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Title is self explanatory
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It's been a pretty decent year for movies. I briefly just wanted to acknowledge that Life of Pi, Lincoln, and Silver Lining's Playbook are left off this list and for good reason. Life of Pi was a case of oversentimentalized existentialism (who does that?), while Lincoln, which displays some of the greatest acting of all time in the person of Daniel Day Lewis, has very little to offer beyond that. I just feel like Spielberg is the kid in class, who keeps scoring C's and D's, but brings his work in saying, "This is an A isn't it? Surely, this is an A?!" No, isn't. Silver Linings was a fine, enjoyable movie, with well-written dialogue that, in the end, was just like every other rom-com ever made: enjoyable and entirely unspectacular.
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The name of the list is pretty self explanatory I would say.
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