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a list of 9 titles
Many films about college life
a list of 38 titles
films i gave a 9 or higher
a list of 16 titles
Animation movies from roughly 1970- 1997
a list of 17 titles
prominent Piet movies
a list of 38 titles
Great SCI Fi films , collection
a list of 50 titles
My favorite animated movies of all time
a list of 16 titles
documentaries I need to see or have seen
a list of 35 titles
Mostly 1 hour shows , Drama , action etc. None animations and sitcoms
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a list of great westerns , some i have seen , others i must see
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Japanese animation films
a list of 25 titles
Films that i consider cult , not necessarily good films , but mostly films that had some sort of effect on me growing up in the 90's
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Films i own
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Some of the best sitcoms i have ever had the pleasure of enjoying
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list of Anime series OVA and not
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Awesome animated series or cartoons i grew up with during 80's and 90's and more
a list of 27 titles
the most epic fantasy films to watch
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Actresses I like for various reasons. either they are attractive , or I enjoy their personality or their oeuvre and body of work
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A list of a bunch of teen movies from the 90's we grew up watching. Some good some bad...
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a list of my all time favorite actors because of the amount of good movies they were in, or just movies i enjoyed.
a list of 24 titles
You know these type of movies , we all grew up watching teen movies from the 80's
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Cartoons i haven't seen but interests me