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This is a pure action 1hr SCI-fi movie, not a drama!, 7 December 2012

I am surprised, and kind-a disturbed by the ignorance of many of the viewers here. You should familiarize with what you are paying for before you spend money on movie tickets, return at home and criticize without understanding the concept.

Let me get some things clear:

* This is an action SCI-FI(=NOT REAL) movie - don't expect realism! This movie could only be compared to the 90's action movies with lots of cool effects. The first movie already set the tone that this is unrealistic story (do you believe that zombies actually exist?). If you want realism, become a volunteer in Iraq or Afghanistan.

* This is a part of s sequence - threat this as another part of the series. Why would you otherwise expect 1hr of references to the old movies, if it is supposed that you already watched them? This is not Star Wars! This part was a pure 1hr action instead of 1hr talks and clichés and like <1 min action. Find out what <<< holism >>> is and apply it to this movie franchise. Maybe then you will understand it.

* Why would you still compare it to the games? If you played the games and expect a movie on the games, basically you will be watching a game play-through. (Then I will be laughing on comments like "well spent money")

The only criticism that I have about the series is that Paul drifted away from the zombies being the main issue to being no obstacle at all and focusing on bigger issues like Wesker and stronger mutants. But I understand his decision. If he dramatizes the zombies every new episode the script would be trivial like those TV zombie series. After all , the main character matures and learns how to kill zombies better.

This is a pure action SCI-fi movie, not a drama!

Are you still confused? Then, probably the RE movie franchise isn't for you.

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A pathetic movie, 4 July 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Probably it's because I've seen the Tobey-Man and this is the reason I give this movie such a low score. I wanted to learn more about Peter's parents, but did not. "They were scientists." So what? That's not even 5% of what I needed to find out. Tobey-Man was on par with emotions, stunts and discovering the character. Here your uncle dies and what you see is 2 mins of drama about him. They really did not expand the characters and that led to my disappointment.

This really isn't the spider-man I wanted to see (full of questioning, thoughts and hardship). This guy was crying one minute and kissing the girl in another. Did I even mention that the suit did not fully fit him? Did I mention that Peter became a super scientists in 5 mins after he start reading 2 books and a couple of documents that do not make sense? Since when kids study genetics in school so deeply?

Tobey-Man's story deeper and more interesting. You could see the bright side of having super powers and the dark of constantly having the responsibility to hide your identity and take care of the closest. The new Spidey did little effort to hide his id. I could actually say that he was waving his mask the entire movie...

If you were happy with Tobey-man, stick with him!