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Super joke!, 17 April 2016

I tried so hard to like Supergirl because I love The Flash and like Arrow but I cringe Every time I try to watch it.

The acting is atrocious! Why they got Flockhart out of retirement just to torture us with her one dimensional acting is beyond me. The effects are beyond believable and I have seen 10 year olds create better fire effects with free special effects programs not to forget the ridiculous flying scenes.

The storyline is idiotic and so contradictory I can't believe some people actually like the show. I really think with the lack of good programs lately, people will watch just about anything, even this garbage. Supergirl was sent to earth to protect superman and yet she is absolutely useless and keeps on getting bashed up!

Supergirl is trying to ride the "superhero" wave and failing dismally. I will be shocked if it continues for a second season but I suppose a lot of really young kids might be watching it because anyone with half a brain would find it tedious.

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How is this show popular?, 22 November 2015

I tried to watch Downton Abbey when it started but found it boring. After hearing rave reviews I thought I would give it another try!

It would seem viewers are easily pleased these days! With the outstanding quality of recent "period" shows, I was disappointed by Downton Abbeys idea of what the period would look like. I highly doubt servants had perfectly groomed eyebrows and impeccable makeup which the servants seem to have on this show. The costumes are a hit and miss affair with often inaccurate attire for the period. I must mention the servants beautifully ironed and kept uniforms which are again, a real put off! I find any show produced today that is based in a particular period must make the effort and be realistic because the bar has been set extremely high! The ridiculous lack of authenticity really puts me off!

Then we get to the script! I couldn't tell if someone was a servant or an aristocrat the way they were talking to each other in particular, Mary and Anna. The familiarity and connection between the servants and the main characters is beyond stupid, but must appeal to soap opera lovers!

I am astounded this show is so popular considering the numerous inaccuracies and the terrible accents which, again, are in no way realistic, Viewers seem to be easily pleased these days or have very low standards!

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Aurora! Obnoxious hyperactive and really annoying!, 13 October 2015

There wasn't much on TV so I gave Aurora Teagarden a go and couldn't believe how annoying the main character was!

If you enjoy childish, simplistic women who act like 10 year olds, then this is the show for you! Aurora is suppose to be 28 years old, but it seems as if they are trying to appeal to young teens because any self respecting adult would find Aurora annoying as hell!

I don't see the point in outlining the flaws and faults in the actual story line, which are too many to list, when the main character is so unbearable!

For a mystery show, this one is full of insultingly stupid scenarios and murders, which I assume are aimed at simple children!

I must say that there were a couple of actors that I do like normally, which was the only reason I gave the show a go, but to my dismay, even they were annoying! I am disappointed any self respecting actor would agree to be in such a stupid show!

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Ink disaster!, 2 October 2015

The concept of Ink Master is excellent if you like tattoos but there is nothing good about this show!

The judges are imbeciles, absolute imbeciles! Nunez is so biased it's beyond annoying especially when he himself is not a good tattooist! In one season it was obvious he "liked" a female contestant who should have gone home many times but because of Nunez thinking with his little head, she stayed in the competition! Navarro has a few tattoos which doesn't make anyone an expert on tattooing so his opinions are worthless!

Most viewers want to see tattoos but the majority of the show is based around drama and arguments which spoils the show! Every season there seems to be some really nasty women and rival male contestants which I don't find necessary! It's a tattoo competition, not a soap opera but the producers think we want to see drama, which spoils the show!

The challenges prior to the actual tattooing are ridiculous! I couldn't care less if someone can weld, spray paint or carve when selecting a good tattooist because there is NO correlation or indication whether a person can tattoo and these stupid challenges!

I really wish the producers would lift their game and get reliable talented judges, stop the stupid irrelevant challenges, concentrate on the actual tattoos and select people who have real talent instead of the hacks they have on the show now!

Again, it's a great concept but it fails miserably with its terrible content!

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I hope the Zombies win!!, 13 September 2015

I understand this show is suppose to be set prior to The Walking Dead but in the current time!

So basically nobody has seen a zombie movie, played a zombie computer game or even heard of zombies!! In what universe is this show set?

So far the cast is just awful! Alicia, the "token" pretty one, is the most annoying stupid person on the show who couldn't care less about her family and randomly runs around in the midst of the zombies without a brain in her head! Alicia likes to shine a torch through windows for the attention! The mother, again without a brain in her head, leaves doors open for the zombies!! I'm surprised to see Kim Dickens in a role that isn't a prostitute or maybe it's just what I've seen her in! Maybe she will turn into a prostitute later!

The father is a one dimensional character who fills the ethnic quota for the cast. I am so sick of hearing "we will leave in the morning" when everyone knows that's what everyone thinks and is always the wrong decision! I hope the father grows some balls really soon!

The only one who seems to have a brain is the drug addled son who I suppose is in the show to appeal to the druggie audience! I suppose we will have to endure his "withdrawal" from drugs for a few episodes, which I am not looking forward to!

I really hope most of the current cast is killed off quickly and much more likable characters take their place! A few with some brains and common sense would be nice!

I'm afraid Fear the Walking Dead is ultra boring so far but I hope it improves really soon!

