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I adore Fred Krueger, 24 January 2013

Sure, this may not be a great topic to bring up, but I just love the character of Fred Krueger. He comes off as one of the best sympathetic villains in film history for me (or well, the best undead one). Michael Myers is too much a mystery for me to understand (I hate the sister theory the series introduced. Personally, I prefer to think he was confused on who Laurie was and figures it was his sister back from the dead), Jason is just Michael on steroids, his mother was a failed villain and Cropsey, though sad, is too mean to be truly appreciated. Freddy though, he has so much going for him! In the TV series Freddy's Nightmares, the first episode shows him as a living human being. He always comes off as being a bit crazy/depressed to me, being a total creep yet still likable. In every movie, he had an amazing body language that just screams that he's cocky, confident and ready to tear up everything in his path.

Maybe it's Robert Englund that I really like here...

Reptilicus (1961)
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It's a giant flying snake!, 13 January 2013

And it's a great try at Kaiju! Seriously, this is a cool movie. The American edit is missing some of the good scenes (a giant, life-sized foot and the beast flying) but it's still okay. I liked the added effects a bit, added to the cheesy feel of it all. One issue with how it's looked at though: people think it was meant to be serious! Some do anyways. I think it would be a cool movie to try and remake. Of all the kajiu, it seems to be missing out on the attention it deserves. Check out both variations, but be warned: there is a weird musical number in the original version...

A strange fact about it: in Canada (or Rocky Mountain House at least)they released the original dub, without the added effects. In fact, it may be the only time it was shown like that out here!

Godzilla (1954)
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Gojira (raaaaaaaaaaaaar!), 13 January 2013

This is one of my favourite Kaiju films(the second being The Great Monster, Yongary) and stars one of the best monsters ever devised. However, so few people seem to think this is a good movie where I live because it's not all CGI (yeah, kill me now). Stupid small towns. Never mind that though.

Actually, I want to talk about the origins of Godzilla. For some reason people assume he was created from nuclear energy (and according to Monsters from the Movies, killed by it too) and thus have never actually watched the Japanese cut. Gojira was always there, a species of aquatic dinosaur that has been living on the sea floor for millions of years (they have the dates funny in the movie though, saying 1000's of years...). In fact, it makes sense that he could be a real animal. The spikes could be used like gills! His rough hide was caused from radiation burns though. He was driven up from the sea from his wounds and attacked Japan only in confusion. So, can we just have people stop claiming he was a mutant?

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It's not that bad, really!, 13 January 2013

Now, maybe i'm a bit biased because of my searing loathing of the disappointment that is known as Grizzly (i call it a waste of time) but I liked this movie. Now, it is unfinished and a bit dull, but there was huge potential in this. It's just as dumb and inaccurate as the first one, but seems better to me. The bear is over-kill in height, better than the crap one from Grizzly, and is actually kinda scary to think about. The giant robot is a nice effect too, not looking that bad. Maybe it worked better because it rips off Claws, one of the few good killer bear films of the 70's. The original songs are okay and fit nicely. Hopefully it will see a nice remake soon that can show the glory it could have had!

Claws (1977)
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Why do people hate this movie?, 13 January 2013

This is possibly the only good killer bear movie of its time. Most people who review appear never to have watched it all the way through, assuming it's just a watered down Grizzly. I mean, this isn't the best movie it could have been but it is still better. They used a real bear for most scenes instead of a lousy costume and the effects are just better. It's realistic to what bear attacks are like, and why one might start killing people. Heck, even the bear is a realistic height! Everything about this movie works (well, maybe not the trippy scenes with the old man...). It came out after Grizzly but improved on everything. There is no awesome man-on-bear fights in Grizzly, the end is stupid....I really hate that movie! It gets too much hype for what is just a bad Jaws rip-off. Try out Claws before Grizzly any day.

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This is a classic, 13 January 2013

I wish this was one of the slashers that fell into the public domain, if only so it could distributed on DVD. I mean really. There is only one bad thing about this movie, and that's the lame song they made for it (also, the fact it plays louder than all the other music). The acting is actually pretty good, not feeling too stiff, the story is intriguing and fun, and most of the music is pretty good. Just the beginning to this movie feels brilliant, building up unreal amounts of tension with so little effort (sadly, this tension seems to go to waste). I love the look of the killer with the distinct, skull-like mask that would have worked well in the Halloween sequels. The gore is nice and the axing is satisfying. Hopefully it will get a nice restored release one day.

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This is a waste of time to watch, 18 November 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie is one of the most overrated titles in existence. Everyone claims its pure gold, but this is a waste of your time to bother with. A movie that advertises ultra-violence should have ultra-violence. There is no gore, a lower body count than the novel and the nudity is done to death. Why anyone would want to see it, I'll never know. The music sounds awkward and t comes off as very bland. Read the book; it gives what it promises and doesn't just waste your time. The end is weak and is missing huge points form the book, mainly Alex becoming what they wanted, but by his own choice. The book shows the human condition in all its shocking glory and the movie is a stupidly explicit waste of film.

Wolfen (1981)
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It's not werewolves, 27 June 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

To be fair, I read the book before this and was very pleased by it. I guess it is a spoiler to say this, but THEY'RE NOT WOLVES IN THE BOOK! This is why the movie is bad: it failed at being a good movie based on a good book. Sure, the movie is indeed fair and the effects are well done, but its horrid compared to the novel. In the book, the wolf en are related to wolves, with paws similar to human hands, large brains and even a language they use. The effects wouldn't have been hard to do, and they could have kept the characters used in the book, and it could have been a lot better. There's tons they added into the story to try and fix where they left things out, like the lame First Nations mythology. It really has no place in this and even if it leads to some good scenes, it isn't right. They tried hard to make this into a serviceable movie with fancy film techniques but it comes out flat. One interesting thing to note is on the VHS collectors edition, it has some scenes not in the other releases. These include the shot of the moon and clouds listed in the trivia. All they needed to do to make this a good tribute to the book was not say the wolves are gods and immortal, and actually note some things that make them different from wolves, like how the pack was built. Hopefully they'll fix this if they remake it.