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9 cool 2014 movies
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Here is everything from horror to thriller to mystery and all the things in between, there are both higher quality things that require you to use your imagination to be scared, and more normal horror movies. It's a lot of everything, so that you can decide what exactly you like and what scares you, because it isn't the same for different people. When you get around what you like I'll be able to give even more movies in more specific areas of genre. Good luck, hope I helped!

P.S. These movies aren't in a particular order of quality, the numbers are totally random.
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Here's a list of 25 good comedies to watch and enjoy. Thank you.
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This is my personal take on the best horror movies of the 21st century. The next 25 movies are listed from the one I like the most, to the one I like the least. Please share your thoughts, and be sure to watch the movies that you haven't seen.
Thank you.