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"Negima!" (2005)
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It's all fun and games until Negi sneezes., 14 October 2005

I describe Negi to my friends as a 10-year-old Welsh mage who's assigned to teach English to middle school students in an all-girls boarding school. This is one of the shows that the audience needs to be patient with, though. It seems like it's all fluff if you watch the beginning episodes (not that it's a bad thing, because the early episodes are funny, and Negi is just so incredibly glompable), but it does eventually develop a serious plot. I'm glad, though - twenty-six episodes is a long time to go just on fluff... Also, one of the things I'm really impressed with is that the writer managed to address every girl in the class. It's often difficult to balance such a large number of characters. Aside from that, the series has fun opening and ending themes. I highly recommend it!

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This is great stuff!, 5 June 2004

I had heard about this anime, but I only started watching it a couple weeks ago when they started showing it on Adult Swim on Cartoon Network.

After only the first show, I was hooked on it, and I think it's for much the same reason as why Clue is my favorite movie. It's funny, and suspenseful (well, at least the superb episodes are), and thought-provoking all at the same time, and it gives the viewer ample time to think through the case right along with Shinichi.

At first, I couldn't understand why they put it on Adult Swim instead of Toonami, but after watching some of the episodes, I saw the reason... even though it feels like a kids' show, a lot of the cases are murders, and they sometimes deal with heavy topics (like losing a child)

If you enjoy mysteries (and even if you don't, this might get you into them :P ), I highly recommend watching this show. You won't be disappointed!