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Brain dead dribble!, 9 September 2015

After watching Ggoglebox my IQ decreased so much I had to relearn how to type! Googlebox is beyond the most idiotic show I have ever seen and is an insult to the viewers!

The only reason I am bothering to review this god awful show, if you can call it a show, is because they have made a second season and going to waste more precious TV time on this dribble!

I can not believe anyone would be so stupid to actually participate on this show even if they were desperate for the attention!

I beg the producers, please stop now! I understand it's cheap and easy to produce but any normal person would prefer to put their hand in a wood chipper than sit through this show!

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Zombies smarter than most reviewers, including myself!, 5 September 2015

I love zombie shows and after seeing such a high review score, was very excited to watch TWD!

I am extremely concerned by the number of good reviews because this indicates peoples low expectations and complete lack of common sense! If people actually find TWD a high quality show then producers will continue to produce lack lustre, poorly written unbelievable shows aimed at simpletons!

Every single scenario has enormous flaws from cars blocking the middle of a deserted highway for no apparent reason, the city being over run by zombies but magically disappear when need be, to allowing a child approach a deer buck and consequently getting shot! In what universe would anyone who finds their car missing choose to walk back to a camp site many miles away and not take one of thousands of abandoned vehicles? Of course this makes sense, walking is so much safer and quicker than taking a car! No one except these morons! I could go on and on but I can't be bothered! Oh, I will mention the never ending arrows red neck Daryl has on hand! He never seems to retrieve any so he must have a magical supply!

As I said, every single scenario is beyond stupid so I have come to the conclusion the entire group have all got some form of mental health issue that prevents any common sense!

Oh, and the red neck of the group seems to be the only one with the necessary calm demeanor to impart the occasional wise advice! Yeah, that's believable?

I can only assume the good reviews proves people in general wouldn't have a clue how to handle a disaster and in turn, would be the first to die! Thank god! With this many idiots around the world would be a better place without the imbeciles!

I stand by my original review BUT now I am one of the imbeciles who love The Walking Dead"! The plot holes are still there and continue in season 6 but I thougrouly enjoy the show even if I do get annoyed occasionally when things don't make sense or drag on!

"Bitten" (2014)
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Insulting garbage!, 3 September 2015

Bitten is a complete joke! Elena, the main character is a useless actor and the role is just abysmal!

Elena doesn't want to be a werewolf but doesn't know how to control her transformations! She is called back to her pack, who she doesn't seem to like very much, to track down a murderer! I have no idea why she is the only werewolf who has the ability to smell scents but apparently the rest of the pack are incapable of tracking!

The werewolves seem to have hip dysplasia and can't run properly! The shocking graphics which seem to have been created by a 10 year old in their bedroom, are a joke!

I really tried to like this show but found it impossible to enjoy! The script is boring, the acting is deplorable and the graphics are pathetic!

The only people who would rate this show well are relatives of the actors or very young viewers!

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Carter is a monster!, 20 August 2015

So, Carter is kidnapped at the age of 3 by what turns out to be a psychopathic not job! At the age of 16, Carter ends up with her biological family who bend over backwards to make her feel comfortable all the while Carter acts like a huge bitch!

Carter was obviously dragged up by the monster who kidnapped her because Carter defends the kidnapper at the expense of her real mother! Carter has absolutely no compassion or understanding for her real mother and the hell she would have gone through for over a decade!

Carter is a drug using, alcohol drinking cold hearted monster who hasn't got a clue what integrity or honour means! The parents kick a low life out of the house for teaching the younger brother to "roll a joint" but Carter still hangs out with the low life!

It's a sad state of affairs when a kid hasn't got the intelligence to empathise with their real mother after being kidnapped by a psycho! What a horrible story line!!

I will give this show a go but find it a little boring with too much drug use and drinking mixed with one dimensional characters!

I do hope the kidnapping mother dies very soon because I am sick of her already!

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Profiling for idiots!, 4 August 2015

I was a big fan of Criminal Minds until I realised how utterly ridiculous the show has become! If I hear the word "unsub" one more time I will scream!! How many times during a show do we have to hear "unsub"? Do they get royalties from subway?

The profiles conjured up by these so called "experts" are beyond idiotic and if viewers can not recognize how ridiculous and wrong they are, then people are slow! But, the profiles can be forgiven if it wasn't for the dynamic of the team! Derek and Garcia carry on like teenagers calling each other "lover boy", "baby cakes", " sexy girl" while a grieving mother is standing within earshot! In what universe is it normal in a work place to call fellow employees sexy nick names while investigating murders? It creeps me out a lot and I cringe every-time I hear it!

I could pick each character apart considering each if them has massive emotional and mental issues but it would bore me!

One thing I must mention is Garcia's ability to go online and retrieve information from decades ago that wouldn't even be available online! Honestly, the majority of the stuff she comes up with from her "search" is insulting to the viewers! Yes, there are excellent hackers around but nobody can retrieve information or personal photos from 1960 that have never been downloaded!

I would love to know if the American law enforcement organisation really has personal jets just waiting around!

The storyline is often beyond realistic and I really wish shows didn't aim the storyline to is leptons who will believe anything!

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