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A ranking of the most popular and talked about superheroes in film in 2014.
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A list of some of the best Marvel characters that have yet to appear in an MCU and are unconfirmed to be starring in one in the future. (Not including Spider-Man characters).
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Get ready for 2015! The movie scene is highly anticipated, as it includes an Avengers sequel, a new Star Wars film, and the return of Jurassic Park. Along with sequels in The Hunger Games, Bond, Fast and Furious, Despicable Me, Mission Impossible, and Terminator franchises, 2015' slate will likely outgross 2014 by a hefty margin.
Take a look at my 2015 highest grossing movies predictions!
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Predictions for the top 30 highest grossing movies in 2014.

2014 looks like it will produce a variety of many top grossing films instead of just one or two mega blockbusters. There will also be a rise in movies in the superhero, Bible, and street racing genres.

2014 Lookback and Review:
Although I was correct about Transformers: Age of Extinction being the highest grossing movie in the world, there are many differences with my list and the actual worldwide gross in 2014. Here are some takeaways:
1)Creativity can pay off: Films like Guardians of the Galaxy and Maleficient were expected to be mildly successful movies with the chance of being box office bombs. However, they performed number 1 and 2 in the box office, respectively, because of their creative approaches.
2) I overestimated the amount of gross a lot
3) Superhero movies gaining popularity: 4 out of top 10 highest grossing were superhero movies.

I will take these into consideration for my 2015 Highest Grossing Movies Predictions!
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Predictions for the top 20 highest grossing movies in 2013.

Last updated: May 3/13:
I, Frankenstein was removed after getting pushed back to 2014. Pacific Rim was added at number 20.

Mar. 9/13:
Robocop was removed after getting pushed back to 2014. Oblivion was added at number 20.
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A list of some of the most anticipated movies from 2015 and beyond.