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Brave (2012)
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Super cute!!, 24 June 2012

I went into this movie expecting to be disappointed. With all of those dreadful reviews on the market, what else could I do? But this movie turned out to be wonderful! Fabulous animation (as always from the great and powerful Pixar), an unexpected storyline (with a twist on the usual mother-daughter strife), and a GREAT protagonist (Merida is like a fabulous, spunky Katniss Everdeen; and not just because of the archery).

While this movie may be hard-pressed to "beat" Pixar classics like "Up" and "Finding Nemo", it still tells a wonderful story that thoroughly enthralled me for an hour and a half. And "Brave" definitely meets the high standards of Pixar's works. In short, this movie is super cute, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone; this is a story that anyone could watch and enjoy.

"Sherlock" (2010)
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In a word..., 20 June 2012

Amazing. No, MONUMENTALLY amazing.

One day, on a Sunday evening, about a year ago, I stumbled upon what I can only describe as one of the best (if not THE best) television shows I have ever seen. Benedict Cumberbatch (what a GREAT name?!) and Martin Freeman are absolutely marvelous together. Sherlock's character is perfect in every way.

I love how the show allows us to follow Sherlock's thoughts with those nifty little words they pop up every now and again. Oh, and I love love the music, it is the best thing ever. (Sherlock's theme song? So great!)

Well, I could go on and on about this wonderful rendition of Sherlock Holmes and his adventures, but I won't. However, I will recommend it to anyone who wants to be intrigued, excited, hooked, and love struck (for lack of a better word) by this wonderful show. (And then horrified by that horribly wonderful cliffhanger at the end of the second series..jeez, I bawled!)

Watch this show!!