother, she didn't just have one autistic child she had two and you could just imagine how hard that would be to raise them. Later, she finds a love interest in the repair man Doug and they hit it off well, he kinda stepped in as a father figure towards Phillip and Steve. To me these twins were not your typical autistic kids. They may have been considered retarded, but inside those kids were smart in their own special way. But for the most part these kids were smart and talented, and had a wonderful and supportive mother behind them 100 percent. It teaches you that If you believe you can achieve and if you have someone in your life who is as supportive and loving as Corrine Morgan was you can achieve anything.

Just one of Lindsay and Jamie Lee's greatest's, 4 August 2004

It was an awesome movie. Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan were wonderful in this movie, they worked together as if they were real mother and daughter. In the ending when they made up with each other it made me cry, because it showed a sign of maturity with both Lindsay Lohan's and Jamie Lee Curtis' character. I also loved it for the fact that they went through some of the same problems that a mother and daughter go through in real life and it related to real life situations except for when they switched bodies.( I just love magical stuff like that in movies and t.v shows.) Like I said before great movie, enjoyed it very much and it related to real life. Great job Jamie Lee and Lindsay!!!!!!

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Great show but got boring with all the change of characters, 29 July 2004

I love this show, I still watch the re-runs on FX. This show was about rich teenagers who go through different challenges every episode. But the show was really based around The Walsh's Jim, Cindy,Brenda& Brandon who moved from Minnesota to Beverly Hills and Brenda and Brandon adjusting to the lifestyle out there and making friends. When Brenda left it wasn't really based on the show's plot outline anymore. Tiffani Amber Thiessen joined the show and a bunch of others who weren't even with the show in it's beginning season's, and that kinda made it difficult for you to keep up with what was going on. If you were to miss an episode you wouldn't be able to keep up with what happened because another actor or actress probably would have joined the cast. Like I said before great show, but with the change of characters not so great.

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It was an awesome show., 22 July 2004

I loved Living SIngle. Queen Latifah is one of my idols and I used to make an attempt to take a 30 minute break out of my day to watch this. The producers should have been very proud of this outstanding and remarkable show. I wish they would show the re-runs more often in New Orleans. On the last episode everyone went their seperate ways and went on to live their lives by themselves. I wonder if Max and Kyle reunited for the sake of their unborn child, and if Regine ever got married or settled down with someone, or if Khadijah's magazine made it bigger than what it already was, or if Synclaire and Overton made plenty babies. Someone should make an attempt to make a Living Single Reunion movie. I think it would be a big hit. And they should air it on the WB.

B*A*P*S (1997)
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I thought it was a great movie; It shows how Halle can not only be a serious actress but a funny one., 22 July 2004

I loved B.A.P.S it was an awesome movie with a meaning. I thought of it as a Romantic Comedy. Halle Berry is one of my favorite actresses and I adore Natalie Desselle. All the other movies Halle played in they were more serious and less funny and B.A.P.S just showed one of her many talents as an actress. When I saw B.A.P.S it was the first time I had ever heard or saw Natalie Desselle and she was wonderful in this movie. This movie proved that they were really Black American Princesses. And besides I love most of Robert Townsend's movies and this was just one of them. Halle and Natalie acted those parts out like they were actually living Nisi and Nikki's lives and I thought that was just outstanding. It may not have been a big hit, but it was to me.

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A remarkable movie with a message, 22 July 2004

This movie was touching and contained answers to a lot of questions. It had a lot to do with racism and what blacks had to go through, and how your parents have a strong impact on you and your decisions. Mahree Bok was kinda like a foreign exchange student except Piper the one who's home Mahree was going to be living in was not going to go to Mahree's home town. When Piper and her parents saw that she was white they were a bit shocked but they still accepted her. But Mahree on the other hand wasn't as acceptive as Piper and her family was of her because of the impact her parents had on her and how they never mixed her with blacks except with their maid. So she was kinda feeling out of place. But later on in the movie Mahree and Piper became good friends and Mahree started to feel more comfortable with Piper and her family. Until, back in South Africa Mahree's parents found out her cultural exchange family was black and they had a fit. Mahree didn't quite understand why her parents weren't understanding of her staying with a black family. And that is what I mean about Parents having an impact on you and your life. It is the way they raise you and what they teach you. Mahree didn't really understand why whites didn't like blacks and the reason for that is because they didn't teach her about things like that. She had to learn from her maid who was black. At the end of the movie when Mahree got home, she ran straight to her maid's room to tell her about her experience staying with blacks, and she was telling her about what happened with the blacks and whites not getting along, and her maid was explaining to her (with birds as an example) that she didn't understand why all people of all races couldn't come together like the birds in that cage. And in the very ending Mahree set all of the birds free, all the birds of all colors.

"Charmed" (1998)
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Was one of Aaron Spelling's greatest achievement's, 27 May 2004

This show is my favorite out of all of Aaron Spelling's shows. I just absolutely adore Pheobe, she is just so sweet and charming of the trio. I just love Piper and Leo's on again off again romance which lead to a beautiful life together and two beautiful sons. I just love Paige's generosity and the way she cares for others she was made to be a social worker. And last of all Prue, in the beginning the relationship between her and Pheobe was not good but we all knew they loved each other. I also loved the way they made us think that Chris was the girls' whitelighter when actually he was Piper and Leo's son. I hope it lasts for three more seasons, i also wish Prue would make an appearance so she can meet Paige. I really, really love the show I am like it's biggest fan.

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It was'nt better than Beverly Hills 90210, 27 May 2004

To me Melrose Place was a very confusing show. All the original cast members did not last to the end of the show, and only like two of the original cast members lasted to the end. I'm not saying Beverly Hills 90210 was perfect because most of their originals left or got fired too. But at least they lasted for like three or four seasons. One of my favorites on that show was Vanessa Williams because I think she is an awesome actress and was like the only black cast member on the show. Like I said before it was not better than Beverly Hills 90210. And another reason why it wasn't all that because it didn't have an all-star cast like Beverly Hills 90210. Some advice for Aaron Spelling get some cast members you know will stick with the show.

One of the best Black Families on Television, 27 May 2004

The Cosby Show is one of my favorite television shows because mainly, Bill and Phylicia are one of my favorite actors/actresses. One of the things I loved best about the show was that it had a black family that was well-off, because usually it's always a white rich family but it wasn't. Clair and Cliff were always supportive of their kids and always wanted to back them 100 percent no matter what it was. Cliff would always say that he wanted all those people to get out of his house, which to me he loved that all his kids were staying with him, because if he didn't he would'nt rant about it as he did. Cliff and Clair tried to encourage their kids to do the right thing as sometimes they didn't and them as the parents had to give out the consequences. The best thing about the Huxtable family is that the children didn't only have Mom and Dad to support them, they also had Grandma and Grandpa (Russell and Anna Huxtable). Cliff and Clair were trendsetters for black families back then, and today too. The Cosby Show the best Balck Family on Television.