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What a joke!!, 1 July 2015

I consider T2 a masterpiece, an absolute masterpiece especially for the time it was produced! There are so many subtle nuances that are sheer genius that made T2 one of the best films ever produced!

After T2, the entire Terminator franchise has become a joke, a sad sad joke!

Now we come to Terminator Genisys! The ONLY reason Emilia Clarke got the role as Sarah Connor is to cash in on the popularity of GOT! But, the idiot producers didn't take into consideration she can't act and even in GOT she is annoying. So now we are suppose to believe Sarah Connor is an extremely short stocky girl who doesn't have the same crazy aggression and backbone that the original Sarah Connor had! I'm sorry but Emilia Clarke sickens me as Sarah Connor!

Yes, the Terminator has uttered the most recognizable catch phrases like ' I'll be back" which was classic but the producers of Genysis desperately attempted to conjure up memorable "catch phrases" to boost the popularity of the movie and "failed" miserably!

As for the storyline, I could pick it to pieces and not in a good way that creates discussion! The storyline is utter rubbish and an absolute insult to any thinking person! Yes, the effects are good as expected from today's technology, but a movie can't rely on good effects!

I wonder what incentive Cameron had to endorse this film? My thoughts are that the producers of the failed terminator movies used Cameron's disapproval as an excuse for poor ratings! So now Cameron has endorsed this crappy movie to prove he has nothing to do with the ratings!!

Cameron is a genius and the only reason the terminator is so popular is because of him! The Terminator and James Cameron go hand on hand and until people wake up to this fact, they will continue to produce sub par desperate movies!!

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What a joke!, 1 June 2015

The original Transporter movie is one of my favorite movies so I was excited by a series based on the movie.

The writers and casting director totally missed the entire feel of the movie! It's really obvious some producers think viewers are simpletons and by some of the reviews, they are correct!

The Transporter was not "James Bond", which was the major appeal of the movie but the producers are aiming at a Transporter/James Bond mix which sickens me! Where is the "broken attitude" and "tough guy arrogance" Jason portrayed in the movie? Instead we have a pathetic pom who grins all of the time.

It's time producers stop trying to push 100 pound women beating up trained assassins! I am a woman and this infuriating tend of making women able to compete with men in the strength department is actually spoiling a lot of shows. I know it's just TV but magically making women, ( who always happen to be slim and "pretty"), able to win fights which are impossible, challenges the viewers intelligence! I for one don't want to see such stupidity!

Anyway, back to The Transporter, the story lines are pathetic, the actors are annoying and the car chases don't save the show!

How has this show been renewed and other watchable shows canceled?

"Kingdom" (2014)
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Not enough MMA action!!, 5 May 2015

I love MMA so am a little biased. Kingdom is about a struggling MMA training gym owned by an ex MMA fighter and the exploits surrounding the gym!

Kingdom is basically a stereotypical approach to MMA fighters portraying them as basically idiots that were dragged up by their parents. It's a shame the general atmosphere of the show gives you the impression they are all on steroids which has caused brain damage, including the girlfriend!

Lisa is the main female on the show and she can not stop nagging and whining. Again, she is portrayed as the stereotypical whinging woman without any common sense! She spoils the show with her constant complaining and depressing demeanour.

It would have been nice if a few characters possessed average intelligence but this is not the case.

I hope there is more action in future episodes and Lisa shuts the hell up.

Absolute joke!, 4 May 2015

The only reason I am reviewing Haunted Encounters is to warn people not to waste their time!

I watch a few Haunted shows for the entertainment value but this show is just plain insulting! Just because they use terms like "pandora", which is simply a tape recorder and "a ripple in time", which is an idiotic role playing thing they do, does not make this show unique or watchable! In fact, anyone on the show is obviously desperate to be on TV and will do anything for the attention!

The majority of the show is the women saying "oh gaaawwwd" and "I'm scared" to the main dude twisting an ankle and again saying, I'm scared!!

The only sensible one on the show is the dog, who is often told to bark when they want to make a point.

This is even worse than Haunted and Haunted Australia, which I thought couldn't be possible!

"Vikings" (2013)
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"Vikings", 21 April 2015

After reading a few reviews complaining about the historical inaccuracies of Vikings, it is evident some people don't realise the show is not a documentary!

