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Looper (2012)
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Loopy, loopy nuts are we, 14 December 2012

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Sending someone you want dead back to the past is a good way to dispose of a body, but what if the person they send back is you?

Bruce is from the future, JGL is from the present, one's trying to change his future, the other to retain his present. Set in a dystopian future (that looks a bit like East London) a tale of Time Travel, Telekinesis, Drugs and Paradoxes.

Willis remembers his own moves as his past self makes them, cuts on the present self appear as scars on the future self… all good confusing fun.

Think Back to the Future meets Terminator 2 and perhaps The Omen. Thoroughly enjoyable. #BigRonFilmReviews

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Film of 2012, 14 December 2012

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A rom-com in which two broken people find each other but so very much more, every one is neurotic, bi-polar, OCD, superstitious, depressed or all of the above. Teeters on the edge of mayhem at all times and both touching and hilarious in equal measure.

Lawrence is as wonderful as ever but it's Cooper that steals the show, surely an Oscar worthy performance, I had no idea he had that in him. It's also De Niro's best performance this century.

The blandness of the final pay off and understated romance makes the clichéd ending all the more effective, and feel far less clichéd. An amazing film, being mental has never been this cool. Might just be my favourite film of the year. An absolute must see.

Ray (2004/I)
Truly wonderful Bluesy Jazz biopic of Ray Charles, 14 December 2012

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Truly wonderful Bluesy Jazz biopic of Ray Charles and his battle with disability, racism, addiction, death, exploitation and the search for 'his' sound. An absolute star turn from Jamie Foxx.

The film portrays a troubled yet brilliant life, coping with a harsh but loving childhood, turbulent behaviour and the rigours of touring. Ray treads a similar path to Johnny Cash and even Elvis with the substance abuse and megalomania.

As you'd expect the music is fantastic, I had no idea how much Ray Charles I knew and loved, the hatred oozing from one of the "Hit the Road Jack" renditions is just splendid.

Great movie and yet more proof that you can't beat a good biopic.