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The Most Underrated Film of the 90's, 26 July 2012

You don't need to have lived through the 1970's to enjoy this film, and unlike a lot of the other Disco-era films, this picture follows a group of working professionals who not only use Disco as an escape from their mundane lives, but also as a mask to hide behind. The film isn't as much about the end of a genre of music as it is the end of a generations youth. The final sequence of the film depicts our ensemble coming to the realization that they're old because they've officially lived through a popular-art movement.

Overall, the comedic touch of the film stems from it's straight faced dry sense of humor that has become a staple of Whit Stillman's comedy brand. Chris Eigeman gives a fantastic performance, and Kate Beckinsale is that best friend that you love to hate.

Overall this is a most see and a wonderful film!

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A Recession Era Film That Capra Would Be Proud Of, 26 June 2012

To compare this to any of Capra's better films like "Mr. Smith..." or "American Madness" would be silly, but at the heart of this film is the kindness and simplicity that made Frank Capra's movies so special, and this is the sort of charming little movie that carries that spirit on today.

Sure, the plot has holes in it, but this isn't the sort of film where we're really supposed to sit down and worry about them. We're supposed to watch a man that had his life tossed in the gutter do his best to climb out and come out better for it.

Larry Crowne is a symbol of the American spirit that Frank Capra portrayed in his films and when understanding that you understand the direction Hanks took with his character. It doesn't matter what life throws at Crowne, Crowne works hard with a smile on his face to do the best that he can. Crowne embraces change and the younger generation.

Sure it has a lot of Obama-era faux-optimism, but in an era of depressing sludge, this is sort of a refreshing take on the American spirit.

If you read this, good job Mr. Hanks!

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it was funny!, 24 June 2012

i don't understand all the hate. i laughed for most of the movie. Vanilla Ice was hilarious. Sandler was very good. And the ending had me in tears of hysteria. This was a very very fun movie.

do i think it could have been better? yeah, certain aspects weren't done as well as they could have been, but this wasn't as bad as Jack and Jill and it is definitely one of Sandler's best movies in years.

I understand Sandler isn't for everyone, and this movie isn't going to win Cannes anytime soon, but c'mon people, not everything needs to be so serious. This movie was fun.

Get over it and enjoy it for what it is!

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A Pleasant Surprise, 24 June 2012

When I heard the log line "fraternity pledges baby" I rolled my eyes. When I saw the box art with the "Hangover" baby I rolled my eyes again. But as a lover of comedy I gave the movie a chance and loved it. It was very fresh, very unique, and very funny. The script avoids all of the cliché things you expect to see in the played out college movie genre and the usually stupid baby movie genre. There are no tasteless gags. No scenes where the guys struggle to change a diaper or the pointless obstacles that sidetrack the narrative. No scenes of unnecessary nudity, and despite the "R" rating, it was actually very, very PG-13, and relative to most "R" comedies, very tasteful. Overall, this may not be the best comedy of 2012, but in a year that hasn't produced many great comedies, this is on my short list of films that will hold up, and more importantly it's SMART. This has everything it needs to be a cult classic!