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"Youngers" (2013)
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Highly Entertaining, 5 April 2013

I believe that E4 can make great shows--since I'm a huge fan of skins and misfits--I decided to give this show a go, and I gotta say I was hooked from the very first beginning. the show is loud IN A GOOD WAY, and keeps you hooked. the comedy is light, which I didn't like a t first since I was expecting a hilarious show since its genre is "comedy", but as the show goes along I loved how witty the show is; it's funny yet there is some dramatic sides in it. we get to see a side of their emotions which will make us look forward for a fabulous show, well, hopefully. If you're into music and you're sick of watching lame shows such as Glee. Youngers is the right show for you.

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Xavier Dolan, Anyways!, 4 December 2012

Fist of all, I should tell ya that I never been excited to watch a movie for a really long time; you know that excitement when you watch the trailer over 10 times in a row. yeah, I got excited this much to watch Laurence Anyways. and as a Xavier Dolan's huge fan that makes me know for sure that this movie is gonna be a pure art. and I don't even really care that much about directors. but DAMN! Xavier Dolan is the perfect man. No, I really mean it. he's gorgeous and talented in so many ways. Although all of the films he directs are about homosexuality, but what the heck! sometimes I hesitate to recommend any of his films to people I know cause I fear they might be narrow minded about all of the homosexuality stuff. Personally, I wouldn't mind watching a Xavier Dolan's film everyday and I'd still enjoy it as if it was the first time I watch it. I killed my mother, heartbeats, and now laurence anyways.

Laurence Anyways is almost 3hrs long. I thought I'd be bored. but somehow, something kept me watching. maybe it's wanting to know how the story ends. or maybe it's the great soundtrack, or the scenes that feed your soul visually. I mean really, why bother going to a photo gallery or a concert or whatsoever when you can simply watch Laurence Anyways or any film of Dolan's, and you'll find everything you love combined together beautifully. maybe I'm just exaggerating but that's because I'm this amazed.

At first, I thought Laurence and his girlfriend weren't' good looking enough, but anyone who watches this film will absolutely fall in love with every single character in the film. and somehow you'll find them extremely beautiful because you just feel their passion and stuff.

When I posted on twitter that I'm so excited to watch it. my friend replied saying, "it's a bold movie." well, I don't know how dirty films like the hangover are okay to watch and a masterpiece like this is "bold"! One thing I noticed about Xavier's Dolan films, is that he tries not to show us nude scenes, cause it ain't pretty. nobody wants to see butts or whatsoever, well, maybe perverts want to, but that's not the point. that is to say, even sex scenes are somehow beautiful and amazing, like the sex scene in 'I killed my mother' with all the painting and the sad sex desperate sex scenes in 'heartbeats'. you can clearly understand what Dolan is implying. In Laurence Anyways, Dolan portrays the relationship between Laurence and his girlfriend as a happy couple who are madly in love with each other, before they gradually collapse. What I'm truing to say here is that Dolan never fails at impressing his audience.

The soundtrack was painfully amazing, as always. the film stats with a song by 'fever ray' which made me realize that Dolan is a fan of this band. yeah? you remember the scene in the woods in 'heartbeats'? No? Okay. I swear if I had to steal one thing from Xavie Dolan it'd be his ipod or iphone or whatsoever. the man has an amazing taste in music.

When I done watching this film, I realized that 3 hours weren't enough. I wouldn't mind if it was 10 hours long or a series with a thousand seasons. it's just pure perfection. you know when you watch a perfect film that is so perfect to the extent that you wouldn't mind if it ends after only 5 minutes or in the middle of it because it's so perfect, and whatever the end is it'd still be great and perfect. yeah, Laurence Anyways is one of those films. and I'm still happy and impressed with the ending scene. the song was oh-my-god amazing. it's like it came into my soul and said hi and settled there. I can never get bored watching the ending scene; so simple yet perfect.

And before I forget, I love the almost 5 seconds Xavier appeared in the party scene. yeah keep it up babes.

In short, Laurence Anyways is 3 hours long, BUT, it's 3 hours of love, joy, regrets, tears, emotions, passion, and XAVIER DOLAN'S PERFECTION. Go watch it! and if you watch it and hate it then I'll hate you back.

Thank you

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"It is the east, and Juliet is the sun.", 2 October 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I was looking forward to watch this episode ever since I saw Rich's episode--my favorite character. I was looking forward to see the development of Grace\Rich relationship and how they came together in Mini's episode so easily wasn't so great, but at least they're together. At last, in this episode, Rich and Grace in the morning amazingly adorable. Rich sneaks in a hilarious beautiful way while Mr. and Mrs. Blood are singing while making breakfast; I seriously can't get enough watching this scene<3 I really loved how they proved that 'oppisotes attract' in this series. For me, this episode is all about rich; cause I don't like Grace that much. I liked how their story is so like Romeo and Juliet. and how Franky and Matty is like twelfth Night in every sense of the word. I really loved everything in this episode; the girls visiting Grace and dancing on 'turn my swag on by soulja boy' Mini and Franky look amazing together as friends. Rich sings "My Giiiirrrrl" while drunk. OMG Rich why can't you be my boyfriend :(. I CRIED TERAS OF JOY when Rich climbed to Grace's room quoting Romeo and Juliet: "Maybe stories are just stories, or maybe, we can make our life a story, *cutely adorably smiles* so marry me, grace violet blood" awwwwwwwww BEYOND AMAZING!!! and the song 'Radical Face - Welcome Home' was a great choice. I fell in love with it because of this scene. and I love how skins' producers make us enjoy the song till the last drop.