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Elevator (2003/I)
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Unbelievable, 25 February 2007

This movie is absolutely incredible. I was flipping through the channels when I come across this. I gave it a shot and got completely hooked. How anyone can take two actors, put them in one set, and with the cheapest production you will ever see create a stunning reaction is brilliant. I will not reveal any spoilers because this movie is all about surprises and being unpredictable. And it doesn't matter if you hate or love this movie, it will make you think. The character development is absolutely off the charts and surprisingly captivating. It takes the expression ''character development'' quite literally as our two ''heroes'' go through transformations that will dazzle even the most unimpressionable audiences. Truly a work of art, a terrific surprise and I recommend this movie to anyone (from ages 16 to 75).

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Hammerman, 12 February 2005

Hammerman! Hammer! Hammerman! Hammer! Whenever there's a crime the goons are gonna do time They all better beware, cause the Hammerman will be there! Here's how it started A long time ago The legend of the hammer and how it began to grow! He was given magical shoes from a hip hop mo-town dude! Together they had power, they stood up for what was right But Gramps was getting old and he couldn't keep up the fight (Right) So Gramps and his granddaughter they went out on the road (Searchin) To find the man they knew could tell who was worthy of the load! They met a guy named Sally (Stan) He was dancing every night! He helped those kids play everyday His heart was out of sight! So Gramps opened up the bag, and took out the magical shoes He set them on the ground and they soon began to groove (right) The shoes knew at once they had finally found their man They hopped right on his feet and he became HAMMERMAN HAMMERMAN, HAMMER HAMMERMAN, HAMMER HAMMERMAN, HAMMER HAMMERMAN, HAMMER OH YEAH!

WrestleMania XX (2004) (TV)
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7.9/10, 1 December 2004

Ah, Wrestlemania XX. It certainly got it's share of hype, but I really don't think it lived up to it. It just didn't have that feeling of true blue greatness. But hey, it was still a great show and I really enjoyed it. Get the special DVD if you can, the extras definitely make it worth the money.

Opening Matches: Big Show vs. John Cena for the WWE US championship

An OK ''powerful heel vs underdog face'' match. Nothing special, really. But enjoyable.


World Tag Team championship- RVD & Booker T vs. Dudleyz vs. Cade & Jindrak vs. Renee Dupree & Rob Conway, La Resistance

Again, nothing special. It didn't have any type of drama or atmosphere to it since it was just a thrown up match. Booker cleans house after the match goes berserk and RVD gets the win on whoever, with a five star frog splash. I'm glad Dupree went to Smackdown! along with Jindrak.


Jericho vs. Christian

Pretty fun to watch match. Christian gets an upset pinfall after a Trish heel turn. It's an overall fun, good match to see. Fine performance by both men, and it's a great moment when Jericho has the Lion Tamer locked in on Christian, who drags himself out of the canvas and to the outside of the ring, however, Jericho doesn't let go of the hold. Pretty cool.


Mid Card:

Rock n Sock vs. Evolution's Ric Flair, Batista, and IC champion Randy Orton

This was an awesome match! Fun as hell. It's great to see the people's champion of today, Rock, imitating the people's champion of the past, Slick Ric Flair with the strut, and then the Nature Boy payed him back with his own version of the people's elbow, even though it doesn't connect. The ending was a huge upset, IMO. I mean, The Rock and Mick Foley come back once a year, and they lose?


Cruiserweight open- Tajiri vs. Akio vs. Shannon Moore vs. Ultimo Dragon vs. Bill Kidman vs. Jamie Noble vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Nunzio vs. Funaki vs. Chavo Guerrero for the Cruiserweight championship

Pretty fun match. It should've been HUGE, but it ended up just being a fun little match to watch. Jamie Noble really should've won this, he was in the ring the longest, did a move that was risky as hell (senton to the outside of the ring), received a move that was risky as hell (Kidman SSP to the outside of the ring), and he was the only superstar to eliminate three other cruiserweights (Ultimo Dragon tapped to Pay Dirt, Nunzio got counted out and Funaki was rolled up into pinfall). In the end, Chavo retained thanks to the son of Gory Guerrero.


Lesnar vs. Goldberg with Austin as guest zebra

It was a fine match, IMO. The crowd gave Lesnar and Goldberg one hell of a spanking, especially to Lesnar. It was a pretty slow match, but it had it's moments, like Goldberg's kickout of the F-5, Goldberg's military press into a modified spear (absolutely awesome move, IMO), and the final jackhammer into pinfall by Bill (I'm a Goldberg fan).


WWE Tag Championship- Too Cool vs. APA vs. Basham Brothers vs. Haas & Benjamin

It was better than the World Tag Contest, since it was just overall a lot more fun. Haas and Benjamin do a lot of cool double team moves, I think Scotty was made to look way too strong for his own good, and Bradshaw does a pretty nice clothesline from hell. The finish was too simple though, Rikishi dropped his ass on whoever and got the pin after cleaning house.


Guerrero vs. Angle WWE Championship

Great match. Best match of the evening right up there with the RAW Triple Threat. Great technical wrestling, great power move spots, great tricky move spots... really awesome. And when Angle went for the German to the outside of the ring... that scared the s**t out of me! Eddie retains after a bit of lying, cheating and stealing.


Kane vs. Undertaker

A waste of time, IMO. It should've been pure, raw carnage. A true blue battle to the finish. The Undertaker gets buried alive, and this is his great revenge? Pinfall after a tombstone piledriver? Wasn't Kane the one that kicked out of 3 tombstones a few years ago?


