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The Divide (2011)
A nuclear attack or... a mutated T-Virus from Umbrella Corp?
30 June 2012
Warning: Spoilers
(This contains spoilers) This is probably the worst movie I've ever seen in my life. (BTW, I'm not slamming Resident Evil in the title, I just think these people had to be infected with something like the T-Virus) Many people find themselves in worse or similar situations and don't start functioning like subhuman animals escaped from a twisted mad scientists laboratory.

It is set in the time after a nuclear attack on NYC in a makeshift bomb shelter. Early in the movie, all of the characters shout, bang and yell most of the time without provocation in dramatic looking poses to dramatic sounding music and behave like total brats. They have instincts worse than reptiles who eat their own young and none of their behaviors make any sense. Several of the characters develop (and that is a strong word) into cross dressing neo-nazi looking freaks who shave their heads using an American flag as a barbers bib. They repeatedly rape a girl named Marilyn throughout the film.

Early on the viewer is introduced to some scientists, who the entire group of main characters turn on and kill in a fit of rage. We later never figure out who they were or what they were doing. During the killing of the scientists, a little girl is kidnapped and we never learn what happens to her in the movie.

Throughout the story the film depicts the desecrating corpses as the worst of sins (cue the drama music and characters rebelling against), while downplaying the trauma of murder, rape and cannibalism (no characters rebelling against, crickets might be chirping). In the end three of the people get together to try to save each other and one of them takes the only radiation suit and abandons them in a fire. Then the credits show.

If someone out there thinks this is how everyday people behave under stress then I'm astonished. The scenes resemble a prison where you would put all of the serial killers in and put them on drugs.

Do not waste your time.
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