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Seriously?, 31 October 2016

This show is so far from reality it makes me cringe. Just saw an episode where this couple in CA lost Everything. No money etc... They won a million dollars a little after that. So what happened...? The overly "enthusiastic" host just like in every episode asks the couple if they're going to spend the whole million on a home. So basically the couple had nothing, and not only is there Never any mention of taxes, but houses, whether they're pre bought or not were at the top of this couples "budget." So no savings! No reality of not actually having a million bones after taxes! The show is just plain Ridiculous. OK so i need to fill out more lines on this page in order for it to be submitted so here is filler. Also, it says i cant shout in my review. Wow!

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Absolutely Pathetic!, 5 January 2014

This kind of garbage was more or less "accepted" so many years ago because most didn't realize what it actually took to make these animals do what they do. But it was only through fear and pain that a circus or Hollywood could make them do all these things. The man behind the curtain is a real piece of garbage. Watching the lions and tigers being abused. You see a man outside the cage with a gun ready to kill them if they get too "aggressive." Of course they might get too aggressive. THEY'RE LIONS AND TIGERS! Back then, and even now, too many people running these "shows", were not even questioned about How the animals became so trained. They just did what they did and so be it. At least now many f them are seen for what they are, abusers.

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Better Than Most......., 13 February 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I agree with many here that it has great potential. I love the Bacon, and the other characters are good. The writing sometimes seems off at times, but there are so many good things about the show I want to let them go BUT..... I just watched Madlove and when Ryan and Mike went to save a certain person, Mike was only 1 minute behind Ryan and yet...well lets just say that one minute turned into something like 20 minutes later. The writers need to pull heads out of backdoors and think about stuff like this. WE DO! And for a show like this, if you want us to Follow every week, you can't give us doubt about certain things. There is such a thing as a little leeway, but don't make the obvious simple things unbelievable.

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Wont Watch Anymore, 24 November 2012

I tried AGAIN to watch, but within the first 2 minutes Tim(the ducheman) had to make an Obama crack. He's not funny. The show is actually really funny, but when I hear garbage from him like that It's just not worth it. He really needs to shut the F up. He doesn't know what he's talking about. The show had potential, and I really liked"most" of it. But I will not cry when they take it off the air. Right along with that horrible Malibu Country. Good lord, kill me!!! It's really odd how I need to put 10 lines on here when I can Clearly write my irritation in one or two good lines. Wouldn't it be great if we didn't such pointless guidelines for these things so I wouldn't have to fill my review with pointless typing? :)

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A Beautiful Funny Semi-Twisted Slice of Life!, 16 November 2012

franciscoraposo72 you're from "F"ing Portugal. Of COURSE you don't think it's funny. You don't understand the nuances. The tradition. The LANGUAGE. HA KIDDING. Sort of. Anyway Will Arnett and Christina Applegate are perfect. But Christina Applegate shines the best she's ever been. She's one of those that keeps getting more beautiful. Maya Rudolph almost drives me nuts, but now it's like she's just hysterical. A little crazy even to Their mostly sane world. I didn't think I would even like the show when the first episode was them having a baby. Never works. But this did. One of those shows when it eventually is over(years from now), will suck! humm I have to fill a 10th sentence here. OK well I guess that did it.

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Bag Not Big Enough To Vomit, 15 November 2012

Seriously? First I thought Love it or List it was good just to see how unprofessional and irresponsible Hillary Farr actually is. House Hunters is a complete joke, noting is real on that show. I love The Property Brothers. I'm sure there is a bit of behind the scenes stuff going on but at least they are interesting and their designs are good. Jeff Lewis is ALWAYS the best. but seriously I can't watch this show without trying to poke m own eyes out. The clients are complete snobs, the decorators don't actually create anything a real person might even attempt to do even if not on the same financial scale. Having to listen to Martyn and his fake staunchie I'm the greatest(which is complete garbage) haute overdone voice, like he's the Queen of England, is like pouring bleach down my pants.

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Why Is This Show Still On The Air?, 11 October 2012

1) Willie is Awful! 2) So much repetition. Saying the same thing over and over. 3) Just saw the Liberty Bar and Grill. The owner tells Willie she only is there for 35 hours a week. Not ONCE she say why she wasn't there much. She said this and that, gym.... Nothing basically. He didn't push it. 4) At least other fake shows put in half an effort to make it Seem like it's real. 5) One thing that pisses me off is that near the end of each show when Willie comes into the restaurant there is obviously two cameras filming. NOT ONCE before he walks in does anybody in any episode look around and say anything about the cameras. 6) And have you ever noticed how in every episode, the sound is always really good no matter where somebody is speaking? With "hidden" mics it would Never be so clear. Gosh it's almost like they were using professional mics used to narrow sound and cut out background noise. Now golly how can that be, if that were true people would see them. Well Garsh I canz figurs it out!! Bottom line is somebody thought they could throw in crap next to a good show Rest. Impos. and it would come up roses. Sorry but it just make RI stink more.