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Invictus (2009)
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Outstanding film; one of the very best, 1 July 2012

Wow. What a fantastic film this is. I was a bit unsure about the film before watching it, and despite owning the DVD for some weeks I had put off watching it. I thought the film would just have plodded along, and because I am not a fan of rugby, I did not think it would hold my interest for long.

But how wrong I was. Invictus is possibly one of the best films I have ever seen. I really think it has everything; brilliant acting by Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon, great plot, excellent film directing and fantastic inspirational music.

I even had butterflies in my stomach whilst watching the film, and halfway through I thought to myself: This film is great.

I think Morgan Freeman gave the performance of his life, and it shows that he is acting powerhouse. But most of all, my hat comes off to Clint Eastwood. Over the last ten years his films have been phenomenal, and this could be his best one yet.

I could not recommend Invictus more to film lovers. It is a modern-day masterpiece, and unless you are only a fan of high octane action films, you will like this - a lot.

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A perfectly good film, 1 July 2012

Clint Eastwood is an outstanding Director. He directs A Perfect World masterly and we really feel en emotional involvement with the characters and the story.

T.J. Lowther is fantastic as the boy kidnapped by Butch (Kevin Costner), and it is great to see an unlikely friendship develop between the two despite their huge difference in background and age. Costner becomes almost like a father figure for Buzz, and the ending is slightly overdrawn and predictable, but is nonetheless deeply saddening.

Costner gives a great performance as the escaped convict, and despite his homicidal tendencies, we actually feel empathy towards him at some points of the film and feel that he is actually a casualty of bad circumstances rather than a blood thirsty killer.

Eastwood himself plays a reliable part as Chief Red Garnett, but he is very much in the background and he plays a bit-part character as he tries to track down Costner.

I am a big fan of Clint Eastwood both as a Director and actor. If you want to watch a film that really engages you in watching character development and does not focus on action, then this is a must-see.

Pale Rider (1985)
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Triumphant Eastwood Western, 21 June 2012

Clint Eastwood is both a dependable actor and director. In Pale Rider he excels at doing both. Pale Rider is a well executed film and nicely paced. It doesn't grip you by the collar with any particularly thrilling scenes, but it keeps you intrigued throughout.

The idea that the unnamed mysterious gunfighter (Clint Eastwood) is perhaps a supernatural being is sure to hold your interest and keep you guessing throughout the feature length. And if you are a fan of the Western genre, then this film comes highly recommended.

Overall, Pale Rider is a more than decent film, with a good story, impressive acting and excellent directing throughout.