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Saturday (2006)
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Was too funny. Didn't like it, 27 September 2006

I don't really like funny movies so it wasn't my cup of tea. A lot of the movie contained scenes with hot woman and I didn't care for that either. Some parts of the film reminded me of "Swingers" and "American Pie" but those were really bad movies as well. I think it was just too hip and cool for me. I don't really get much humor that is accepted by most of the pop culture out there. What's a "Tropical Woo-Woo"?

The scene where the man was locked in the bathroom was actually pretty funny. I didn't get the R-rated lingo though. I guess being 29 and all I'm too old to understand the jokes? Anyway, a story about guys trying to get laid on a night out in NYC is just something I can't identify with because I usually stay home alone on the weekends and fall asleep to LEAVE IT TO BEAVER. I guess if you have a sense of humor and like cult like comedies this would be for you