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Not flawless, but surely a nice creepy film!, 5 August 2005

Six expedition members cross the Antarctic to reach their ultimate goal. On their Journey they find a Journal from another expedition group 80 years ago...six members as well. The hard journey and unbearable cold is driving them to limits and they are witnessing strange things. One member disappears , just on the same spot where a member of the group 80 years ago, disappeared. Coincidence?.......

Well, this film has gotten very negative reviews, and I don't think that's all righteous. The story is rather thin, that's right, but it does not force itself with twists and turns like a lot of other films are doing. It's all about the psychology of the human mind, or maybe it is not.... I think the movie was effectively mysterious and darkly atmospheric and even creepy at times! If you like the Korean film R-POINT than I'm sure you will enjoy this one as well! I think ANTARCTIC JOURNAL was even better than R-POINT in fact! The cast delivers good performances especially Kang Ho-Song (MEMORIES OF MURDER, SYMPATHY FOR MR. VENGEANCE) gives an impressing performance. This film is not brilliant, but it is worth checking out if you enjoy psychological creepy films!!

Begotten (1990)
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Stunning & bizarre imagery !!!!, 19 February 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I absolutely like this film a lot. It is not very entertaining, but it's a feast of bizarre and stunning images! There's no dialog ,only some background sounds and noises. If you are into something completely different and original, and enjoy the obscure and bizarre...then you might like this work of art. Ik looks like a film made with the very first camera ever made ,in a time where strange human-like beings live and perform their bizarre habits. God has killed himself with a razor and gave birth to Mother earth. Mother earth impregnated herself with God's semen after an act of fellatio, and gives birth to a son "Flesh on Bone". What follows are inhuman acts of ritualistic torture, rape and murder for purposes we do not know....or do we?