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Fantastic... Everything! Actors, Producers, Writers, etc., 24 July 2007

Juliet Stevenson seems to be devoted acting as Mrs. Squeers. After her first appearance in the movie, I knew Mrs. Squeers was very odd, rude, and has her own way of dealing almost every matter. Mrs. Squeers is worse than Mr. Squeers, who Jim Broadbent acted as. Juliet made the character so realistic, which is practically needed for every character in every movie/TV show. I think it's just amazing how she and Jim Broadbent made the characters seem so real.

The movie is absolutely perfect for Juliet Stevenson and Jim Broadbent. I almost didn't recognize Jim the first time I watched the movie. Actually, I have the DVD and watched the Special Features. All the major actors had fun being in the movie together. Two of the actors have previously done a movie together. I can't remember who it was. Oh, it was Charlie Hunnam and Tom Courtenay. Of course, I cannot forget Anne Hathaway, Nathan Lane, Alan Cumming, and Jamie Bell as (from start to finish) Madeline, Vincent Crummles, Mr. Folair, and Smike. Now, they were also amazing as well. (Anne Hathaway, Nathan Lane, and Alan Cumming are my personal favorite actors.)

To be honest, the entire cast and crew of the movie were amazing. I barely noticed any mistakes; all actors made their characters realistic; the choreography is fantastic, and the directing/producing made the movie a hit, even though I didn't know about the movie until this year. My sister gave me this movie, Nicholas Nickleby, as a high school graduation gift. I have not yet stopped watching this movie. The movie was so well written, produced, and directed that I can't stop watching this movie. I've probably watched it at least five to eight times since the beginning of June.

Anyone who is anyone can watch Nicholas Nickleby and not cry or laugh. It might matter what kind of genre movies you're into, but I do recommend Nicholas Nickleby to everyone. This movie is just fantastic, and has many twists, turns, and shocking news. *Whispers.* But I won't go into that. You'll have to watch the movie.

Mr. Write (1994)
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Not exactly my kind of movie, but AWESOME, 13 January 2006

This is probably one of the best comedy-drama movies I've seen. Reiser is the best. I admit that. The one thing I can be sure of... Martin Mull is the best too. This will sound positive, but to me it's negative. Martin Mull has the best acting skills that I don't like him. I mean, How The Wesr Was Fun... he played a retarded character. But I love him.

Give a holler now!! This movie was right before How The West Was Fun.

I hate to break it to you, MacIntyre. There may be too many Ding-A-Lings in the script, but it's what ties in with the point of the movie. You have to give the movie a chance. I saw from beginning to the end today and I thought it was quite fascinating. What you said, though, seems true. This movie showed some product plugs.

The movie is alright. The acting is awesome. The conflict is amazing. The setting fits in just right. The theme... well, I never really caught the theme. I wonder what my English teacher would say about this movie. I'll ask him later. This movie is top notch and not a bit boring or pathetic. I just hope Mr. Write wasn't in Welsh when MacIntyre saw it. -chuckles-

The Craft (1996)
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The Best Wicked Movie Of All, 21 December 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I actually saw this movie in Colorado this year. There were some parts that looked familiar, but it was pure evil and so dark. Who could ever use magic like that? I was so excited that I was going to see the entire movie. I thought maybe would have some incantations or something in the memorable quotes because I wanted to try using witchcraft. Boy, was I wrong! I'm glad that there are not any spells or anything in the memorable quotes or your life would be just like Sarah's. A friend of mine actually tried witchcraft, hopefully not after she watched this movie, and she regrets doing it. She actually told me not to do it. "I tried witchcraft. Never do that. Never do what I did, so you'll never have to live with what you've done." I highly doubt that I will do it. Not after my internet experience with a demon AND not after I watched that movie.

The movie was awesome. I love it. The best part of The Craft was when Sarah found out her mother was a witch too. It's interesting how you make a movie like this to be so deep and real. It's at the top of the best horror movies list that I have. The second movie is the 1960's Psycho. Both of these movies are interesting. They're deep, violent, and thrilling. Besides all the parts that freaked me out in The Craft, I give it an eight. Awesome special effects, people!!

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Probably The Only One I Remember, 17 December 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Each detail has a way of tieing the knot perfectly, right? Well, in this movie, Samantha plans on meeting the mystery author during the Mystery Weekend at her bookstore. She stumbles on a mystery, as usual, just like Nancy Drew. Sam and her spunky friend, Cassie Hillman, work together when a mystery comes along. This one is about a mystery author for Mystery Weekend at Sam's bookstore. Claire Beckman, the mystery author, tries to use some poses for a picture-taking and almost gets shot by a hidden gun. Sam finds many clues to figuring out how Claire died and why. Several times, Sam keeps bumping into something that involves with both Claire and Angela Hobbs. Now, what do you say? "How does this go with tieing the knot perfectly?" Well, I'll tell you this. Each clue Sam found, she would find herself at dead ends. Each dead end Sam got to, there comes another clue mysteriously just to help her out. Once you solve all the dead ends, you untie each little part of the knot. After that, you re-tie the knot with all the pieces of the puzzle solved and a solution to catch the culprit of the mystery. It may seem confusing, but in a way... you will get it in time.

As far as I know, this is the only Mystery Woman movie I can remember. Well, there is one that I remember but I don't remember the title. Oh, now I remember! It was Vision of a Murder. It's very vague. I can barely remember anything about it. Only that a girl was mysteriously killed in a book and in reality earlier that decade. These are probably the only Mystery Woman movies I can remember. In the mean time, I will watch as much Mystery Woman as I can on Hallmark Channel. Ciao everyone.

Now You See It... (2005) (TV)
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One of the best DCOM movies I've ever seen this year!, 8 July 2005

I watch Disney almost everyday of the week. Since I saw the previews of this movie, I was dying to see the premiere. But for some reason, something happened and I don't remember what it was. All I know is that I missed most of the premiere. But I did know that Disney does premieres Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I just couldn't wait. I finally got to watch it some time in Februaury. Oh my goodness! I just loved it. I still love it. It's one of the best Disney movies I've ever seen.

I just hope it becomes a DCOM movie because there was a Halloween-type movie last year, or the year before, and it didn't become a movie at all. Earlier this year, I tried looking up the Halloween movie on Disney and they didn't have it. I'm glad I recorded it. Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't tell the title. It is called "Scream Team." I think I will try it again. Hang on just a minute. Nope, nothing, nada. Well, I think I might-. Nevermind, I don't want to cause an influence on kids if they are reading this. "Scream Team" is an awesome movie, too.