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John waters, film-maker, philosopher and the "pope of Trash" has inspired me personally. I wanted to compile a list that describes my taste in the grotesque and gutter-gazing world of independent films.
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I didn't get to see all that man movies this past year, so I chose very carefully what I went to theaters for. Here is my list of favorite new films in 2013.
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I'm determined to finish my first novel this year (2014). Here are the films that helped inspire me.
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Marvel studios has announced its plans to make a female-led superhero film based off of their recently revamped character of Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers, which will most likely star Katie Sackhoff in the title role. I'm hoping that this spurs DC/ Warner Brothers into action making a live-action and fully realized feature film (not just a show or a part in a larger Justice League film)starring the iconic Wonder Woman. Here are my outside the box ideas for who might play that role.
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WB/ DC is finally creating a united cinematic 'verse where all of their characters will play nice (hopefully) and be able to contend with Disney/ the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Yet, there's still no sign of any female super-heroes getting their own films. I aim to correct this erroneous oversight! Here's who I'd love to see on the big screen for female super-heroes and why!
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I read a rumor today that Ryan Gosling and Zac Effron have both auditioned for Star Wars Episode VII. I don't know what the plot or who the characters are, but here are my best ideas for who to cast and why.
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There is supposed to be a Justice League feature film as early as 2015, but DC/ WB is having a hard time putting the talent together for it. I would like to nominate the following women for the role of Wonder Woman, in both Justice League and her own full-length feature.