World's Heavyweight Title Triple Threat

Awesome match. So much drama, so much technical wrestling, so much power, so much awe... really, really great. And Benoit finally gets the gold, at Mania, and I would have it no other way. You have to see it to believe it.


Overall show rating... 7.9/10. It really should've been wrestling greatness... but it wasn't. Nonetheless, a great show.

Royal Rumble (2003) (TV)
7.8/10, 30 November 2004

2003 Royal Rumble

My first Royal Rumble, and first WWE PPV, actually. I've only become a WWE fan quite recently, since I've only started getting RAW and Velocity after No Way Out 04. Yet, while I was in NYC, I decided to pick this baby up. It looked like a good card

And quite frankly, it did not disappoint, as some other reviews might lead you to believe.

Opening match: Brock Lesnar vs. The Big Show

It's pretty funny to see the HUGE pop Lesnar gets during this match, and compare it to the GARGANTUAN heat he got at Wrestlemania XX. It's like he went from the most over superstar in the card, to the least over. I don't like him, myself. But the fact of the matter is, this is a pretty cool power match. It's funny to see Paul Heyman on the outside of the ring, going absolutely berserk sometimes. And, the two consecutive belly to belly overhead suplexes Brock Lesnar gave to Show were awesome to see. All the match needed to be perfect was Lesnar giving Show a superplex off the turnbuckle, breaking the ring in half. But, it remains a Smackdown! exclusive moment, I'm afraid. Lesnar wins it, of course, to a huge pop. An entertaining match-up, 7/10

World Tag Championship: Lance Storm & William Regal vs. Dudleyz

Meh. I don't really care about this match. I saw it was, nothing special. The post-match interview by the Dudley is more entertaining. 5/10

Torrie Wilson vs. Dawn Marie

I didn't see this match. I don't care.

World's Heavyweight Championship match: Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner vs. Triple H in accompanied by Nature Boy Ric Flair

OK. This is a match that really gets on my nerves not because of the match itself, but because of the reaction and criticism a lot of fans give on it. It's a FINE match. It's a cool match, even. Granted, it has some ugly moments, but it has some very impressive bits as well. I loved seeing Steiner (One of my favourite superstars ever) manhandling Triple H. Just seeing Triple H getting manhandled overall was awesome, even though I knew he'd be walking out World's champion anyway all along. Bad moments: Triple H on the outside of the ring, selling Scott Steiner's blows to the head. It was a really crappy way of selling the punches. I can't remember many other bad moments overall, Steiner had a bit of ring rust, definitely, but I really don't think he is to blame for some of the matches' flaws. It just became quite popular to hate on Scott Steiner, and it became quite popular to hate on this match. It also bothered me that during the match, there was a group of people with loud voices chanting ''Triple H!'' and ''Steiner sucks!''. Putting Ric Flair on Hunter's corner didn't help Steiner getting fans, either. Flair needs to be face, period. The fans love him, they just can't hate him or anyone he's associated with.

Great moments: You know in all Triple H matches, when the opponent has the momentum, and Hunter stops the momentum with his facebuster? Steiner was crushing Triple H, and he pulled out the facebuster...but it does nothing to Steiner. In fact, it hurts Triple H. This was an awesome moment, and the crowd went ''Huh????''. I really didn't see this coming, I thought this would be the moment where HHH would stop Scott Steiner's momentum and eventually win with a pedigree. Whenever Scott Steiner did push ups in front of Triple H, especially when HHH is busted wide open, on the canvas, tired as hell, beat up, and Steiner's just relaxing and doing push ups. That was great to see. After Steiner delivers an awesome series of knife edge chops to the chest of the Game, you can see Hunter's whole chest is red as hell.

After the match, Steiner puts on the Steiner Recliner on a...pretty much dead Triple H. All the refs and staff are around him, trying to pull him away, but it takes Bischoff's words to break it up. Very cool. Another great moment is when Scott Steiner has Triple H in a powerslam/Tombstone Piledriver like position, HHH turns it around, Steiner turns it around again but receives a pretty cool looking Neck breaker. The crowd loved this. The finish was of course, very disappointing, especially to myself, since I'm a HUGE Scott Steiner freak. Hail Freakzilla.

Winner: Scott Steiner

Overall, 7/10

WWE Championship: Kurt Angle vs Chris Benoit

This is one of the greatest matches I have ever seen in my life. Absolutely incredible, especially if you don't know the outcome. I won't spoil it to you if you don't know who wins, despite the age of the match.


Royal Rumble match:

A pretty entertaining match-up... Edge 'turning on' Christian after their temporary 'alliance' was VERY cool! The beginning was nice too, with Christian tricking Shawn Micheals into thinking he was Jericho. Who saw HBK's early elimination coming? That was really unexpected.

It was cool seeing Tommy Dreamer bringing in all the weapons, ECW style! And there was a VERY cool double team aerial move by Rey Mysterio and Edge on Chris Nowinski (who did his job as a comedic factor in the rumble). Jericho got tons of near eliminations, very cool. But the finish... honestly, what's so interesting about seeing Undertaker and Brock Lesnar the last two men in the royal rumble match... if they were the last to enter the match anyway? So what if they win? It's not like they actually had much of a challenge. HBK and Benoit, who were both the first men in on their respective royal rumble victories, now they made an impression. Those two athletes, those two superstars made a true blue impact! Lesnar wins the rumble... as the 29th entry. Great...


Get the DVD if you can. It has a lot of entertaining interviews, promos, and the royal rumble 03 commercial and respective Making Of. Very funny.

Overall event rating: 7.8/10 . Get it on DVD if you can!