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"Fringe" (2008)
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Fringe is outstanding!!, 29 July 2014

The more you watch Fringe, even the repeats, it becomes even more apparent what a sensational show it is!

I won't go I to the plot because that's been covered many times but the entire premise of different dimensions is fascinating and not without merit! The writers have done an exceptional job with the story line and character development! I must mention the casting director because other shows could learn a lot about selecting the right person for a part! Whoever selected the cast is a genius, an absolute genius second to none! Walter is the epitome of excellence in casting! You can not help loving him! I also love shows where the female characters are not emotional idiots and actually add to the show instead of being a hindrance!

I truly hope the writers consider bringing back this show because we, the viewers, need quality programs and Fringe devotees are extremely disappointed this show has finished!

How did this show become popular?, 28 July 2014

I have not watched an entire series and only seen a few episodes so haven't become attached to the characters.

The episodes I have seen are so idiotic and ridiculously insulting to the viewers I couldn't bare watching the following episode! The only distinguishing feature the "bikers" have is facial hair, but well groomed facial hair! Have the producers ever been around a gang?

The few episode I have seen have the gangs murdering people and getting away with it due to stupidity so basically the gang is immune to prosecution!

Everything that happens on the show is so predictable to the point of being boring! For example, one gang member was in a jail hospital and someone walks in and wants a written statement about another gang members involvement in crime. The gang members hand is set free to write the statement and surprise, surprise, he attacks the man!

Honestly, if anyone enjoys this show, especially when the production is aimed at realism, they obviously don't have high standards or require thought provoking story lines!

Advising putting dogs down is not useful!, 6 July 2014

I have seen a quite a few episodes and found Victoria annoying. Her approach to dogs is basic and honestly most of the people will probably find the dogs going back to their old ways because her techniques are not teaching the people how to behave around dogs!

I was shocked and horrified to see an episode where a small dog was a bit snappy but not out of control! Victoria told the owners to put the dog down because she didn't have a clue how to address the problem!

You saw the owner putting the little dog in the car to be destroyed and then digging a hole to bury the dog! So the dog was put down because she is absolutely useless with dealing with anything but impatient dogs! There are other dog behavior shows that never even suggest putting a dog to death let alone suggest doing it especially when the dogs problem was a simple one to fix for any half decent dog behavioralist!

Victoria Stillwell is a disgrace for advising an owner to put a dog down when there are many other options available! How anyone agrees with this is beyond me!

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The lead actress is unbearable!, 30 April 2014

The premise of orphan black is a good one and could have been a great show if it wasn't for the main character!

She is unbearable to watch in this role! I was so disappointed that such a bad actor was cast in a multi layered roll! I can't believe anyone finds her portrayal of the role believable and detracts from the rest of the cast which are OK!

I hope casting directors wake up and stop giving roles to people who can't do the job! There are a few shows at the moment where everyone that appears excels in the role and their interpretation of the character is outstanding! I wish I could say this about Orphan Black but it's the opposite!

Maybe if they get rid of her the show would be watchable as well as a few tweets with the plot that is idiotic at times!

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Idiotic beyond belief!, 29 April 2014

I actually watch this show to have a laugh with it's unbelievably ridiculous plots and story lines!

The "tomorrow people" are able to teleport, change time and other extraordinary feats but are unable to kill due to a severe form of tinnitus! They state they have the three special powers which are the three T's but there should be four, teleport, telekinesis, telepathy and tinnitus!!! They should also add an "s" for stupidity! They can teleport at will but forget this power when confronted with their enemies!!

This show was ludicrous from the start! A female "tomorrow people" member was reading the mind of the main character, who at the time didn't know he was "special", for over a month and didn't know what his name was or his address!! So for a month he never said or thought about his name or where he lived!! I could go on but if you want to laugh at a ridiculous show, I would guarantee if you have half a brain, you will find "The Tomorrow People" hilarious!!

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What a joke!, 29 April 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I was so excited to see the Aussie version of this show being an Aussie, but I am so embarrassed with how pathetic it is!

