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Doesn't necessarily mean I've seen all of the episodes of a particular show but enough of the show to get the gist.
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Recommended, decent shows. Some are favorites.
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The first few movies on this list I consider second-best; however, these are all movies that are good to see once, whether because they are above average (decent) or just so you understand references.
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Favorites. This means that at some point they were a favorite show -- most still are although there are a few (toward the end) that I might actually hate newer (or older) seasons/series of the show.
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I am picky with heroes and I don't like batman.
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I typically have dry, dark or strange humor. Still, these were funny enough to make this list.
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Want to feel?
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And by disturbing, I mostly mean depressing. Kinda wish I never watched these. May not bother many others yet they seem to stick with me in a not-so-great way.
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Typically meaning movies I hated more than the "average person" or that they are generally well-liked, hyped, etc. while I thought these were mostly dumb, dull or just lacking in some capacity. Trying not to list movies that the majority think are terrible.