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a list of 100 characters
These are my favorite movie characters, my most memorable ones and which i liked the most.
In no particular order!!!
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It's just my opinion.In no particular order!! With best 3 movies of each director.
a list of 50 titles
These 50 movies have the best special effects in my opinion which will blow your mind.The most visually striking movies i have ever seen that are beautifully shot ..!! Animated movies are not included.
a list of 500 titles
Out of many movies i've seen these are the movies which i liked the most.
Its just my opinion.
In no particular order!!
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These are my favorite Bollywood movies.I do not watch much Bollywood movies now but i have watched many movies earlier.These are the ones which are entertaining and has a great repeat value.Bollywood boasts of good subject movies but i find them dull, boring,copied,terribly acted and directed.Bollywood is best when it tries to make entertaining flicks.Bollywood best genre is crime or political thrillers- you will find a lot in my list.Many overrated ones are just not included.
In no particular order!!
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