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Could this actually happen?, 6 August 2012

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Overall a very decent TV series, in my book a decent TV series make you want to instantly watch the next episode, not because of a silly cliffhanger but because as a package its just brilliant. Sometimes Dark Angel achieves this sometimes it doesn't. The first season took me a little while to get into but then it really gets good, as it ends and season two picks up Dark Angel takes a huge shift. I found Season 1 a much better season, with the mystery cult popping up from no where, Joshua (who was almost a jar jar binks character) and original Cindy barely featured in season 2. Season one was much more enjoyable. One of the gems of Dark Angel was the soundtrack with Chuck D (Public Enemy)at the helm, it was always going to be good. Even after a few years of it being produced the music is still top notch, this almost makes it better. The key thing of Dark Angel how close it is to the world we live in DNA and genetics being altered to make 'better' people. This could be going on somewhere in the world today. As the truth becomes known to the general public, what disappointed me is that the mass majority hate and want to kill anyone from Mantacore.I would like to think if this happened in our world today there would be a significant percentage of the population willing to accept them in our society and communites. If you are a sci-fi fan, this is well worth checking out (even if it just for Jessica, very hot)