I watched the first 6 shows and although am known for watching stupid shows, couldn't bare watching one more episode! I don't understand why the producers chose a forklift driver from the Barossa, a Pommy guy who wouldn't have a clue and a woman who is petrified of her own shadow and runs out of rooms screaming for no reason! She thought she saw something in one episode and ran out of the premises screaming but in a subsequent show was supposedly touched by an entity and was fine with it!! It's so obvious the show is fake and saying "did you hear that" and " something touched me" doesn't prove a thing!!

The people involved with the investigations are aggravating beyond belief but to top it off is the over voice guy who exaggerates everything and talks through the entire show! He has the most annoying accent and his comments are idiotic to say the least!

This version of the show is unwatchable and whoever cast the investigators hasn't got a clue about casting "like able" personalities! I am so disappointed with this show!

"Mom" (2013)
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Not Funny!, 13 April 2014

With such a good cast you would expect a much better show that was actually entertaining!! I don't know how the writers could think this is funny! I have seen the first 2 episodes and although I don't expect miracles, I didn't laugh once but did cringe a lot! The storyline is disgusting and rather depressing! The main character was bought up by a dysfunctional alcoholic mother and is a recovering alcoholic herself with a pregnant teenage daughter! Honestly, if you want to watch a depressing show, this is ideal!

I do not believe the good reviews for a second! I know people have varying tastes in humor but I watched this show with several people and Nobody laughed!! I hope the writers change the type of so called humor to actual humor! Its not funny to watch a show where a mother is such a depressing character with no funny lines!!

1 star is too many!!

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Very disappointed!, 10 April 2014

With such a great cast I was extremely excited to start watching this show and get a good laugh! I watched the first few episodes with a few friends and none of us even smirked let alone laughed at any of the cheesy one liners!

I can't believe anyone finds this show funny! It goes to show how people's idea of comedy differs or how many fake reviews are out there! I am actually embarrassed for Michele and Robin because pulling teeth would be easier and less painful than watching the cast attempting to be funny!

I'm so sorry but this show is just awful! How anyone can find this show watchable is beyond me!!

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Absolute garbage!!, 10 April 2014

This version of supposedly "real" housewives of everywhere is as bad as the rest of the series!

I really don't know why people don't realize these shows are cheap to produce and can be canceled at very short notice if the ratings aren't good enough! There is NOTHING real about these people! I don't know anyone in Australia who plasters on makeup and has to get a fake tan especially people with money!! Not to forget their outfits look like disco balls!

I won't even mention the ridiculous fake stories they are trying to sell us as "real" or the discourse between these pretend people!

Until people stop watching garbage like this quality shows will be far and few between!!

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Spader is sensational! Boone is a joke!, 23 February 2014

James Spader has IT!!! He is sensational and one of the few actors that are riveting to watch! Spader is definitely carrying this show because Boone is absolutely shockingly bad!!

I won't go on about the plot as it has been outlined in the other reviews but the underlying suspense of why Spaders character, Red, is so protective and interested in Boone is becoming repetitive and drawn out to the point of being annoying! I'm sick of reading posts where people think Boone is Reds daughter! The entire show rides on the twists and turns and the unexpected so if she is Reds daughter it will be extremely disappointing! There is only so much suspense with who Boone really is and what her husband is really up to until it becomes annoying and irritating!!!

If Spader wasn't the main character the show would defiantly fail due to Boones deplorable take on the character!! I can't say anything complementary about her!! She is boring, pathetic and can't deliver a line with any conviction or natural timing! Whoever cast her in the leading female role should rethink their role as casting director!!!

To recap, James Spader is a genius and carries the show and without him it would be unwatchable!!!!! I give James 10 out of 10 but have to take 2 away for everyone else's poor performances!!

UPDATE.... Whoever cast Boone either knows her or is related to her because she is unbearable!! I'm SO disappointed with the storyline because it has become idiotic and full of holes!! I can't believe ANYONE can watch the show and not be slightly insulted by the moronic storyline! Spader is the ONLY reason I have kept watching this show hoping it would get better and more intelligent! But alas, the writers think the public are idiots and will believe anything!

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