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These are the 78 best thriller/horror films I've seen since 2000. I've added a mini review and a rating. Please feel free to leave comments and suggestions of films that you feel should be included, and WHY they should be included! If you disagree with a film on my list, great, but make sure you support your argument! Thanks for visiting.
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This is the short version of my list. It is not as thorough, and does not include reviews. My bigger, much more popular, thorough list can be found here at:

Please feel free to leave comments on that list!
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These are the ones that are in the "disturbed" category. Not necessarily good, but ones that will make you say "What the hell?" I'll add my ratings out of 10. List order is in order of most disturbing to least, in my opinion.
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I need to rank the horror/thriller films I've seen. I'm only going to count the ones I've seen since April 1st, 2012. This is simply a list of those I've seen with a rating out of 10.0 based on an extremely objective rating framework. If you would like to see the framework and understand how it works, post below with your email address and I'll email it to you. The films at the bottom are the worst horrors I've seen, and the ones at the top are the best. I've added my ratings out of 10 and a one liner for you. I welcome recommendations based off the movies I've rated a 7.5 or higher, if you have any. I'm not including horror comedy, as it is not true horror.
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These are the top 25 performances I've seen in horror/thriller films, ranked in order. Feel free to comment, but you better have credible reasoning for why someone is better than these, as I've given extremely objective and systemized critiquing to why these actors deserve this spot. If you can provide said reasoning, I'll stop everything I'm doing, check out the film, and update this list if I agree.
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If you want good actresses on screen who look damn good in their roles AND a high caliber horror/thriller film, these girls get it done (In the movies I've commented with). The ranking is based 40% off of quality of performance, 30% off caliber of film, and 30% how sexy they are in the role.
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This is an alphabetical list of the horror/thriller films I own on DVD. There are some I haven't even seen, but picked them up used for cheaper than a rental. I'll toss em if they aren't any good when I get around to watching them. I'll add a quality rating out of 12 (I know it is weird but I have a foolproof objective FISQ rating system I use. FISQ stands for fear, intensity, storyline, and quality). I'll also mention if I haven't seen one of the films yet.
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Thanks to everyone who helped with recommendations! Here are the final films that we saw, with a rating for each one.

The overall rating for the blitz was a record breaking 7.25! Had we had more time to watch more of the films we wanted, it probably would have been higher. I think I'll add the films that we had rented for this blitz and didn't get to once I see them.
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List is alphabetical. My rating on them is given afterwards. There are many films I really really liked, and plenty of them I didn't. If the film is rated above an 8, I loved it, 7 is a very good film, 6 is okay, 5 is bearable, 4 is not good at all, and below a 3 is complete garbage.
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These are the 10 best re-made horror films I've seen. This definitely means I prefer the remake over the original.
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This is my powerhouse lineup. There are detailed reasons to why these films are my favorites, and should be watched over and over again. I'll eventually provide explanations for each film that may contain [SPOILERS!!!] along with ratings out of 10 for BOTH an objective framework rating, and the rating I subjectively give it. Please leave comments and discuss your thoughts on these films. If there is one or two that you feel I should watch based on this list, please let me know!!!
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My brother and I stayed in a very remote "cabin in the woods" in the middle of nowhere in Missouri for just over a week. Thank you very much for your recommendations. I've listed the films that we watched in order of the rating out of 10 that I gave them. I also added a review of each one.
LEAST FAVORITE - "Devil's Rejects" (Despite my rating for it)
HIGHEST RATED - "I Saw the Devil"
LOWEST RATED - "The Shining"
BIGGEST COMEBACK - "The Last House on the Left"
BIGGEST FALL-APART - "Grave Encounters"
BEST TWIST - "Identity"
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These 5 have got it figured out. I laugh my ass off every time they hit the screen. I'll add a caption for each one that describes the characteristic I like most about them.