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Good Film, Shame About the........, 13 April 2005

This film depicts the work of the IRA with no sentimentality or romanticism and for that I commend it.

The storyline is convincingly written. The acting is very good all round but I would give an outstanding mention to Maria Lennon whose work I had never seen before and Timothy Dalton from who this is just one more excellent performance. The one downside were a couple of the accents, including (and maybe most noticeably) Dalton's. Accents have never been his strong point! That said, he lends the role the same toughness yet humanity that he has to several other characters in his career, Bond included - all-round believability.

There is a twist that I found disappointing but I won't spoil it for those who have not seen it and may be thinking of doing so.

Sextette (1978)
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I couldn't quite believe what I was watching........., 13 April 2005

This is a film that needs to be watched with your tongue firmly tucked in your cheek - something I wasn't quite aware of even though the very subject matter should hint at this before you even start watching (would a man with the money, status and looks of Sir Michael Barrington really become the sixth husband of a woman old enough to be his grandmother, even if she was as glamorous as Mae West?).

Generally, the script is predictable and Mae West is basically playing herself (or sending herself up?) and, as such, makes a very good job of it. I too find it difficult to understand some people's views regarding the idea of an older woman with a younger man or men whilst they are perfectly willing to accept the very same idea but with the genders reversed.

However, there are some funny lines, and the odd very funny line and visual gag, often delivered, as would be expected, by Dom Deluise but more often by Timothy Dalton. If nothing else, the film shows his ability as a comic actor. Sir Michael's misunderstood TV interviews are a highlight and had Hugh Laurie been well-known at the time that this film was made, I would have accused Dalton of mimicking Laurie's delivery.

The vision of Dalton singing Captain & Tenille's "Love Will Keep Us Together" is almost surreal. I have to admit that I sat open-mouthed for the first 30 seconds. As it happens, he has the fairly good singing voice that his resonant speaking voice would suggest (OK, maybe in need of a bit of vocal training but I am sure Simon Cowell wouldn't describe him as the worst singer he's ever heard in his life - in fact, had he been in the business at the time, he would have probably jumped at the chance to make some money out of a good-looking actor with a reasonable voice!!!).

If you're a fan of spoofs, particularly of the cheesy, kitschy variety, you may like it. In all honesty, it is one of the cheesiest, corniest films I have ever seen, rescued by West, Dalton and to a lesser extent Deluise. Those who think it's an attempt at a serious musical with a bit of comedy thrown in will be sorely disappointed.

The Flame Is Love (1979) (TV)
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You mean it wasn't meant to be a comedy????, 29 March 2005

As one who could watch Timothy Dalton act out the contents of the telephone directory and still be totally fascinated, I looked forward to watching this "movie". It reminded me of one of those old soap productions you see clips of on "It'll Be Alright On The Night", only funnier!

The plot could have been straight out of something like "Dr Who" and nothing like I would have expected a Barbara Cartland novel to be. The only thing thinner was the scenery.

I can't say I wish I hadn't bothered because I still got to see Tim, even if it was in the best unintentional comedy ever.