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One of the BEST Fringe episodes ever !!!, 15 December 2012

""" SPOILER ALERT """ for those who haven't seen the already aired show.



There was a drug trip sequence that Walter was on that helped him find the password "Black Umbrella" which allowed the team to have access to a young Observer child. It was an incredible Monty Python like over the top animated sequence. I loved the image of the Emerald City and later in the animated sequence where Walter was riding Gene the cow on a quest against a knight version of himself. What an episode. Slightly heavy on the Walter guilt but overall very very nice. Just this show alone makes it worth seeing this seasons final shows.

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One Long Political Ad - And Nothing But a Political Ad, 4 July 2012

I have seen a lot of TV shows with current political issues. And I'm a long time Futurama fan and always will be. But this particular episode was one long thought about Barack Obama. From his Nobel Prize to the birth certificate issue, to Harvard to being from Kenya and much more. I have no particular problem with anyone having a political opinion or issue. But there are places for political ads and interviews. And to turn a TV episode into one long political ad is to betray the loyal fans. Also taking on political issues with so little respect as to showcase it in a half hour animated series,. is absurd. In every way this episode is a loser. It was one long political ad and nothing but a political ad.