I appreciate Vikings, with a great cast, especially Travis Fimmel who makes the show stand out! When I started watching Vikings I didn't realise there was a modicum of history being relayed in the story! This made me research Viking history which is a bonus for any TV series!

I won't go into a detailed description about the story line but the costumes, makeup and acting are all excellent! Thank goodness the characters are dirty with great costumes and a lot of effort put into being authentic, or what we would expect to be authentic!

The way the directors have integrated different languages is sensational and although some people can not comprehend the concept, I find it well done and easily understood!

I find Vikings riveting and I really hope it doesn't get canceled and we get many more seasons of Ragnar!!

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Only relatives would rate this highly!, 22 February 2015

I have tried so hard to like this show but find it impossible! I am totally convinced that the only people who have rated this show well are relatives of the cast!

The script is just awful and just not funny! Jane seems to be pregnant forever and I guess she will be pregnant for the duration of the show! The lead actress is unattractive and not appealing!

So basically, the script, cast and story line is pathetic and a total waste of valuable TV time!

I like the idea of multi cultural program's, which seem to be popular at the moment but creating a cross between a telenovela and American comedy isn't working just yet!

Please stop making these awful program's!

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In what universe is this "comedy"?, 30 January 2015

Defining "Broad City" as a comedy is outrageous! I understand people have different ideas on what constitutes "comedy", but I can't understand anyone finding this show funny!

The premise of 2 plain girls,( I am being kind), living in New York, could have been funny if the writing was actually humorous! instead! we have the 2 plain girls saying the most crude and sexually perverse comments and we are meant to find it funny! I was lucky I had not eaten prior to watching because I would have thrown up!!

I dislike the 2 main characters as there is nothing endearing or pleasant about them! If the writers and producers aim was to make people sick and bore people to death, then they have done a great job!

I am shocked anyone finds this garbage funny or entertaining!

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Absolutely miserable!, 30 January 2015

I would love to know the point of this show! Did the producers think "let's make a series where everyone is depressingly boring and twisted and nothing happens"!

Olive Kitteridge is a miserable nasty person which makes for an arduous viewing experience! I like to give program's a good go but honestly, after 2 episodes I found myself dreading watching a third episode considering how depressing and slow it is! Even when I see the title while scroll through my program guide, a feeling of foreboding envelopes me!

Who in their right mind would actually "enjoy" watching depressed, uneventful mind numbingly boring characters and story line! I am shocked there is a book with the same characters and story line!

The only thing I liked about Olive Kitteridge were the commercials!

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You have to be kidding!, 10 January 2015

I am astounded anyone gave Need for Speed more than 4 stars and even then it's only because of the beautiful cars! I love cars and car chase movies but am insulted that the majority of these movies don't even attempt any realism or respect for the laws of gravity!

Even though this film was based on a game which didn't really have a storyline, there is no excuse to consider film goers as idiots! But, I suppose by some of the reviews, the producers were correct!!

The acting, story line, script and production was not only deplorable, it showed little to no effort was made to make this movie enjoyable! All I got from Need for Speed was America does not have any traffic whatsoever and the police are completely incompetent! Oh, and Americans drive like they are 70 year old pensioners who need to be close to the steering wheel and their hands at the 10 and 2 position at all times!

I am certain that the good reviews come from 14 year old boys who couldn't care less about production quality or acting skills but love fast cars! I will say I did enjoy watching this film at home where I could pause the stupid parts, which was most of the film, and re- watch sections which gave my mates and myself a good laugh!

"Reign" (2013)
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Teenage period garbage!, 2 December 2014

I love most period shows but Reign is obviously piggy backing on Game of Thrones but for teen girls who don't know any better!

I understand this is loosely based on history but don't reference Mary Queen of Scots and make her a teenager who wears some shockingly bad "supposedly" period dresses and has a terrible English accent! I suppose her accent is better than the cockney scrubbers who are also suppose to be royalty!

The acting is atrocious, the costumes are a joke and the storyline is for very young girls who haven't gone through the change and don't know any better!

This show is taking up valuable TV time which could be filled with a decent show! I have tried to watch Reign so many times just in case it got better over time, but it just got worse! The very last time I will ever gave this garbage a go was after seeing a young girl having sex with the "King" and being a dominatrix ordering the King around, blah, blah blah! Absolute crap!

It would be comforting to learn teenagers were intelligent enough to find this insulting as it is aimed at simpletons, but, alas, teenagers actually watch this show!

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